Five veterans leave The Sun sports department..


The Baltimore Sun‘s latest buyout has found five more veteran Calvert Street "lifers" in the sports department on the outside looking in — by choice.

Our sources tell us that John Eisenberg, Paul McMullen, Kent Baker, Gary Lambrecht and desk editor Mike Reeb have all elected to leave The Sun, effective yesterday. All of it came down very quickly, but there’s WELL over a century of Baltimore sports journalism walking off the plank on Calvert Street.

I left the paper 15 years ago. All of these good guys were my colleagues, even back then!

Eisenberg, the best sportswriter in Baltimore and it isn’t even CLOSE, will remain here and continue to write books and watch his son play ball.

McMullen is a true local guy, a real Baltimorean who loves sports — especially the local colleges and high schools. I have a feeling Mac will pop up somewhere.

Baker is the true sportswriter’s sportwriter — he’s covered EVERYTHING is this city over the years and "Knobby" always had a smile.

Lambrecht and I have roots to Dundalk from almost 25 years ago. He was always around the Ravens in their early years, when they lost every week. We always had a laugh.

And the "quiet" hippie Reeb was always fun to be around on the sports desk, back when I was a long-haired kid and he was trying to educate me about why I should listen to Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. Even though I still think Bob Dylan sucks, he was one of my favorite co-workers!

I wish them all well in their "post-Calvert Street" lives.

It was a great decision for me, and I can only hope it works out as well for them!