Five losses in a row..

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When the Orioles go to the West Coast and play night games, it’s almost like the losses don’t count. Most people don’t watch the games, and if they’re like me, can only hang until the 5th inning at best.

So, another night, another loss I didn’t see (they were up 3-0′ when I fell asleep) and another bullpen meltdown that will get blamed on Sam Perlozzo, who hasn’t thrown a pitch!

Thank god for the Comcast DVR!

I’ve said it many times: the uniform debate is the LEAST of their problems!

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Many people have written me regarding Free The Birds and whether there will be a "Free-Pete" of last September.

I’m currently soliciting emails from anyone who wishes to join WNST on another march on The Warehouse.

We gotta get this team back, before it’s too late.

Every summer, it seems like the team slips further and further from the public consciousness and baseball becomes more and more insignificant in Baltimore. It’s especially painful this summer, with all the memories of Cal Ripken and the "real" Orioles being unearthed.

Just thinking about the "glory" years only illuminates how cruddy this ownership group is and how far the product and the "feeling" has fallen over the past decade.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Ravens’ minicamp…and the mere NOTION that football camp is less than seven weeks away almost feels rejuvenating.

Seeing Jon Ogden, Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister and Steve McNair running around Owings Mills gives me hope to have some  sports "fun" this year.

Send along some Orioles email…I’d love to hear from ya!

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