Finale of KOBS Great Eight: Ray Lewis vs. Gino Marchetti

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Right now, it’s still early in the morning but Gino Marchetti has opened up a little lead on Ray Lewis in the final of our “Great Eight” in the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports competition.

We haven’t had many “upsets” over the first month of the contest, but today is looming as a potential big surprise. Like I said, it’s early but either Marchetti is extremely popular or the “anti-Ray” crowd has shown up in our registration.

I never saw Marchetti play, but I’ve never seen anyone on the football field play the game better than Ray Lewis. (My Pop, however, was a big Marchetti guy. I prefered the Gino’s Giant, myself…)

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We will be moving on to the next round on Monday and the matchups are delicious:

Brooks Robinson vs. Lenny Moore

Johnny Unitas vs. Frank Robinson

Cal Ripken vs. Jon Ogden

Jim Palmer will take on the winner of Lewis-Marchetti after beating Eddie Murray yesterday.

We have enjoyed looking back at the careers of Baltimore’s legends and we’re looking forward to crowning the King of Baltimore Sports at our 10th Anniversary celebration at Sports Legends Museum on Friday, Aug. 8th.

It’s the biggest and best party we’ve ever thrown at WNST (well, behind Whiskey Joe’s, I suppose). Bruno Sammartino and Brian Billick are slated to appear among many other local celebs and friends.

Tickets will be made available only to listeners of WNST on the air over the next two weeks.

Hope you have a great weekend.

And I hope the Orioles win on Sunday so everyone gets two free tickets.


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