Mark Teixeira and green and tomatoes

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I’ve been down from blogging a bit lately (a lot of internal work and I had a death in the family last week).

But today, I’m selling a bunch of advertising (by the way, if you own a business and want to be part of a cool promotion we’re doing next month, email me:

And I’ve been doing some web reading this afternoon (reminds me of watching Phil Jackman cutting up newspapers in the press box of the Capital Centre in 1988…he was a MAJOR clipper of stories from New York papers!)…

God, I love the internet…so much more efficient is life with the click!

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One story I just saw on written by Jon Heyman about Mark Teixeira that grabbed my interest. There’s a lot of opining I could do and add to it, but it stands on its own as a thought-provoking idea.

If somehow, someway and with a BUNCH of money (think 10-20% MORE than the Yankees, Mets or Mariners will give him) they could grab him, it would be the biggest of big coups for the team.

The Orioles clearly need to do SOMETHING with the $50 million-plus a year they’re siphoning from the fans via MASN and your local cable provider. Or maybe they’re just going to continue to put it all in their pocket and claim that they’re not. And maybe they’ll continue to not get called out on it because the media are bought off or afraid of being banned from the ballpark.

But I digress…I was having such a happy afternoon…LOL

And buying “This is Birdland” ads ain’t the answer. (Even though only everyone in the city realizes this except them…fools!)

Well, fire away. Teixeira as an Oriole? (At least he’s saying all of the right things…

“The Orioles are close to my heart,” Teixeira admitted to


I’m saddened by the passing of an era today with the death of Pat Santarone, longtime Oriole groundskeeper and tomato patch grower extraordinaire. I never met him, only knew what Chuck Thompson told me about him. But it was part of Oriole lore that every true fan knew about, the Weaver-Santarone tomato bets from the left field corner near the 309′ sign.

For a VERY X-rated laugh that involves Pat Santarone and “Alice from Norfolk,” click here…

Perhaps Ozzie Guillen is Earl Weaver’s illegitimate Venezuelan child?

Finally, at some point this week I’m going to write about the Bob Costas HBO special this week. If you have Comcast, it’s available ON DEMAND. Check it out.

I’d love to do a show on the radio about this the next time I fill in.

It was a wild show, man!











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