No excuses tonight…it’s 70 degrees! Come to the O’s game with us!

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Come one, come all. (And ya better hurry cause the damned Yankees are coming to town tomorrow!)

We’re encouraging all WNST fans, Orioles fans, Free The Birds fans, beer drinkers and baseball fans to come downtown tonight and watch a baseball game with us.

And we hope to do it without giving Peter Angelos a nickel.

The party starts at 4:30ish at Regi’s in Federal Hill. Why Regi’s? Because Alan, the owner, is a good guy and when I told him I was trying to put together some happy hours before Orioles games he told me that his bar “used to be a regular stop” for many Orioles fans before games at Camden Yards.

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Now, like most bars (and I was IN the DSX last night at 6 p.m. and saw the lack of business there…just like the Wharf Rat and Hooters over the past two weeks), his business and clientele don’t even know a game is happening downtown.

Hopefully, we can fill up at least a dozen stools at his bar tonight and eat some of his great food and drink some cold beer before we head over to see Jeremy Guthrie battle local-boy Gavin Floyd with the White Sox.

We’re going to sit in the cheapest seats possible in the upper deck in left field. We’re going to cheer for the Orioles, boo Gavin Floyd and try to have some baseball fun on an unseasonably warm evening at Camden Yards.

Sure, the Orioles have lost their way over the past week, going from 6-1 to 8-7, but that’s not gonna stop us from having some fun. (Did you think they were winning the World Series anyway?)

Hope you can join us.

If you have kids, bring ‘em along and we’ll teach them how to keep score. We’ll play the shell game. We’ll yell “OHHHH” during the National Anthem and we’ll watch and cheer for Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis, who is becoming my favorite Oriole.

Well, I kinda like Kevin Millar too, but he stinks! But I love his attitude!


Speaking of downtown and sporting events, we did the final Blast home game of the season last night after a cold beer at DSX, and literally HAD a Blast!

The game was sensational.

It was a hard, scrappy, defensive first half where opportunities were rare and the Blast had a 6-4 lead.

The Blast were completely outclassed in the third quarter by the Milwaukee Wave, and fell behind 8-6. It didn’t look good at that point.

But in the fourth quarter, the Blast caught fire scoring three consecutive goals, led by venerable Denison Cabral and the crowd went wild.

Veteran Waver Troy Dusosky was ejected with 1:30 left in the game and will miss the final game of the series in Milwaukee on Sunday, which gives the Blast and incredible edge in the series.

The MISL championship will be held next Saturday night in Milwaukee (whether they’re in the game or not).

I’ll write some more about the Blast, the MISL, teams coming and going, and their league situation next week.

But for now, I just want to enjoy the win and await the game on Sunday.


One final note:

MANY, MANY people have reached out to me to help Papa Bob from Parkville.

So many, that Bob will be sifting through a dozen options this weekend and I will give you a formal update as I get one.

I am VERY confident that we’re going to find a situation to help Bob permanently with his housing dilemma.

The WNST “community” is really awesome. Sometimes I forget how cool this radio station and the people who comprise it are. It’s been an amazing thing, watching these emails fill up my in box with kindness and care.

I predict we’ll have a happy ending to this story.

It’s just going to take a few days or a week.

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