My bags are packed for Cincinnati…

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The only thing worse than hearing Keith Olbermann doing highlights is listening to Bob Costas laugh at Olbermann doing highlights. This NBC wrapup show is almost unwatchable with the smirk of Olbermann now combined with Cris Collinsworth’s smarm.

I’m generally a Costas fan. The more he plays it straight, the more I like watching him because he’s brilliant. And I think Peter King is the best in the business. I also think Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis might be the best "player" combo I’ve seen anywhere on my TV set today.

But Olbermann? Why didn’t they just bring in Rush Limbaugh to hang out too? And put Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders in so I can be thoroughly annoyed?


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On to my thoughts:

* I hope Jon Ogden’s toe is right for the Ravens. I worry for the team in general this season, because 13-3 is just not realistic for any team. You almost MUST have good luck and good health to be 13-3. Expectations are high — as it should be — but things went so well last year for the purple. Just keep an eye on injuries. It would be very difficult for the Ravens to win if any of the major components go down to injury and I think that was last year’s "secret sauce."

* New England looked like a juggernaut today. Brady to Moss. Yikes!

* Jack Del Rio’s suit looked good. His team looked awful.

* Peter King reported that Phil Savage will be getting together with his staff at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Derek Andeson? Charlie Frye? Brady Quinn? I think you could throw darts. They all suck. Who are the Browns gonna beat this year? (Gawd, I hope I don’t regret writing that…)

* The Kyle Boller signing is interesting on so many levels.

Some questions:

1. Why would Boller sign this deal now when knowing if he DID play because of a McNair injury, he’s basically betting AGAINST playing well enough for a team to back up a Brink’s truck with cash.

2. Were the Ravens nervous in general about Boller escaping? Or were they serious about bringing Byron Leftwich in here after a lengthy negotiation? And do the Ravens have concern that McNair won’t stay upright and Boller will get to play and play well?

Hmmmm…just thought the timing was odd. But, I like Kyle Boller and I don’t think I’m ready to quit on whether he’ll ever be a productive starter. Certainly, the Ravens made a nice leap of faith and got a deal with him. OBVIOUSLY, they like Kyle Boller. And you have to believe that we’ll see him on the field at some point this season.

* This Kevin Edwards situation in Buffalo just makes you really think. At least it makes ME think, knowing so many of the players and wives and families in the league. Puts it all into perspective…

* As I await the start of the Giants-Cowboys game, I have to say it’s been kinda a lame Sunday of football. The Colts, Steelers and Redskins are all 1-0. How good of a mood could I possibly be in?

* My fearless prediction for the Ravens: I think they’ll go 11-5 and win the division. I’d like to think they’ll win the Super Bowl, but I think the combo of age and the team’s reliance on veteran players worries me. McNair, Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, Chris McAlister, Mike Flynn, Trevor Pryce, Samari Rolle — just a lot of vets and I truly hope they stay healthy.

Also, after seeing the Chargers, Patriots and Colts play so well, it kinda get you thinking that we KNOW they’re for REAL!

We’ll find at 7 on Monday night the purple has under the hood on national TV. I, for one, am STILL pissed about that crappy effort last year in the rain on that Thursday night. Worst Ravens’ roadtrip I ever took. I’m hoping for a better result this time. I hope the players remember how bad last year sucked too!

Viva Cincinnati…

wnsTV will be on the scene in Southern Ohio!

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