I know you think hockey sucks…

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But there’s no WAY you can be watching this blizzard game in Buffalo and NOT think this is cool.

I can’t tell you how close my hockey friends and I came to actually flying to Buffalo this morning to go to this game.

Had it not been New Year’s Day, we really might’ve done it.

I can tell you this: we’re sitting here eating lunch and bumming that we DIDN’T go now that we see how much fun it looks like…at least for the first period before we started to freeze for a game we didn’t care about!

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The HD cameras bring it life, trying to track the puck is crazy, the blizzard going on, the kids playing on the "pond" next the rink…the stadium chock full of crazy Buffaloanians…it just looks like something you’d wanna say you were there for.

Of course, if we were there we wouldn’t get to see so many interviews between Sydney Crosby and Darren Pang, where it feels like every other word accentuates their wacky Canadian accents.

After all, it’s an OAT-door game…

It’s weird, because I just sat in the upper deck of that stadium a few weeks ago shooting videos for wnsTV for the loss to the Bills and it was HOT that day.

Here are some links if you wanna check out my Buffalo video travel-blogs and the scene outside Rich Stadium on a nicer day, click on wnsTV links below (just click and they’ll play):

Saturday in Buffalo

Tailgate before the game

Stadium blog

We still agree that hockey is great, but it’s like the NHL is in the witness protection program.

Gotta hand it to the NHL for this one…it’s a beauty and it’s like they ORDERED this snow storm.

You really can’t beat this…

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