Part 2: Anytime, anywhere – delivering Baltimore sports to your mobile device


As many of you know, this is all I’ve ever done with my life – reporting on Baltimore sports teams and bringing some understanding, candor, humor and hopefully thought-provoking banter to a local conversation in our community.

On a good day, I piss you off because I present a fact you don’t agree with or an argument or position in a debate that you dispute.

On my best days I force you to think about your position and offer a well-balanced analysis that makes you see through the Baltimore sports prism in a way that only eyes with 28 years of expertise and a lifetime of dedication to all aspects of local sports issues can bring.

That’s called value. That’s called engagement. That’s called trust. Hopefully, you view it as “expertise.”

That’s why you came to my radio show as “Nasty Nestor” 20 years ago or somehow found WNST AM-1570 or WNST in some capacity along our journey.

If you’re here reading this, you trust as your source for Baltimore sports.

I know this because 50,000 of you engage in our community and through our partners via Facebook. More than 11,000 of you are Twitter followers, watching every Orioles, Ravens, Terps, Caps and most other major sports events with our hosts and experts in real time from anywhere your mobile phone gets service. Almost 7,000 have given me your phone number – perhaps the greatest trust other than your credit card number in the universe. And 15,000 of you have trusted us with that other cyber point of contact – your email address – so we can deliver Baltimore’s best morning newspaper e-style via your inbox.

And all the while, hopefully you agree that we’ve respected you as our audience and community and attempted to provide quality programming and web content while living through the inevitable growing pains of morphing from a tiny AM radio station into a web media power by utilizing technology to our advantage.

It’s a privilege for me personally and a labor of love that I’ve dedicated my life – truly and completely – to Baltimore sports media and being an advocate for local fans, businesses, charity and the community.

But here’s where I need your help. Today, I’m asking you to give me a report card on how we’re doing here at WNST.

We’d sincerely appreciate an honest appraisal of the way you use Baltimore sports media in 2012 and the way you view, our competitors and, hopefully, some helpful suggestions on ways we could improve what we’re doing.

As an incentive, we’ll take one lucky winner and a friend to exotic Cleveland, Ohio for a weekend of football in November. And we’ll never sell or share your information. So, take a few minutes if you can and perhaps you’ll be our big winner!


Do we suck? Are we awesome? What are we missing? How can we better service you? What do our competitors do that you like? What do you love about WNST? What do you dislike about WNST?

Back when I was covering Baltimore Skipjacks hockey games on the roof of the Baltimore Civic Center and without a deadline in 1986 for The Evening Sun my wildest dreams couldn’t have imagined or predicted where my journalism journey was going to take me to tweeting from my couch in real time to tens of thousands of people in 2012.

It’s no secret to anyone who has adopted a smart phone, tablet or web-enabled device of any kind that real-time information is the new standard for communication. As Tommy Conwell once sang: “There ain’t no