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For Orioles, the floor has no bottom it seems…

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For Dave Trembley to have to sit on the press conference pulpit and "protect" Daniel Cabrera in the postgame last night was an absolute embarrassment to him and the entire organization.

At least I’m not the only one who will feel this way.

I don’t need to tell you what a disgrace the whole incident at Oriole Park at Camden Yards was last night.

Peter Angelos’ employees did it for me, via MASN.

Below are parts of the postgame show, which was classic in that EVERY single voice we heard from is a direct employee of Peter G. Angelos, via the Orioles and/or MASN (they’re basically one and the same).

Jim Hunter: "It’s their 11th straight loss at home, which ties the record set in September 1987. Only four base hits tonight, and another frustrating loss to the Red Sox.

Rick Dempsey: "There’s a lot of indecision out there tonight, a lot of confusion about what they’re supposed to do at certain points of the game and, overall, a lot of frustration about he outcome of everything that’s happening right there. It just added up to another ugly loss out there tonight. It was kinda sad to see the way things went down. The ballclub, we know they’re not hitting, we know thing just aren’t working. They’re playing the Boston Red Sox who are on a roll now. And it’s sad to see the way it went toward the end of that ballgame. Another ugly outcome.”


More from Dempsey: "All it added up to tonight was Danny Cabrera’s 15th loss and it wasn’t good to watch Danny react the way he did and I know he’s just a wonderful kid when you get to talk to him in the clubhouse. Ya know, he showed a lot of unprofessionalism out there tonight in the way he reacted to that certain situation and it’s sad to see. The Orioles have enough struggles on their hands without having to go through this sorta thing.

Jim Hunter: “The Orioles drop to 60-80 on the season, 20 below .500 for the Orioles. They’re 25 back and, yesterday, officially eliminated from the race in the East Division…Consistent losing obviously has everybody frustrated, but Danny Cabrera tonight definitely out of line. He compounded his own mistakes by taking his frustrations out on Dustin Pedroia."

Gary Thorne: “The frustrations of the league will be taken out on him — probably a suspension, probably a fine coming. But more importantly, he hurt the team. They needed a good start. They needed him to go into the ballgame as far as possible. They needed to give the bullpen a rest. He needed to get the work and experience against a good team. All of that goes down the tubes because he lost loses his cool on one pitch.”

Palmer then explains what Leo Mazzone has preached to Cabrera — to "take a stretch" with runners on. He mentions Davey Johnson (was he at the game in the booth…I dunno?).

Here are some classic Palmer moments from the postgame:

On Ramon Hernandez’s role in telling Cabrera to pitch from the stretch: "(He) zoned off somewhere else, doesn’t tell him!

“He balks, It’s embarrassing…”

"If you are an aware major league player and you’re a professional…”


“This bullpen has gone 54 innings, giving up 85 runs…”

More Palmer: “This is his fourth major league season and you just can’t put yourself in that position. Simple as that!"

More Gary Thorne: “You’re supposed to be maturing as the season goes along, and from one season to the next. The walks have piled up, he’s not been able to get through innings. He’s had big innings against him. Now you talk about growth and the maturing aspect of it. You get an incident like that and you take two steps backward.”

Jim Palmer: “He’s gone backwards. When the hitters start talking about that, guys that you’re facing, you gotta look in the mirror, and you need to get him some counseling. You gotta do a lot of stuff because he’s one of their bright stars, in a sense. He’s got good natural ability and he hasn’t been able to use that to win baseball games. Is it easy on this team when they don’t score a whole lot of runs? You don’t have a mobile defense? Probably not! But the bottom line was, he was way out of line tonight as Jim Hunter said and he’s gonna get suspended by league for at least five game and it’s gonna cost him some money and he hurt the ballclub.”

Dave Trembley’s postgame press conference (no need to tell you that he looked constipated):

“I was trying to keep my pitcher in the game.”

“I don’t quite understand.”


“Ahhh…after the warning, I think I’ll get it right. After the warning was issued….uhhmm…I….ya know…Cabrera, I guess they thought Cabrera…instigated, er, ah…incited…ah…once the teams got on the field…and then…ahh…ya know he had to be restrained…and…ahh…and ahhh…he was warned by the umpire to stop…and he didn’t…So I believe you’ll have to take this to the umpires.”

“I’m not sure. Wally Bell is the crew chief. He said, ‘Dave, this is what I’ve got.’”

“You’re being kind to say he got distracted. I think Crisp did a heckuva job there, setting Cabrera off. I think he was…ahhh…he was upset at some of the comments that were being directed toward him. I don’t want to answer for Ramon and Daniel. Those guys should come to the forefront and tell you what they did. Obviously, Ramon got upset because he thought guys were popping off in the dugout. He can give it to you better than I can.

“I’m not sure ‘angry’ is the right term. I’m not sure that’s the right term. If that camera weren’t on, I’d tell ya.

"I came in the clubhouse after the game and got a glass of water and came in here to speak to you people. I haven’t spoken to anybody on the team, I haven’t spoken to my coaching staff, I haven’t spoken to anybody other than you guys. And I haven’t looked at anything but I will…


“He lost his cool. With the camera running or not, we can say that. I don’t think there’s any other way to put it, without…ummm…ya know…saying something that shouldn’t be said.


I can tell you very honestly it’s gonna be addressed. I’ve never had to address it with him. He knows the boundaries (from) when he pitched for me in he minor leagues. I’m just glad Perdroia didn’t get hurt and I’m glad that no one on our team did.”

From Daniel Cabrera, according to The Sun this morning:

Afterward, Cabrera calmly said he innocently lost control of the ball, and that it was coincidental that his mistake to Pedroia directly followed his balk that allowed Coco Crisp to score Boston’s third run.

"I didn’t lose my temper. I didn’t lose nothing," said Cabrera (9-15), who allowed three runs in 3 2/3 innings and has the second-most losses in the American League. "The ball slipped out of my hand."

So, Cabrera is liar just like his employer.

What an organization…

What a complete joke the Orioles have become.


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