Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 1 Los Angeles Dodgers

There is no finer venue in the world to watch baseball than Dodger Stadium...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 2 Kansas City Royals

And Toto, the fountains are blue, the midwest is lovely and it's baseball in a perfect environment...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 3 San Diego Padres

Did I mention that this place is in San Diego and has fish tacos, too?

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 4 Minnesota Twins

Minnesota – This trip had me looking only a handful of parks I hadn’t visited. I never saw a game at the Metrodome so this would be my first MLB game in the Twin Cities. Target Field is universally...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 5 San Francisco Giants

I left my heart in McCovey Cove...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 6 Pittsburgh Pirates

Even if you hate Pittsburgh, you'll love this place...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 7 Cincinnati Reds

Baby, if you ever wondered where Cincinnati lived on our stadium depth chart...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 8 New York Mets

The best place to watch baseball in New York is in Queens...and it isn't really close

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 9 St. Louis Cardinals

Free views of the Gateway Arch included...

MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 10 Boston Red Sox

Venerable Fenway Park is lovely but it barely made our Top 10...
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Latest News

McPhee joins growing list of Ravens’ positive tests before Pittsburgh game

The veteran outside linebacker won't be able to play in the Pittsburgh game, which is still scheduled for Thursday night.
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Grieving the loss of the Calvert Hall and Loyola on Thanksgiving Day

A tradition unlike any other, the cancellation of the Turkey Bowl makes this a silent pigskin holiday pausing a passionate local rivalry. Former Delegate...

Andrews: “People are starting to count us out, and that’s fine”

The Ravens tight end says his team is feeling plenty of urgency to turn the recent struggles around.

Twelve Ravens thoughts following Week 11 loss to Tennessee

Mark Andrews played a career-high 56 snaps, caught a touchdown, and registered a season-best 96 receiving yards.

Ravens running backs Ingram, Dobbins test positive for COVID-19

A bad day for the Ravens turned worse late Sunday night with multiple members of the organization testing positive for COVID-19.