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Dear BALTIMORE Orioles fan:

The time for FREE THE BIRDS 2 has come…

Over the last 10 months, I have received more than 8,000 replies to join the “FTB Union” not to mention the countless people who have personally said something positive to me in support of “Free The Birds” since last Sept. 21. I was OVERWHELMED by how many people approached me on the streets of Cooperstown and told me to "NEVER give up the fight!"

Many have indicated a sincere interest in a second “walk out” of the Orioles management this summer.

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Today, I am reaching out to you to see if you’re still interested in another massive event…If YOU are in, I’M IN! If not, we’ll move on…

In the coming weeks, we plan to reorganize the “Free The Birds” movement with another “rally” on Oriole Park at Camden Yards similar to last year’s efforts, perhaps with some “twists.”

But, here’s the major question: “Are you still with us?”

To outline the continuing deterioration of downtown Baltimore’s economic situation on Oriole home dates and to again “itemize” the mean-spiritedness and the team’s place in the standings would be moot for anyone who is paying attention.

Sure, they’ve won a few games over the last month and the new manager seems to be an improvement, but has there been ANY signal that this franchise and this ownership group has “changed its stripes” in regard to how it treats the fans and the city of Baltimore?

Just witnessing the massive, old-school display of “BALTIMORE Orioles love” for Cal Ripken this weekend in Cooperstown – after seeing the herd of more than 40,000 New York Yankees fans take over downtown Baltimore this weekend — has made me more furious than ever about the current situation and the fun we no longer get to experience because of the colossal mistakes this ownership group has made in dealing with its own customers and employees.

Feel free to click on our all-new “wnsTV” on and see for yourself what last weekend looked like in Baltimore and in Cooperstown. This is what the LOCAL TV STATIONS did NOT show you on the 11 p.m. news when Cal was in upstate New York while the city was awash in pinstripes and Derek Jeter jerseys. It was one of the more bizarre weekends I can ever remember!

We want our memories back and we want our good times at Orioles games back.

After the great experience we had being “BALTIMORE” Orioles fans again this weekend in Cooperstown — now more than EVER — we want new ownership for our baseball team!

If you’re with us, now is the time to indicate that you’re ready to join us for another “Free The Birds” rally later this month on a weeknight. We are keeping the actual game night and further details a secret until we establish our level of support.

Please sign the form on the website at and submit it in the next five days so we can get an accurate headcount.

We do not want to stage an “empty” walkout, like those poor people in Pittsburgh.

If enough people are truly interested, we will organize it.

If not, we’ll anxiously await the start of the Ravens season.

If you have friends who feel the way “we” do, please forward this email to anyone who would be interested in participating in our event.

This second event will ONLY happen because the fans of the BALTIMORE Orioles want to do it, not because WNST wants to do it! We had more than 2,000 people last September – anything less would be an embarrassment, so why bother?

This is NOT a publicity “stunt” in ANY WAY!

It’s a sincere, civic effort to reestablish baseball and community and civic pride to summer nights in Baltimore! And to have YOUR voice heard!

But we can’t do it without YOU!

We will make a decision early next week based on the response…it will be announced on the radio station and via the website.

Thank you!

Nestor Aparicio

P.S. Free The Birds!

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