ESPN’s Olney: Angelos denies Ripken asked for job


A new chapter in a story that broke late last night surfaced this morning when’s Buster Olney offered a reply from Orioles owner Peter Angelos, who stated “Cal Ripken did not offer to become part of the Oriole organization in any secondary position.”

Of course, this reply stems from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal revealing last night that Angelos had declined an offer from Ripken to join the organization.

As Drew Forrester wisely pointed out this morning, it’s very difficult to offer an informed assessment on the situation without the specifics of the supposed discussion. With Angelos denying the story, it only clouds the picture further until Ripken himself offers comment on the report.

That being said, there seems to be far too much smoke here to simply take Angelos at his word in denying the reported discussion.

Stay tuned, and at the very least, this story is certainly more intriguing than anything happening on the field right now.

Of course, it doesn’t make it a good story either.