If you LOVE Earl Weaver..


My man Suchy hit one of the greatest nerve centers in my condo on any given night…


My wife and I like to laugh — we have a helluva sense of humor — and when we wanna laugh (REALLY laugh), we don’t turn to Comedy Central or any comedian for entertainment. (Sometimes, we find any number of programming decisions on MASN to be laughable, but that’s another story altogether…)

All you need is THIS LINK and you’ll will be entertained for three minutes and eight seconds.

Honestly, it MIGHT be the greatest 3:08 EVER captured!

This is STRICTLY an R-rated performance…Earl Weaver at his salty best, circa 1980-81 at first base at Memorial Stadium…it is VERY well recorded!

There are MANY classics with Earl — as Mark Suchy pointed out — but this is the cream of the crop!

Turn the sound up, enjoy and sending me an email when you stop laughing your ass off!!!