The chase for Gavin Floyd’s no hitter…

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As I watch Gavin Floyd sit alone in the corner of the dugout awaiting the final three outs of a potential no hitter, I start to “geez” about watching no hitters.

It is the Holy Grail, the last badge of legitimacy, luck, courage and honor in being a baseball fan.
It’s a random occurrence and you can NEVER predict when or where it’s going to happen.

Tonight, I watched a little of the Red Sox win over Detroit, a game where Tim Wakefield’s knuckler was working. Detroit, already hurting in a bad way, managed just three hits tonight.

But I was all ready for some Orioles baseball tonight (if they lose tonight they might fall below .500 for good this year, who knows?).

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 At 9:55 p.m., I accidentally turned to ESPN and lo behold: Floyd is working a no no!

I do not know Gavin Floyd. I met him once and chatted with him in the locker room of the Chicago White Sox at Comiskey Park (same place where the game is being held tonight). It was at the 2003 All Star Weekend “Futures” game. Seemed like a nice Baltimore kid. We knew some of the same people. I knew his agent back in the day.

But, as he sits alone in the dugout, I’m pulling for him.

I wrote a chapter in my 2006 baseball book on the thrill of no-hitters and chase of trying to legitimately attend one. I walked out of one on a Labor Day night in San Diego!

But I digress…

So, after seeing a large chunk of a segment on ESPN HD last night dedicated to the accomplishments and relevance of Al Kaline at Comerica Park in Motown last night, it’s kinda cool seeing one of the few local guys in the sport doing something special.

It’s also cool hearing Bert Blyleven tell stories about no hitters and all of the memorable ones that were tossed in my childhood. He’s also excellent at probing the “deeper thoughts” going through Floyd’s mind because he’s been there.

I love Blyleven! Great guy, was always an excellent guest on my show and he had a NASTY curveball.

But I also hated him in 1979!

Go Gavin Floyd!

Good luck in the 9th!


P.S. It’s 10:32 p.m. With one out in the 9th inning, Minnesota’s Joe Mauer drilled a liner into the left centerfield gap. Chicago centerfielder Nick Swisher LAID OUT for the ball, didn’t come close. The score is 7-1 White Sox. Floyd just got yanked by Ozzie Guillen. He’s getting a standing ovation. Everyone in the ballpark will say “DAMN…I was ALMOST THERE FOR ONE!”


Back to the Orioles…


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