MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 5 San Francisco Giants


San Francisco – I’ve seen a number of games at AT&T (and a few when it was still dubbed Pac Bell) and I’m always struck by how close that right field wall looks. It’s a wonderful setting and I think it’s impossible to complain it in any way about watching a game in San Francisco. Especially now that Candlestick is long gone. The smell of garlic and pizza is everywhere. Plenty of great concessions. The fans are all jacked up with World Championship swag. And the building is gorgeous. Bring a jacket. As you can see from many of my pictures, you can get football weather in July in San Francisco. And there’s even some charm to that, especially in the middle of my mid-summer heated sojourn during the middle of the season. The ballpark itself is shoe-horned into the waterline and the trail of traffic and folks in orange and black is its own scene. The McCovey Cove scene is also tremendous. A must see…


  1. I have also been to all of the 30 present MLB parks and 20+ of the old MLB ballparks.

    I would rank Fenway and Wrigley as my favorite. Of the “new” ball parks, I would rank SF, Pitt, and Balt as my favorite. Cinn also has a nice ballpark on the river.

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