Orioles latest scam: the $1 ticket ain’t a buck at all

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZXHzZvqNUo[/youtube]I was watching the Orioles game against the Rangers tonight. Why? Because I love sports and there’s nothing else on. The Orioles are advertising $1 tickets. All I needed to do was go to their website. They made it sound easy!

I thought it over — and I still think a LOT about the Orioles as any of my Facebook friends will attest — and said, “Hey, I’d like to go to the ballpark and as much as I’ve refused to give them ANY money over the past two years, maybe I’d consider giving them two freaking dollars and taking my wife or son to one more game before next April.” My son called me from the beach yesterday and was pestering me about going to a game. We haven’t been to a game together this year because he’s been making dough at Seacrets in O.C.

Well, as you can imagine, I was skeptical regarding their honesty and integrity in offering seats for a dollar. Could this be “for real?”

And you know what, my skepticism — yet again — is warranted.

I followed the prompt through the billing process and lo and behold, my tickets suddenly totaled up to $9.

Yes…two tickets, nine bucks. That’s NOT two bucks!

Is this the “new” math?

How did $1 per ticket become $4.50 each, which is only four and a half times more than the advertisement that led me to the offer.

Really? It’s 2009 and you’re advertising tickets for $1 and the end user winds up paying $4.50. Why wouldn’t you just say they’re $4.50? Do these folks — who also give us the camp classic every night with these dreadful MASN commercials — really think we’re this stupid?

Clearly, I did NOT buy the two tickets.

Can you imagine any other business that works and operates like this?

Ordinarily, I’d be really steamed but I’m honestly not shocked.

Oh, and they’re losing again.

The video of my “transaction” with the Angelos Corporation is above.

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