Will the trading deadline include Trader Mike getting armed for a pennant run?

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After the sweep of the Marlins and the recall of Grayson Rodriguez, what are the real options for the Orioles in the trading market? Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the pitching needs of Mike Elias and what’s next for the Birds.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

America w n s t, Towson Baltimore. Baltimore positive. It is a happy happy week around here. I don’t know if we’ve had a whole lot of weeks in late July, where I’m planning a crabcake tour over to Beaumont and Catonsville with our friends at the Maryland lottery window nation where the Orioles are. Quite this in Waco to steal a damn Patrick’s line. Oreos at home later on the week. They been a good luck driver, Luke Jones leaves to go on vacation, they lose a lot. Thinks about coming back. They went a lot. Comes back goes to the ballpark. They can’t lose. Look, Joe joins us now he’s Baltimore, Luke, He covers all things Orioles for us because they don’t let me in. But they do let you in. You’ll be there for the Dodgers. And certainly, the Marlins, they got off to a good start on Friday night, I thought they had really good looking road jerseys. You know, I know. You’re the fashion tweet guy here. I thought that they look good. By the end of the weekend they devolved there played the vault and more than that, the Orioles have just moved into a different kind of position now, especially amongst these young players that now have an all star game or two under their belt they now have last year where they didn’t make the playoffs. Now they have nothing but expectation for what the rest of the summer is. And they’re making good on that if you’re coming down to the ballpark other than that twin series where you weren’t there anyway, they gave out the shirts and rained a little bit. This was a heck of a weekend for enthusiasm for winning and for starting the second half by saying we’re gonna play baseball in October around here. You just you wait.

Luke Jones  01:29

Yeah, I mean, you look at what they’ve done since July 4, right. You mentioned Well, while I was away and watching Twitter and Facebook from afar and panicking and skies falling, we need more pitching. Right. Well, then we get we’ll still talk about the pitching because we saw the ninth inning on Sunday and middle relief and seeing if they can fortify that a little bit. But boy, I mean, this is just a really good baseball team. I don’t know if there’s if it’s too much more complex than that at this point. And we’ll get into can they win a World Series? How deep into October can they play? You’re saying that about every team? Let’s be clear about that. I mean, we know that October is very largely still a crapshoot. It’s more of a crapshoot, then the best teams care to admit,

Nestor Aparicio  02:15

I saw the crap they shot in Kansas City with you 10 years ago.

Luke Jones  02:19

I mean, it’s just, I mean, look at all the regular six, regular season success. The Dodgers who are coming into town this week, look at all the regular season success they have had. Yet. It was the weird pandemic year that they won the World Series. They’ve had lots of disappointment in October, despite 100 win seasons and so much success in the regular season over the last decade or so. So that’s just a reminder of that. But you just look at this team. And once again, an injury concern pops up over the weekend with Cedric Mullins, you know, some quad tightness and looks like it’s gonna be a day to day situation not quite as serious as the groin back on Memorial Day, but it just, they just keep going right? I mean, something even if they have a couple of bumps in the road as they did, right around the Fourth of July, when they lose six of seven, they reel off eight wins in a row. And that’s just the mark of a really good baseball team and you look at their overall profile. It’s funny, I was talking to someone about this over the weekend. And you know, in congruence with this we’ve we’ve seen the the disappointment of the Mets right, we’ve seen the disappointment that the San Diego Padres have been I mean you look at some of the players on those rosters, the Padres being a great example of that. You look at them on paper. You look at the Oreos on paper recognizing that around baseball, there aren’t a ton of really familiar names yet. I mean Adley rutschman is becoming that right? Gunnar Henderson is becoming that, but it’s still a bunch of guys that aren’t necessarily household names around the league. But if I just showed you the Padres roster, showed you the Orioles roster and then said one of those teams is 57 and 35. And one of those teams is well what the Padres record is right now. Everyone would guess the Padres are the team that’s 22 games over 500. And well lo and behold, it’s the Orioles and the Orioles keep going and with the rays certainly having cooled off here in the month of July. They’re right there with Tampa Bay for first place and the Al East. I mean, it’s just it’s a fantastic story and the Orioles. They just continue to do everything well, right. I mean, there’s not anything they do. That’s amazing per se, but they’re just doing everything well including, by the way recently, at the very least. They’re starting pitching. I mean Kyle Bradish was outstanding on Sunday. Dean Kramer was good on Friday night. I know Kyle Gibson wasn’t great on Saturday by any stretch of the imagination but more often than

Nestor Aparicio  04:50

when they’ve been not great. Even early giving up 345 runs in the first second third inning. They have the wherewithal to get back in a game now they almost flew it on Sunday one was went the other way. But it did. And they won and it’s fine. And you know, the sky is not falling. But when Gibson puts up crooked numbers in the first second inning gets banged around the way he did the fact that you’re like, a we’re losing for it another we’re losing three to nothing. We’re losing five, whatever it is, it’s 32nd and we’ll get to here Henderson we’ll hit one Santander Oh hit we don’t we’ll be back in the game, we’ll have a chance to win. We can give ourselves a chance to win even when we’re behind by four or five runs. That’s they have an offense that can dig out now they also have an offensive can go stone cold, wet, you know that that’s happened to but not on most nights. And I think moving the fence back is also an issue I you know, I saw they were showing how Henderson has spread all of his home runs all their place in Vegas, you probably only got three of them caught up in the left the a warning track now that they moved it back so far this year. I don’t know how many somebody after high somebody out there is keeping track of exactly how many that is. But this seems even adjusted to the ballpark in that way. I mean, they spray more they hit the ball well. And I just every night I get one or two of them. Dude, you’re in the locker room. We’re there every day, right like so to me. They’re all they’re all complete strangers to me other than Brian evil. So if you see Brian Give my love to him. I don’t like seeing him because when he comes out I mean somebody’s hurt. But I saw him the other day again. And he’s the OG he’s the guy would walk back in there I see that they painted the locker rooms everything’s different about the whole place and lock and fours they’re doing his thing in front of the Oreo logo and all that and if they can, we went out with no is evil. So I don’t know any of these guys, but hearing their voices hearing what they talk about hearing what they talked to Melanie Newman about or rob long about whoever they’re talking to. That’s my only chance to really hear or see from them. And, and they’re likable bunch much more likeable than the guys I was around 25 years ago, even on TV, you know, it just seems like a humble young group of guys and and I think back to like 12 and 14 and 16 and the players we had and you know where Machado was and that were Adley rutschman is where Matt Wieters is and where you know all these guys were supposed to be. And then you look at you know Couser struggling a little bit coming up and he’s he’s a phenom. He’s the number five overall pick, he’s gonna be fine. He’s made it this far. Rodriguez coming back up. I think he’s gonna be fine. You have to explain to me how a guy could be that good and then fail. I don’t talk rocky carpenter. I mean, couple of guys maybe over the course of time that have been that good and never and hit their nose when they get to the big leagues. But I look at even Austin Hays getting some seasoning last week, I look at Santander as almost like a Nelson Cruz. You I mean, like, not as accomplished not were, but he’s playing like that now in in regard to this team. I keep wondering, who’s the veteran presence here? Who’s the Rick Sutcliffe on this team? Who’s the veteran pitcher? And when he gets banged up, he still hangs in and it shows you the Moxie to make it through. And then Bradish I mean, you were all over him a year and a half ago when he came up. It’s thinking he’s uh, maybe but he’s not a Grayson Rodriguez. It certainly wasn’t his Errol. That is even a deal. All right. But he’s come up. He’s made it and now you give him the ball on a Sunday. And then a special thing out there on Sunday, I sat caster seat and crap crabs at Chris Blake on Sunday and watching him say, two hits three hits, how many hits and then in the end, they had the fight. But he did. That was good. That was a Palmer kind of start, dude. It was crazy.

Luke Jones  08:30

It was an excellent start, especially with the backdrop of what you just mentioned. They had the issues late in the game, specifically the ninth inning. Well, that’s because Felix Batista and your canola had pitched on Friday and Saturday. They weren’t available Sunday. So you’re going into a start like that. You’ve already got a series win under your belt. So it’s not like the pressure is immense. But you’re going for the sweep and you know that your two best guys in the bullpen are most likely down. You know, I’m not. I’m not saying that Chris Holt and Brandon Hyde are saying that to Kyle radish before the game, but he knows how it works. They’re generally not going to pitch relievers three days in a row. So you see that you know that your bullpen is a little bit limited on Sunday compared to the two previous days. He goes out there and hangs seven and a third scoreless innings. So on a team that that’s been good, mind you. I mean, the Miami Marlins have been one of the better stories in the league like the Orioles have been as far as how well they played this year. So for him to do what he did. And really this started the second half of last year, right. I mean, he he came up early last year, and he struggled. Yeah, he had the IL stunt comes back and he pitched the pitch very, very well down the stretch last year. He was absolutely one of not just one of their best pitchers. The final two months last year, but go look at where he stacked up in the American League. I mean, you’d be surprised with just how well he pitched over the final two months. And you know, he had the took the line drive off his foot in his first start down in Texas this year. So he had the brief I’ll stand there, but he’s just been outstanding. We just got to 3.05 era that plays in any era, right? I mean, not saying that that’s sigh young ask in any era, but that’s it’s really good and for him to do what he did on Sunday, knowing their bullpen was short, and we saw how that played out in the ninth inning, unfortunately, and they almost blew it. But

Nestor Aparicio  10:20

are you ready for him to be the ace if he has three or four? I mean, of all the guys in the class, if at the end of the year, he’s their best pitcher, which, right now, it’s hard to make that argument, right. I mean, we’re waiting on Rodriguez, we’re waiting. That’s the one thing about this team being good. They don’t have Maddox Clemens in it Messina. You know what, to me like they this is not what, this is not how they’re built. And the thing that we all bitch about is we need more pitching, we need more pitching. Well, if he takes the ball every fifth day, and if Rodriguez takes the ball, I mean, how much you need bullpen maybe. But as far as going and getting another front end starter guys are starting to emerge as being I don’t remember reliable, but being efficient if nothing else, he was definitely efficient.

Luke Jones  11:06

No question about it. And I also want to give some love to Tyler wells, who’s also pitched really well this year long ball has been an issue. But typically when he gives up home runs, they’re solo shots, you can live with that. Jim Palmer has even said you can live with that, you know, you don’t want to give up the three run shot. You want to give up the Grand Slam type situations, of course, but But Tyler wells, he’s got a 3.18 era and you know, they they moved him back out of this all star break to kind of manage his innings a little bit. Keep in mind, this is a form of Rule five pick and was in the bullpen his first year with the Orioles. And then last year, they really had to manage his innings and had some injuries in the second half of the season. But now they look. No one’s gonna sit here and look at the Orioles starting rotation right now and say that it’s the best in baseball or stacks up with the best in baseball per se. But what you have gotten from Bradish what you’ve gotten from Tyler wells, you know, Kyle, you asked me who the Rick Sutcliffe of the staff is? I mean, it’s Kyle Gibson. He’s he’s the guy who’s in his mid 30s. I mean, his numbers aren’t great. He certainly wasn’t great on Saturday, he’d be the first to tell you that. But he’s the guy that provides that veteran leadership. He’s the guy that posts up. I mean, he’s made 20 starts for them this year. You know, he’s averaged almost six innings per start, which I know doesn’t sound great to the old timers. But in modern baseball, that’s about what you’re looking for out of most guys

Nestor Aparicio  12:29

getting other starting pitching. Who are you bouncing here? Well, and that’s the sort of the worst of the bunch. I mean, like on every fifth day, I mean, he’s, that’s what I’m saying about the leader. He’s the leader. But he’s, he’s the worst pitcher, I think.

Luke Jones  12:42

Well, I mean, Kramer’s had some inconsistency. But we’ve also seen Kramer be really good on look, let’s be clear about this. Their rotation has provided provided a higher floor to their success than I might have anticipated. That said, and this isn’t even getting into what it would take to go acquire a top of the line starting pitcher, what prospects they would have to give up what kind of impact that incoming arm would make which, hey, trade deadline deals don’t always work out exactly as you hope you know. I mean, that’s that’s certain. But the point is, especially and we’ll get into talking about Grayson Rodriguez a little more specifically, but what they’ve gotten from their rotation. Yeah, could you bring someone else in and even move one of those arms to a long slash middle relief role and maybe fortify your bullpen that way? Sure. You absolutely could do something along those lines. But they have gone out there. And for the most part, and Brandon Hyde talked about this on Friday, when they came out of the all star break. When they get good starting pitching this team’s really, really tough to beat. I mean, it just is. And again, it’s not that it has to be great. But when it’s been steady, when they’re getting into the the sixth inning, you know, when they’re getting through six innings when they’re pitching into the seventh inning, yep. That’s when they’re really, really difficult to beat as long as they’re not having an outing where they’re knocked out in the fourth, and then you’re having to go through your bullpen that they’ve been very, very difficult to beat when they’ve done that and they’ve just offered like I said, it’s hasn’t been a crazy high ceiling from the rotation. But I feel like as the years gone on, they provided a higher floor, you know, the mid fewer of those starts where you say, that wasn’t very competitive. I mean, even even Kyle Gibson on Saturday, which was not a great start and got off to that second inning was kind of Kansas City Royals ask where the Marlins just poke the ball around and it found grass but he still found a way to keep them in the ballgame and give them a chance to come back as they ultimately did in the late innings. So it that’s what’s exciting about this club in the sense that it feels like even their weaknesses aren’t that weak at this point in time and that you know, that’s kind of a sounds like a backhanded compliment there but I mean that as praise for them that even the things that they don’t due as well, they found ways to be able to minimize that to mitigate that and still give themselves a great chance to win every every single night of the week. So, again, it’s just a, it’s a really good team and we’ll see if they can continue to do that. The certainly a lot of tough competition and the Dodgers coming in this week, as, you know, maybe not the same level of dominance as we’ve seen of the Dodgers in some recent years, but they’re still really good. So, you know, the challenge show it continues with the Marlins leaving the Dodgers come in and then the Orioles will go on the road and face tough competition, you know, coming up here with Tampa Bay and the Phillies, who are playing good baseball just took a series from the Padres. So, you know, it doesn’t get any easier. But you just get the sense. And you know, you mentioned Colton Couser you know, Jordan Westbrook’s come up, you know, they just, they’ve got a team that you mentioned it, they’ve got some, you, I think you mentioned the term humble. I don’t even know if I’d say they’re humble, I think they’re confident, I think they’re very confident, but they carry themselves in a way that allows them to be even keeled, that even when they lose six of seven, you know, the week before the all star break, no panic there. They just they regroup, they win five in a row, they go into the break, and then they come out and sweep a series against the one of the better teams in the National League. It’s just, it’s really impressive. And, you know, we’ve said, we’ve been saying this going back to the second half of last year, it’s really fun to watch.

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

Well, no doubt about that. Luke is at the ballpark. The Orioles are home for a couple more days, afternoon game on Wednesday, and then off this weekend, and they’re gonna play Sunday, like baseball now against the Yankees couple weeks from now they’re starting to get those kinds of assignments, as well, you know, for you with the Mullins thing and him getting that that would be the derailment, for me would be bad luck. And guys getting injured. You mentioned Bradish, taking the line drive off the foot to start the season. You know, they’ve managed through some of these injuries and some of these problems and some health concerns and stuff like that. As far as depth and as far as where they are two weeks from now for a trading deadline. How are you feeling about this? Because the Rodriguez call up we’ll talk about that and talk about him and its own situation as to whether it’s whether they need the trade or not, right? I don’t know if it comes up maybe two or three decent starts? Do you feel better about that? That is the spot holder in that rotation. Or, I mean, there’ll be no prosumer moves apartments couple weeks ago. So you know, they’ve got to shuttle back and forth with what they do. But to your point, do you want to wake up and they’re not going to do holiday, they’re not going to do any of the guys that are at the footstep of making the big leagues, I don’t believe unless there was something really, but I don’t feel like they need. They need to make magic happen at the trading deadline, I don’t feel like they need to get a shining star and put them into the rotation at 30 million a year. And another year left and giving away half the font. I don’t feel like it’s a desperate situation here to fortify or to win a World Series. And I almost feel like if this team went into the playoffs as is and all they add is a relief pitcher. And I say that all that they add that could be Andrew Miller in the old days, which was a big, big add. But if they add a relief pitcher to this, and where they are with the fortification of what they have, and they get bounced in the second round of playoffs or make it I don’t have hard feelings that they didn’t go all in to especially not this year to end up people I talked to on the street. They’re all like, he’s got a tray day and I’m like, man watching baseball long time if you want this to last as long as we think it’s going to last especially with the cheap owner and limited budget. You know, we’re gonna hear limited budget around here. No lease, I have to bring that up every second because it’s real. But I’m not going to be the mad one at the end of the year. If they don’t. I’m not going to be the one pounding on the table for the Chris Winter trade. You know, not this time around? I’m just not. Yeah,

Luke Jones  19:03

I think that’s fair. I think that’s reasonable. I mean, I’ll say this. And I was even talking about this on Twitter, which is with a few Orioles fan. So over the course of the last few days, you just said it look. In an ideal world if you tell me the Orioles could go out there and get hypothetical ace or hypothetical number two starting pitcher, you know, someone that would fit into the top of their rotation, you know, either in the top spot, the second spot, whatever, you know, as you mentioned Bradish pitching so well, everything that’s that’s transpiring with Tyler wells. And if you can tell me they can do that and not have to give up an extraordinary Hall of prospects. God bless. Great, you know, I’m all for that. But I also know how pitching is valued in baseball as the trading deadline. And there’s also you know, how, again, is it a true ace or is it just someone that you say is good that’s going to kind of slot in some Were with Bradish and Tyler wells. And you know, we’ll see about Grayson Rodriguez and all that. But how much you have to give up, give up to get that? And how much of an impact is that individual gonna make over the final two months compared to what they already have in place? I truly feel

Nestor Aparicio  20:15

the last two months, they’re gonna make the playoffs, right? I mean, we’re, we’re not thinking backtrack from 22 Games over 500. Like, they’re gonna make the playoffs. So they don’t need a push. They’re basically buying an arm for October is where it’s really all they’re buying, like, maybe they’ll win the division maybe. And if that’s where your mind is, we have to win the division. And there’s big benefits to that right, in regards your surviving October by winning the division. But that’s a different argument, then. Can we make the playoffs? And will we be good enough to not fall on our face in October? I mean, they might fall on their face, they might not. But I’m not convinced that giving away the minor league system is the answer in the first year of we haven’t even made the playoffs yet. Let’s not get all desperate. It’s like last week, I’m here and I got guys Rosenfeld’s on the air. We got to sign rutschman We gotta sign him long. I mean, like he’s got here, relax. Just you know, I that that’s not going to satiate me as a fan, you know?

Luke Jones  21:14

Yeah. Although I will say, showing a long term commitment to one one of the they’re young guys and for me, I

Nestor Aparicio  21:22

would argue and you’re gonna pile on.

Luke Jones  21:25

I’m just saying that as a 22 year old, you know, and I don’t think he’s gonna be a shortstop long term just because of Jackson holiday. But clearly what he is, he would be the guy that I would target. But that aside, because that’s not impacting

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

everybody. But I look right.

Luke Jones  21:44

I think I think a lot of people would be happy to sign Gunnar Anderson, even if it’s, you know, even if Adley rich, you know, one or the other. I think people be happy either way, but the point I was trying to make, yeah, I mean, you look at the rotation. Could they use an ace? Of course everyone could use another ace. Right. I mean, we’ve, we’ve seen that over and over, but it’s very expensive in terms of what you have to give up to get that. So what are the consequences for you long term in terms of what assets I mean, you know, very well, and, you know, there were some rumors over the weekend about the angels Shohei. Otani and, you know, it Oreos fed to do what every other fan base is doing right now you dream for a moment, right? And I mean, can you imagine what the angels would ask for for a rental of Shohei Otani? They’re starting with Jackson Holliday, who, by the way, is already hitting in already gaining some notoriety at double A buoy at age 19. I mean, this kid’s unbelievable the way it’s looking. I mean, it really is. So you’re not giving up someone like him? I mean, you’re just not. I don’t think there’s anyone they would give up Jackson Holliday for at this point in time. So but the point is, it’s going to cost a heck of a lot in terms of prospects to go get that starting pitcher, does it mean that there isn’t a deal that isn’t out there that would make sense for them? Sure. It could, however, what I would be much more inclined to do and I don’t want to just see them stand pat at the trade deadline. I would like to see them go out there and fortify the bullpen a little bit if you can go get a bullpen arm that you can kind of you know, if you’re talking about your pecking order, right, got Felix Batista at the very top, he’s you’re closer, you’re all star closer, if you can find get someone else. And it’s a deal that makes sense. You’re certainly not giving up Jackson holiday. You know, you’re not giving up Grayson Rodriguez, you’re not giving up anything crazy. But go get a bullpen arm that you can kind of say is kind of comparable to what you and your Cano has been able to do for you. And I don’t mean Cano over the first month, but the body of work. You know that Andrew, you mentioned Andrew Miller, you know, that kind of an acquisition that the Orioles could make and kind of have that third stud in the bullpen. And then that allows you to pick your spots a little more with Brian Baker, it allows you to pick your spots a little more with Danny Coulomb. It allows you to pick your spots a little more with Mike Bauman who was big for them on Saturday in their comeback when then I think that changes the complexion of your bullpen where you’re not quite as uneasy about the middle relief. And I think it just, it just allows you to shorten the game that much more with your starting pitchers who typically speaking, you know, what Bradish did on Sunday hasn’t been the norm for them. You know, that’s the first time they’ve had a starter go longer than seven innings all year long. And a lot of that’s by design in today’s game. Let’s be clear about that. So you know if you can do that, and that’s something that seems far more reasonable to be able to do than whatever you’re going to have to give up to go get a starting pitcher. I’d be much more inclined to do that. I certainly don’t want to see them squander this because I’ve said it over and over talking about the Ravens a lot you know in 2019 14 and two all the Pro Bowlers Lamar Jackson, unbelievable season, they lose to the titans in the playoffs and everyone thought well, if they were just they were ahead of schedule. We’ve seen what’s happened since then. The it’s not winning isn’t linear. Write these rebuilding five year plans. Yeah, on paper, it sounds great to say that it’s a gradual progression every year. But we know it doesn’t always work out that way. You know, Brian Billick be the first to tell you what a Super Bowl is second year. And he he said it at the time, they’ll just throw me out of town sooner. Yeah. I

Nestor Aparicio  25:16

mean, it’s Yeah, rip to be the guy. So you know.

Luke Jones  25:20

No doubt. Absolutely. So and that’s not to say that, you know that that won’t be really special for six, seven, maybe eight years, maybe longer than that. But if they just continue to draft and develop well, but you can only the only thing that’s guaranteed is the opportunity you have before you right now. And that’s where I do look at this team and say, yeah, if the right deals there that make sense. Absolutely. Pull the trigger on that. And you know, you’re not going to tray Jackson holiday. But are you willing to part with say a joey Ortiz, who’s a top 100 prospect around baseball, had a cup of coffee so far with the Orioles but hasn’t really found his footing in the major leagues at this point? Could that be a piece along with a couple other guys that could go get you know, a stud bullpen arm to add to what you have? If that’s the case, you know, I’m considering that at the very least, you know. So I certainly want to see Mike Elias, you know, leave leave no stone unturned in exploring what they can do to improve this team. But to your point, I don’t think they need to do that just to get to the playoffs. I’m talking about doing that to make them even more formidable, even more dangerous come October. So you know, and we’ll see how this plays out. So I mean, again, part of it, so much of it, not part of it. A big part of it is what they have internally. We’ll see Grayson Rodriguez this week, we still might see Heston curse dad before the year is out, even though they’ve already have a crowded outfield situation. But they have options and they have options at triple A right now. So yeah, the trade deadline talk is sexy, and we’ll continue to talk about it and who knows, maybe they will go out and get a stud starting pitcher. But there are different ways for this team to improve including some internal options. And in the meantime, oh yeah, they still are one of the best teams in baseball and they finished the weekend against the Marlins, one game out of first place. And what more can you ask for for a team that just a couple years ago was still the worst team in baseball.

Nestor Aparicio  27:24

Ezel Jones, he is Baltimore Luke and together we’re going to be covering things out on Twitter. We’re out on social media at Luke’s gonna be at the ballpark Dodgers in town. It’s like a 66 World Series. I have to break out my old stuff there as well. And of course, ravens beginning Oh, less than two weeks from now. So Luke will have his eyes on that toward the end of next week as well. You can reach me nessa Baltimore positive.com I’m wearing my elk WaPo shirt on the air here for Kingsville. Today, we’re not doing the show at El Guapo on Thursday. We’re gonna be at the Beaumont on Thursday. Got some great guests coming out. So brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at wind donation had a $100 winner last week. So I was very, very excited about that. We took the show out on the road on Thursday, to Coco’s and it was fantastic. cocoas is coming on as a sponsor now to give some love to Marcel over there make sure taking advantage of those specials. I had a three crabcake I was the only one crabcake but it took me three sittings to eat it over the weekend when I got back from Coco’s and the Jamaica jerk chicken that the Marcellus sent me home with great conversations over there as well with a Senator Cory McCray from the 45th as well as an unbelievable baseball conversation with Dave scheinen. From the Washington Post and my dear pal, Microsoft Liano. We went a little overtime on baseball, and rock and roll. I am Nestor. We are wn sta and 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stopped talking. Grayson Rodriguez and Baltimore positive stay with us.

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