In case you’re wondering how many Phillies fans are in Baltimore…


We decided to video the evidence of the Philadelphia Phillies and their takeover of Camden Yards today as a 2012 tribute to Peter Angelos and “winning” Baltimore Orioles baseball.

If you’re from Philly, you’ll definitely enjoy it…

If you’re from Baltimore, you’ll be thoroughly revolted…but at least the song is good and Peter Angelos made a lot of money for himself, downtown hotels and restaurants!


  1. Strange the teams been winning all year and not one blog from you about that. But something negative like philly fans taking over the stadium, and your all over it. Where’s the balance? I might be an apologist but you are clearly a hater.

  2. If I lived in that piece of crap town I would come here for a weekend too. I went to Os/Philly game here about 5 years ago the Aholes were in Bambinos and doing Eagles cheers and beating up everyone in the stands.

  3. When Phillies Fans take over our ball park, at least their spending money. This helps the city’s economy and that is a positive. Just keep spending that money,Phillies Fans.

  4. Was the girl in the pic at the game? A complete and utter disgrace and I blame Angelos. If he cared about winning and not making money, then this would never happen.

    Whatever happened to You Pon?

  5. I went to the game yesterday. It was the worst I’ve ever seen. However unlike another commenter, I felt that everyone there was respectful and good sports in general. I sat in the bleachers so that’s the only viewpoint I had. Other than that it was good to see the city filled on a beautiful summer day. I’m sure the restaurant and bar owners were happy and I haven’t heard yet of any gang violence that occurred in the harbor in a couple of weeks so that’s good too.

  6. Baltimore fans are fair-weather fans. The idea that Baltimore fans will only support the Orioles again if the team wins “year after year” is a disgrace. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl and yet they support their team.

    Go Orioles- win or lose.

  7. Was at the game yesterday too, easily 2-1 Phils(my son was one of those Phils fans) over O’s Fans. However us O’s fans that were there were vocal. Worst case scenerio would be the GNat fans taking over the Yards on the weekend of 22-23-24. Great walkoff win…at least it humbled the obnoxious Phils fans, especially the ones from South Jersey.

  8. Hey, Nestor, aren’t the Os having a great season thus far?! So what if the Philly fans come, and enjoy the game – so long as they behave and spend their money, I am fine with that. And, given the Os propensity for winning more often than not thus far, I am a happy camper! Angelos, at least for this year, is doing something right!

  9. Is it just me, Nestor, or do you tend to be more Negative than you should be. I think so, which is too bad, because you constantly espouse your love of the Orioles. Yes, you ‘hate’ Angelos; but, hell, this team is Winning this year, and THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT!!

  10. Orioles take 2 out of three with two walk-offs. Thanks for the visit see you next time. Service with a smile and O’s fans read Philly news about Philly fans crying. 🙂

  11. So what? I agree w/ Matt. Thanks for coming down 95 and seeing the Orioles take 2 of 3.

    Look, they live IN Philadelphia. Let them get out of town for a weekend.

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