Watching the NFL on TV…


I spent the first half of the 1 p.m. games at a local watering hole, enjoying several of the NFL games.

It’s Week 1 and the NFL is just so infectious. It’s a lot of fun to watch today.

I didn’t even remember the Orioles were playing until about 3:50, right before they gave up the winning run to the Red Sox.

So, some thoughts:

* WOW…are the Browns just horrendous. Not only was the game just dreadful (and any Steelers win is dreadful by my standards), but the corporate goobers at CBS/Channel 13 left this horrible game on while the Dolphins-Skins, Jags-Titans and Broncos-Bills went down to the wire. It was like an "open invitation" for me to watch the Eagles-Packers game. I know they had tennis coming, but IT’S THE NFL…GET IT RIGHT! No one…NO ONE…wanted to watch a 31-7 blowout!

* Eagles-Packers was a decent game. Neither team looked much like a playoff contender, but the game was exciting right ’til the end.

* CBS’ pre-game show is dreadful. Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason are unwatchable. I’m done for the season with that pre-game show.

* ESPN’s "Chris Berman-led thing" is much-improved, especially without Michael Irvin grabbing guys and screaming at everyone on the set. Emmitt Smith and Keyshawn Johnson seemed comfortable and will get better.

* Didn’t see a whole lot of the Atlanta game, but they’re gonna really suck. I really thought Joey Harrington might step up. I was wrong.

* The San Diego-Chicago game is only a quarter old, but WOW…they are REALLY playing hard, fast football. Feel like a playoff game on TV and there must be 30,000 Chicago fans in the stands at The Murph. The Chargers have the most passive, indifferent "fans" in the league. Every time a time comes from anywhere east of Denver, they bring a mini-city of visiting fans. I’ve personally SEEN Boston, New York and Pittsburgh take over that stadium. Sad…especially considering how good their uniforms look!

* Brandon Stokley caught passes in Denver. I always pull for him!

* Darnell Dinkins is still in the league as a Cleveland Brown. Another solid guy!

Back to the telly…gotta pack for Cincy too!!

Can’t WAIT for tomorrow night when the whole country is watching the Ravens kick it off!