KOBS Final Four voting: Lenny vs. Brooks



Here’s where the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports gets down to the nitty gritty. Sure, there have been many walkovers during the early rounds but now the decisions are getting sticky.

Today’s matchup: Lenny Moore vs. Brooks Robinson.

As we get closer to the crowning at WNST’s 10th Anniversary celebration on Aug. 8 at Sports Legends Museum, it’s not going to get easier.

Ray Lewis vs. Jim Palmer

Cal Ripken vs. Jon Ogden

Johnny Unitas vs. Frank Robinson

They’re all great. They’re all great discussions. And that’s why we did the contest.

So, today it’s two guys who were absolute contemporaries during my Pop’s era and two guys who have given back as much to this city as anyone you’d care to mention during our lifetime.

And they’re two of the finest people I’ve met during my quarter of a century in sports media in Baltimore.

Choose wisely…