Saturday, October 1, 2022

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 26 Atlanta Braves

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Two years from now, we won’t have to worry about Turner Field. The legacy of the Braves many accomplishments are but it’s clear they haven’t put any money into most of the stadium since they’ve been attempting (and succeeded) in escaping north to Cobb County. Nice Hank Aaron statues and pitching memories but this is another Camden Yards clone – albeit it a blue one – that is quite sleepy when it’s not boiling in the Georgia sun. Loved the parking lot tributes to the legacy of Hammerin’ Hank but they’re about to blow this operation up and it’s clear there’s not much being left behind as far as romanticism for baseball in downtown Atlanta. I just hope they dig up the Phil Niekro knuckleball statue and get started on the Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine statue. I hope my pal Leo Mazzone somehow gets bronzed along the road to Cobb County, too.


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here:

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