Flacco says he wanted to get paid what he’s worth by Ravens



  1. I love it when an athelete says it wasn’t about the money. C’mon man it’s always about the money. Joe F. said it was more about being respected bby the Ravens. I guess he thought $16 or $17 million a year was disrespectful. I wish someone would disrespect me 1/10 of that amount.

  2. I love people who think they know more than the people in the business. First of all everyone who works for a living wants the most money they can make for what they do. If you worked in a profession where you had to negoitate your contract, you would want the most you can get. If you were doing the same job as someone else you would want the same or more salary as them. Joe is no different than Brees, Manning, Brady, or any other superbowl winning QB. It is fair for him to ask as much as he wants. The Ravens will pay him for what he is worth. The Ravens must have agreed that he is worth the contract he got or they would have not signed it. It’s amazing to me that the guy still gets no respect from fans, He won a freaking superbowl, What do the last 10 superbowl teams have in common Except Tampa Bay with Brad Johnson , A franchise QB. I ll take my chances 9 of 10 times, then a fluke QB one hit wonder. This team will survive with losing some players , but not a great QB and we have one. The line would have been a mile long for Joe if he didn’t sign here and he would have made more money. WHY, because people in football who know talent would have signed him at any cost, cause all he has done here is win. Thanks Joe, you deserve evey penny you got glad your a Raven.

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