Piling on a 30-3 baseball loss…

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I took phone calls and emails all day on Thursday from people who wanted to get me to "snicker" or "sneer" about the Orioles’ biblical 30-3 loss on Wednesday night.

Honestly, I just think it’s "one game" and even if I sat around my place "bleeding orange and black," I would still think it’s not all that big of a deal. But the national media couldn’t get enough of the marathon of late-inning scoring and all of the "record-setting" ineptitude.

I kinda felt bad for the players and for Dave Trembley (who seems to be a decent guy), to be honest with you.

I just hope that wherever Peter Angelos and his "bunkies" were, that they were as MISERABLE as I’ve been for the last decade without a team that in my heart I can support or be proud of.

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So, if it caused Angelos further pain — or if it leads him to either truly correct the situation or sell the team — then I hope they lose 30-3 EVERY NIGHT!

But I don’t think he gives a damn about the team and I don’t think he feels any pain or embarrassment because he’s not a real fan anyway.

All I care about are Baltimore’s sports fans and the city’s "well-being." Peter Angelos has hurt Baltimore immensely with the way he’s run this team into the ground and the fact that downtown is empty every night.

I’m a HELLUVA lot more embarrassed that 40,000 Red Sox and Yankees fans take over Baltimore like sunseekers in Havana in 1951 than I am about any 27-run loss. There’s no passion LEFT in me to be embarrassed by how the team plays. At every turn, they’ve proven to me that they’re NOT "my" team.

They suck, and no one in this community seems to care all that much or find any "value" in Orioles baseball. The degree to which they lose is irrelevant to me.

Honestly, how many of you were even WATCHING that game on Wednesday night in the 5th inning?

There were ONLY 1,500 people in the stadium in the middle of that game!

But it’s just very strange that black clouds seem to follow this franchise at almost every turn.

But as my Mom always said, "You reap what you sow."

The Orioles have betrayed this community royally — and Angelos is the only one who hasn’t acknowledged his role or borne any responsibility.

I truly feel badly for the players who endured (and contributed) to Wednesday night’s embarrassment, but I don’t feel badly for any of those mean-spirited buffoons in the front office, who always seem to find the lowest road to take when it comes to public relations.

They just are not nice people. They are the most unprofessional group of people I’ve encountered in 24 years of being in the media and it’s not even close.

But if they aren’t embarrassed to be catering to thousands of Red Sox and Yankees fans twice a month, then why should I be embarrassed as an "ex-patrioted" fan that the team sucks for the tenth straight year?

Alas, Free The Birds is DEAD!


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