I asked…and I received…

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Just a quick to note to bring everyone up to speed on FREE THE BIRDS 2 efforts…

I’ve received nearly 1,000 emails since 8:45 on Wednesday morning…they are about 85% YES…15% NO (of course, the idiots who send things like filling in my name and "Nestor sucks" ones have been eliminated from consideration)!

I have received a MYRIAD of fresh emails from concerned FTB2 people, who don’t want to "WALK OUT" on the current players or Dave Trembley, which I completely understand and respect

So, I’m formulating some ideas and taking in some interesting debate/ideas on what exactly we SHOULD do this year.

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For the record, I NEVER said we were "WALKING OUT."

I just want to put together a classy, family-oriented event that says one thing: "THIS ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH and WE WANT CHANGE AT THE TOP."

Personally, I’m fascinated at the mystery appeal that Andy McPhail has generated over the six weeks, when he’s basically done NOTHING to forward the cause of the Orioles. The only two things he’s attempted to do — hire Joe Girardi and trade for Mark Texiera — he has failed  to accomplish, yet he’s been given a tremendous "hall pass" from an Orioles audience who wants to believe ANYTHING the team tells them about progress.

If Andy McPhail had other options to get a job in MLB, he wouldn’t have been available. Ask Cubs fans whether he’s a "savior" or not! And, much like Syd Thrift, we’ll see if his money is "Confederate" during the free agency period this winter.

Trembley is a different story, because the results speak for themselves — he’s won more games than he’s lost, which clearly depends on what day you’re asked that question. BUT…no QUESTION…he’s been a difference-maker so far, and I’m DEFINITELY in his corner!

As for whether or not you decide to join us, I would ask that you NOT base your decision to be a part of FTB2 on what the team did last week, or next week, but on the entire body of work from this ownership group and, specifically, Peter Angelos.

Six weeks ago, the entire front office behaved like keystone cops in their firing of Sam Perlozzo, hiring of McPhail and "phantom" hiring of Joe Girardi.

Last week, they had 17,000 pissed off people who didn’t get Cal Ripken bobbleheads.

MASN is still the biggest joke in network television.

How many of you have tickets for the remainder of the season you can’t give away?

And, MOST importantly, have you seen the "New York" video series on wnsTV? IF YOU HAVEN’T, YOU SHOULD!!!

There’s NO WAY you’ll watch ANY of those videos AND not be completely enraged if you are a "true" Orioles fan.

More than 40,000 people in Yankees’ gear took over downtown Baltimore FIVE DAYS AGO!!!!!!!!! GO WATCH THE EVIDENCE!!!!!! And the Red Sox fans are coming next weekend…don’t worry, wnsTV will be there to chronicle the evidence!

What’s NOT to protest at this point, other than the fact that the team has won a handful of games over the past month? Geez, they’re STILL WAAAAAAY under .500 and haven’t played a meaningful game in almost 10 years!

Keep the emails and feedback coming, and try to watch the "New York" vids if you can…they’re only a click away!!!

Obviously, there is still a tremendous amount of support for FTB2, but I sense that some people truly want to take the heat off Angelos, which I think is a major mistake because I have ZERO evidence at all that anything substantial has changed in the way this team conducts its business.

We’re NOT protesting the manager or the players — we’re protesting the way this ownership group treats its customers and this community.

Hope you have a nice weekend and I hope you vote!

Unlike Peter Angelos and the Orioles, WE REALLY ARE LISTENING TO YOU!!!!!!!!


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