EPISODE 187: McCarthy discusses importance of feeding local families during pandemic

    2019-20 Season One
    2019-20 Season One
    EPISODE 187: McCarthy discusses importance of feeding local families during pandemic

    With so many local businesses shuttered due to the COVID-19 crisis in America, we have been focusing on the arts and entertainment institutions in the Baltimore area and how they are being impacted by all aspects of the corona virus. But we are still mixing in some relevant chats about the pandemic and what it means for our lives and the upcoming elections.

    Bill McCarthy has spent his life in Baltimore – mostly as a lawyer and local banker – but over the past decade has turned his life and expertise over to running the Catholic Charities of Maryland. As the Executive Director with 80 programs in 200 locations around our region, McCarthy and his staff are finding ways even more ways to feed underserved communities and help people on the streets put their lives back together through programs of care, kindness and love during this epidemic.

    We have been wanting to have a full episode with McCarthy since the dawn of Baltimore Positive. We owe him coffee and chicken and waffles at State Fare or some crab cakes down at Faidley’s at Lexington Market when this is all over. He was an incredible guest with a message of inspiration and compassion that we needed this week at BP.

    Clearly, a lot has changed and it’s happening very quickly – and crisis management has become the key role for all us during the pandemic.

    We are all in this together and this is a time to educate, unite and keep each other safe. But we also have some extra time to read and learn and educate ourselves in many ways.

    We will continue to produce high-quality, intelligent conversations with thought leaders throughout this pandemic at Baltimore Positive. And we expect to do it at a rapid pace so stick with us and subscribe!

    Like all others, we have halted a “live schedule” and will continue to launch our chats as we have them during this crisis. Expect more than less.

    Because of the election moving to June 2nd, we will be having more of the mayoral candidates back to Baltimore Positive to discuss all of the current issues and the additional five weeks of virtual campaigning for the hopefuls.

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    We were built for this…