Rex Ryan and the plane to Atlanta


While Jason Garrett tours the Bellagio with his wife this morning, the plane awaits him at BWI for a scheduled meeting in Atlanta.

As we approach noon, you have to believe that he’s not conducting any business in Georgia until much later in the day, if at all.

Turns out Rex Ryan was in Atlanta last night and this morning, meeting with new Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

Word out of Atlanta is that Garrett was supposed to come there today, and Colts assistant Jim Caldwell would be there tomorrow.

It’s starting to look like Ryan is moving to the front of the line for the Falcons job, which would allow Garrett to not have to answer the hard question from the Ravens: “Any interest in keeping Rex Ryan here?”

It would be a perfect ending for all parties concerned if Garrett gets named head coach today, and Ryan winds up in Atlanta by Thursday.

A nice, neat, happy ending.

But if Caldwell winds up in Atlanta, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens with Ryan and his staff. The Ravens can still keep all of them because they are under contract for another year and have not been “officially” terminated. (Ryan still has his office in Owings Mills and has worked from there for the past 15 days, since Billick’s firing).

Just more stuff to think about…