Plenty of good seats left for tonight’s O’s game


So, instead of bitching about the empty seats in the upper deck (again, all of them deserved), tonight I will fill at least a few of them as we take folks back to Oriole Park.

The party starts around 5ish at the Wharf Rat. Come down, have a beer, have a sandwich, dress warm and let’s go to the ballpark on the cheap.

Hey, they’re playing .500 ball so far this season!

We’ll sit in the upper deck left field and try to have some fun.

Free peanuts for anyone who wants to lead the first O-R-I-O-L-E-S cheer…

And you can let Aubrey Huff know what YOU think personally — cheer or jeer!

I’ll have my ear muffs…

Remember (and this is our theme for the entire season): YOU make the “magic” happen!