Jason Garrett is STILL in Owings Mills…


Through our ground troops in Owings Mills (that’s Casey Willett), we have confirmed that Jason Garrett is STILL in Baltimore and still inside The Bellagio.

We do not know the travel arrangements that were made for him to get to Atlanta or when he was scheduled to leave (most of the time, they do NOT fly commercially to job interviews…it’s usually a private lear jet).

But we have confirmed that as of 10 a.m., he’s still in Owings Mills.

A good sign, if you’re a fan of the team hiring Jason Garrett to be their third head coach.

(By the way, I’ve been doing my own research on Jasn Garrett all morning and the reports are mixed. Everyone says he’s a great guy, very bright and knows football as well as anyone. The jury is out on whether he is a “leader of men.” That only comes with experience, and that he does NOT have. Bisciotti will be taking an extreme “leap of faith” with this one.)

Casey Willett is in the building (as part of the stakeout).

We’ll both be keeping you in the loop all day. Feel free to keep checking into WNST.net and if you join our text service, you’ll absolutely be the first to know the minute we know.