David Modell’s original Profile for a Ravens head coach

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So, because at heart, I’m the world’s biggest Ravens geek, I have a library full of stuff to break at out key times like this.

Here’s one: David Modell’s original profile list from Dec. 1998 for what he was looking for in a head coach for the Ravens.

I’m breaking this out SOLELY to illustrate what might be going with the Ravens brass as they seek a new head coach.

It’s also a review of the last time the Ravens sought a head coach.

And, remember Modell’s his prime candidates: Jim Haslett, Sherm Lewis, Emmitt Thomas, Chris Palmer and Terry Donahue (whom his father, Art, was DYING to hire). The other was a guy named Brian Billick.

The best "candidates" for the job were two Super Bowl champion coaches: George Seifert and Mike Holmgren, both of whom wanted money and/or power that David Modell couldn’t afford them.

Hard to remember this time frame, but before Billick came along, the Ravens’ job was a wasteland for NFL coaches. The Ravens and Modell were a virtual laughingstock. It was not considered a "prime" place for a prime coach. It was a "bottom end" job in the NFL, which is why Seifert and Holmgren didn’t even come for a "visit."

Maybe this is the kind of "punchlist" Dick Cass and Ozzie Newsome will use in finding the "right" man for the job, be it Marty Schottenheimer, Rex Ryan, Bill Cowher or Kirk Ferentz.

Maybe it’s not (but it’s a DAMNED fine outline, to be honest with you).

It’s also a good chance to review/give a report card on whether Billick lived up to any and/or all of these characteristics/promises during his nine years of employment with the Ravens.

No doubt, Billick lacked some of these toward the end…

(And I’ll give you the first joke: No. 9 on the "personal traits" he had in abundance…)

As Billick would say: "Have at it…"

I’ll do my best to launch the comments as they come…

Baltimore Ravens’ Head Coach Profile


   1. Disciplined Approach
   2. Expects Accountability/Attention to Detail
   3. Gains/Commands Respect
   4. Motivates Players to Want to Excel
   5. Teacher
   6. Presence
   7. Goal Oriented
   8. Ability to Effectively Communicate Goals
   9. Ability to Motivate Troops to Pursue Unified Goals
  10. Confident/Conveys Confidence to Others
  11. Assistant Coach Mentality?

Successful Background/Experience

   1. Association with Winning Programs
   2. Association with Excellence
   3. Head Coach (College/Pro)
   4. Coordinator (College/Pro)
   5. Assistant Coach (College/Pro)

Football Knowledge/Philosophy

   1. Reliance on Fundamentals
   2. Offense
   3. Defense
   4. Special Teams
   5. Talent Evaluation (Strength/Weakness)
   6. Innovate
   7. Strategy
   8. Roots of Offense/Defense Systems
   9. Knowledge and Ability to Implement Systems
  10. Experience Play Calling
  11. Game Planning

Management Skills

   1. Attention to Detail
   2. Makes Good Critical Analysis
   3. Critical Decision Making Ability/Loves Pressure
   4. Problem Solver/Loves Challenge
   5. Delegates or Micro Manager
   6. Relates Well and Respects All Facets of Organization
   7. Willing to Compromise
   8. How to Handle Administrative Role
   9. Selection of Staff
  10. Recruiter

Communication Skills

   1. Understands and Respects Role of Media
   2. Non-Combative Attitude Toward Media
   3. Understands and Respects Role of Community
   4. Willingness to “Recruit” Community
   5. Speaking Skills
   6. Physical Appearance

Goals and Objectives

   1. Plan
   2. Length of Time to Win
   3. Use of Draft
   4. Use of Free Agency
   5. Use of Young Players
   6. Use of Veterans

Personal Traits

   1. Overriding Desire for Excellence
   2. Exhibits Drive to Succeed in All Aspects of Life
   3. Demanding (but fair)
   4. Home Life (wife, kids – their habits)
   5. Work Ethic
   6. Spiritually Centered
   7. Avocations
   8. How Handle Adversity
   9. Ego
  10. Attitude
  11. Goals
  12. Balance

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