Replacing Mullins will be a community task for Orioles

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With the catalyst to the Orioles offense gone for at least a few weeks, Luke Jones and Nestor address the loss of Cedric Mullins to Orioles mojo and how Mike Elias and Brandon Hyde will search for other answers in June as the center fielder nurses an ailing right groin.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Looking back at W n s t, Towson Baltimore, Baltimore positive we are positively into a a pennant race I mean a legitimate honest to god pennant race and after start calling the team from Cleveland by their current name the mighty guardians are in and Luke Jones has been monitoring all things you know Yankees and and playoffs and pitching and Grayson Rodriguez and John means and Mike Elias sitting and dugouts all of this happens with the notion that we’re really good off to the greatest start since are Weaver and like all of this stuff. And then Cedric Mullins pulls. Luke I would say to you more than anything if you’re a Ravens fan as we go into OTAs and you’re going to be mandatory when guys get hurt in Owings Mills and you say oh my god Dennis pity came down wrong or oh my god this happened are these weird things that happen this happens before your very eyes with a guy who’s running the first base oh a million times and for whatever reason slow twitch fast twitch muscle this that all of us pick up something the wrong way in the garage door I know you’re out mowing the lawn over the weekend. It’s It’s freaky injuries in humans and betting on this stuff and Mike Elias going all in and us saying thinking we have something and Cedric Mullins gonna be out for a couple of weeks. And it’s pretty obvious, right? Yeah,

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I mean, we don’t know officially as of you know, the the Orioles waking up Monday morning but very much when you have an issue where it’s leg related, groin, quad, hamstring, anything like that. I mean, you can pretty safely assume there’s going to be a 10 day I’ll stand right and you

Nestor Aparicio  01:47

use the word once you see groin. I’ve been on the air 31 years mentioned groin and every guy goes Oh, can’t play today understand whether it’s golf, tennis, Pinnacle. Whatever you’re playing, I can’t play today.

Luke Jones  02:01

Right? Right. And you saw it. And it was unfortunate because I mean the Orioles are trailing late was the eighth inning of Monday’s five nothing loss to the to the Guardians. And it grounds the ball to deep short. And at first blush, it looked like he wasn’t running all that hard. But it’s five nothing. And guys sometimes look. We always want guys to run out ground balls as hard as they can. But I don’t want to get hurt. I’m not the game. They blow out more hamstrings when that happens. So I’ll just remind everyone of that, but so it looks like the kind of ball that he was going to beat out. And then obviously everyone saw him just stop a few steps shorter first base, and you’re just thinking, Oh, now mean, luck. Everything else we’ve talked about from losing three out of four to the bats going cold since the big comeback when in the Bronx, to even talking about John means and grace and Rodriguez. Those were the first two things I mentioned were ebbs and flows of a baseball season that happens to any team right. What I mentioned with John means and Grayson Rodriguez, that was still much more of a big picture. Because even with Grayson Rodriguez not pitching incredibly well at the major league level. The Orioles are still winning games, right? So it’s not like it was this major short term crisis. But you take Cedric Mullins out of the equation, especially for an offense that has struggled a little bit of late and again, that’s not to push the panic button just because that was happening. But let’s face it Adley rutschman Yes, he’s the face of the franchise. Yes. I still believe he’s the best player on this club. But you look in terms of wins above replacement. You look in terms of runs batted in this year. You look in terms of being at or near the top of every club leader Academy, you know, that being the leader of every major category for the club, you know, somewhere near the top. I mean, that’s how good Cedric Mullins has been fantastic defenses in centerfield 13 stolen bases. I mean, go down the list. He has probably been their best player through the first two months of the season. And I don’t say that lightly with what rutschman has done with what with what Austin Hays has done with what yen your Cano has done in the bullpen. So he’s been that good. And he’s that important to what they do. So when you see that happen late in a five nothing loss. I mean, never wanted, you know, you can be up 10 Nothing and that happens and you hate seeing it, but especially in a loss. It’s just one of those, you exhale and you say oh now so you hope for the best you hope the fact that Mullens wasn’t running as hard as he possibly could the entire way down the line. Perhaps that was a sign of him making a smart decision of oh, this doesn’t feel right. And then he just flat out stopped. You hope? Maybe that means it’s not quite as serious rather than he tried to run through the bag and then something pops and you’re done for two months. I don’t know. Again, it’s pure speculation at this point, but you’ve got to be careful with it. Obviously they’re going to be cautious with someone who’s speed Eat is such a big part of what he does anyway. But it’s unfortunate because he has just been so good for them. We’ve talked about it. I wrote about him at Baltimore Just last week, about the season he’s having and how important he’s been to everything they do. I mean, you look at him, he’s there, Lamar Jackson, he’s on. He’s not quite that important, but he’s really, really important. So you look at him, though, on pace to set a new career high and walks. I mean, he’s walked more he’s cut down on the strikeouts, a touch. So

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part of his game that Aparicio Bumbry, Brady, you know the guys that could get on base and make things happen. And I would say this as as a recovering strat thematic player. You know, I didn’t play all that rotisserie back in the day where idiots were valuing stolen bases, the same as home runs in, in a competitive league 30 years ago, before computers came and all that stuff. But I would say the new game, the 2023 game, that my wife and I are still getting used to two hour and 20 minute baseball games, that guy on second base, and like all of these things, that the speed part of the game really makes his value. He’s he’s more than, you know, a rook or a knight. He’s more like a queen on a chessboard, because speed. To me, it’s the biggest addition in the game over the last 60 days is saying, Hmm, you know, this would play into the old Freddy Patek Aparicio, you know, Maury, well, you know, fast guys would be of much more value, and in a ballpark where to your point, they stopped hitting the ball a little bit, but they moved the fences back. So I don’t know, you’re gonna get gobbled up to some degree, playing more of a speed game and more of a doubles, triples game and more of a gap game. Offensively, Mullins is even more important to the team than any of the guys I’ve mentioned. Because the rules have changed.

Luke Jones  06:55

Well, there’s not just that, but there’s also speed on the other side of the ball to where you now have an outfield at Camden Yards where before it was okay, centerfield. Right, left field, short porch, right field, you’ve got the out of town scoreboard that down the line is only what 318. So you didn’t really need fantastic athletes playing left and right field. But that’s a different equation now because you have Austin Hayes who could fill in a little bit in centerfield. But you’re like Austin, he’s been in left field covering that massive left field now and handling that law. So it’s not just Mullins on the base pass or Mullins with the bat. It’s also his defense in centerfield and how do you compensate for that? So the the rough timing with this is you look at triple A Norfolk and the timelines not supposed to be too long. But Colin Couser, who was off to such a great start in Norfolk, and has played so much centerfield at the triple A level on the seventh day IPL here recently. So that doesn’t mean he can’t be in that equation. And that doesn’t mean he won’t even get the call. Because Mike Elias even said recently, he wasn’t going to be out long but unfortunate timing there. Because the silver lining here could have been Colton Couser, who has been knocking on the door pretty loudly for a while to make his major league debut as a former first round pick. He could have stepped right into that role, or or at least been a big part of that role for the Orioles in the title

Nestor Aparicio  08:19

injuries right now. God right, we’re talking about just in general, it’s eight weeks into the season, yes. 1415 weeks into the lifecycle of, you know, hitting the fields and in Florida and February and March and doing all that. And these 2425 26 year old guys. It’s not football, but it’s hard. It’s really hard. And I haven’t been around that 17 years. Well, I was a little bit 15 running around and whatever. But like on the grind level, have you eaten hot dogs in the press box? It’s about to get hot outside, right? I mean, like all of that. And you look up and you’re in this pennant race, and we’re just going to be talking about injuries and gutting it out. Now we really are pitching and we’re at the Ravens point of week eight and who’s healthy and can Ronnie Stanley get on the field and, you know, Humphrey has a hamstring issue. Oh my god, you know, like, these are real issues for the team. And this is where depth Elias is experience all of this how management and I shouldn’t say it’s Brandon high cuz I know better than the fake the manager just this isn’t the era of Davey Johnson just making decisions. These are all innings time sleep rest Adley rutschman not playing for a minute, you know, you know, not writing them the way they roadmap weeders early on. And then to your point, even the second level, we’re calling the Calvary and our guys hurt and I know holidays coming right now. Right? Not close. But like all of these prospects. I see them all over my timeline. Everybody’s running out the watch and play and putting pictures up and get kids are getting autographs. It’s awesome. It’s like But the reality is it’s not easy. It’s not easy keeping these guys healthy man.

Luke Jones  10:07

It’s not an it’s not an Oreo zone. Only problem. It’s across baseball I mean, guys can’t hurt, you know, so many times as fans and even media, you think of these guys as commodities, right? And look front office’s view these guys in terms of their value, right? I mean, that’s the especially with the salary cap in sports or whatever, you know, arbitration, whatever it might be. But this is a reminder that, yes, Cedric Mullins is a human being that now it might happen to you or me working out in the backyard and you bend the wrong way as you’re mulching your flower bed as I did over the weekend, and my hamstring was a little tight the next day, it just speaks to me getting older. But let’s face it, you

Nestor Aparicio  10:44

need some more TDP. Okay, exactly,

Luke Jones  10:47

exactly. That’s very true. But but in the case of Cedric Mullins, who’s this phenomenal athlete, and everything he does is in regards of optimizing his body, you’re still going to have some injuries that happen. And look. I mean, that happens elsewhere. I mean, Tampa Bay for for as much as the rays have gotten off to a great start, they’ve lost some guys, they’ve lost some pitchers. You know, even some guys, they’ve lost long term. So that’s part of it. That’s why, as you mentioned, so important to have that depth and look, I mean, Colton Couser we’re talking about him right now. He could be in Baltimore in a week. You know, he could be

Nestor Aparicio  11:19

working hard, right? He’s waiting. And this is on. I mean, it’s sucks about Mullins. But it’s even worse that the kid can’t answer the call right now. And the up you’re playing this week, right.

Luke Jones  11:33

Exactly, exactly. And in the meantime, you know, is it going to be a little more Ryan McKenna in centerfield as Hayes move over? But if Hasan was over who’s playing left again, that’s not just plug in. DJ Stewart like it was in the past, right? I mean, you need an athlete to play left field you really do at this point in time? You kind of need to center fielders. I mean, that’s where it is playing at Camden Yards in 2023. So, you know, is it Ryan McKenna? A little more probably? Do they call up someone like Daz Cameron, who has a little bit of Major League experience, but you’d have to make a 40 man roster move. Yeah, that’s quite possible. But regardless, and even if even if it is Colton Couser here sooner rather than later, and even if he has a an impressive debut here and, and plays so well, that he sticks at the major league level. You’re gonna miss Cedric Mullins, whether he’s 10 days whether he’s out too long, a little bit longer than that, you know, you hope it’s not a long term injury. And I think that early indications were, they were at least cautiously optimistic that this wasn’t something that was awful, like an awful, awful injury, but certainly seeing a pull up seeing them went to the dugout. It’s the last thing you wanted to see after what was a pretty listless offensive performance by the Orioles on Monday. But again, the big picture, Cedric Mullins, you hope that, you know, whatever he was feeling, you know, he didn’t push it, and you hope that he’s only going to be out here a little while but with a groin injury, you know, one, that’s a tough injury to you. You alluded to, and it’s tough injury anyway, but especially for someone who relies so heavily on his speed, got to be extra cautious with Mullins in that way. So tough not to think that he’s not going to miss at least a couple of weeks here and we’ll see what happens after that. But in the meantime, yeah, you gotta lean on your depth and you need other guys to step up and you need other guys to start swinging the bat better and continue to ride that bullpen and hope that you get good outings like they still were able to get from Tyler wells even in a losing effort on Monday afternoon.

Nestor Aparicio  13:31

Cannibal weird road trip coming up going out to San Francisco going out to Milwaukee you know, I look up I’m I’m out having lunch. I look up and like the nationals are playing the Royals. You know, it is interesting from a fan base standpoint that we’re we’re doing this like West Coast thing this weekend, people gonna be staying up late. And it’s we got a real pennant race in June. I I just I think back to like Roberto Alomar era to think about it nice terms. And I know you talked about 14 was the year that they were but then even that’s going on 10 years ago, just been a long time. And you talked pitching before and we and we talked about that as far as the hitting of the team right now and the sort of slumber that they fallen into not going to help without Marlins.

Luke Jones  14:24

Right. I mean, that’s what’s so unfortunate. He’s such a catalyst for them. And that’s, you know, that’s a term that you use, about any leadoff hitter. But when you look at the on base percentage, I mean, he drew two walks on Monday even as on base percentage, 356. I mean, he’s got an on base percentage, it’s nearly 100 points higher than his batting average. That tells you that somebody has a good approach at the plate even Yeah, he’s got some strikeout to his game. Just about everyone does it 2023 But he’s drawn more walks, he’s worked counts. He’s had good quality at bats pretty consistently. And he hasn’t been as great as he was two years ago when he went 3030 and certainly Now, I mean, he’s not going to get a 30 for 30 or 3030 with this injury that we expect he’s gonna miss at least a little bit of time. But he’s just so important to what they do. And again, Adley rutschman. From the moment Adly was drafted 114 years ago, he was the face of this new era, right. I mean, that’s, that was just inevitable. But Mullins has been, for me, he’s kind of been a little bit of the heart of where they’ve been. I mean, you think back to where he was four years ago. I mean, he was a triple way demoted four years ago and even got sent down to double A that’s it was four years ago. That’s That’s how recent that was that he struggled that badly where his career was at a crossroads because he had a new regime and everything that they didn’t draft him like Elias didn’t draft and Brandon Hyde wasn’t around when they drafted him. But he worked his way back. And he’s been he’s taken so many bullets, you know, taking so many of the awful 13 to four games and position players pitching it felt like once a week or twice a week. I mean, that’s how bad the Orioles were for those few years. And guys like him and Hayes and mountcastle guys that have kind of lived it. They lived the very lean years, and to now come out on the other side. That’s where you just feel so good for him. And then when you lose them, as the Orioles did on Monday, and again, you hope that it’s not long term. It’s a reminder of just how important he is. And hey, they need other guys to step up. I mean, Austin Hayes’s swung the bat great of late Santander has had a much better may than than April that’s clear. mountcastle is had his moments, but at the same time, he’s got a 271 on base percentage. I mean, it’s not walking at all and, you know, some other guys in the lineup, you know, Jorge Mateo, great and April, he’s been awful in May, I mean, just one extreme to the other. So you got to find a little more consistency, Adam Frazier has been a very pleasant surprise for them. But there’s some guys who step up you need Gunnar Henderson to. He’s kind of showed some signs often on the last couple of weeks of coming out of it. But I think now’s the time where you point to someone like him and say, Okay, it’s time to get going cuz you’re gonna need some more consistent contributions elsewhere, with with Mullins, being out here, at least for a little while. Well, none

Nestor Aparicio  17:11

of these other guys are in that Rodriguez situation to sort of play themselves out of the big leagues, right. I mean, I don’t know how bad any of the guys you’ve mentioned, Hayes mountcastle Certainly not rutschman. None of these. These guys are the guys you they you know, they have to be dudes, there they are the guys. To your point, do the plan. 650 ball, right, like consistently here over a year, not over six weeks, going back to when rutschman came up. There are legitimate 95 when trying to outfit even with the pitching they have even with whatever Gibson replacing last, you know, wells, all of these guys that you’d say, they’re just guys and we need a Rodriguez we need somebody to step up and be the guy every fifth day to be an ace. I don’t know, you know, I don’t know if we got anything we call that. But all of these bats all have this unlimited potential to be all star players. And you’re waiting for it to all come together. And then you start to see what Mullins gets hurt. And Rodriguez disappointment in means isn’t common. And we start to talk about the real news. As we turn into June. The real news is they’re playing 650 ball, by hook or by crook. They didn’t do it by accident to some degree. You know, the material has to come back the the Fraser probably won’t be maybe this is good, as we’ve seen, but we’ll see. Right? I mean, start comparing the Brian Roberts you start to you know that that’s a different place. But for Hayes, Henderson rutschman. The this is these guys have they have to be it. There’s nobody else coming over the hill. There’s nobody else coming over the hill for moments right now.

Luke Jones  18:54

Well, I mean, there are others potentially come in. I mean, you have Jordan Westberg you have Colton Couser who as I mentioned on the IRL, but not expecting not expected to be a long term kind of thing, you know, a little more of a days not weeks kind of scenario for him. So you have them, but the rookies right? I mean, the prospects again, they could come up and rake I mean, we saw Adly rushman. He struggled for about two and a half weeks when he was called up to the majors. And since then, he’s been consistent doesn’t mean he’s Babe Ruth every single day or every single week, but he’s always drawn walks, right? He’s always having good at bats. He’s he’s been productive, doubles, hitting homeruns, whatever it is. So, you know, it’s a lot to ask a young guy, even even guys that are legitimate, serious prospects, like I just mentioned, you know, with Couser and Westberg. And, you know, they’ve got other guys that are a little bit further away, but you get my point. But that’s where, you know, I think we we focus so much on the pitching side, and rightfully so and specifically the starting pitching as as it pertains to the deadline. I’ll throw this out there. And I’m not saying that it’s a definitive yes or no. Is there is there a move to be made? aid. And again, so much of this in lies, and Elias acknowledges so much of this depends on who was a buyer who was a seller at the deadline, you have three wildcard spots, right? You have a much more open path to get into the postseason, how our front office, front office is going to approach that? Are they going to view themselves in terms of we’re in it? Or are we not really in it? And we want to build for the future? So but my question is, we’ve talked about starting pitching, is there a potential bat that becomes available at some point where, and that’s not to say that Cedric Mullins is out and Jill is still out in July? I’m not suggesting that. But is there a move to be made there where you acquire another bat to augment what you have, whether it’s a DH type, you know, corner outfield, or whatever it might be? You know, and I’m not saying they have to do that. But I’m posing the question because of what you just said. They are a team that’s been playing 600 plus ball for a long time. Now, this is not a fluke. At this point, we can say that. Okay, maybe maybe thinking they’re gonna win. 100 games might be a little fluky, but they’re not a seven, eight win team either, right? They’re legit, they’re very legit. So in terms of that, What decisions do you want to make as an organization with your farm system with resources that theoretically at least should be available to augment what you do? How hard do you want to push? That doesn’t mean, let’s be very clear. I’m not trading Jackson holiday at all right now. However, are there other guys in my system that I would be willing to part with? If I can acquire a starting pitcher that maybe has not just this year, but next year, in terms of a contract or club control? Is there a bat that fits a certain spot in my lineup that could really help me out? So these are the things that Mike Elias, and sigma delta and the Orioles front office are weighing right now. Because, you know, Brandon Hyde said it and Elias alluded to it as well, that look, they played so well. But you don’t know what’s going to happen. You know, again, Molins getting me a pulling up lame on Monday, late in the game was just an example of what can happen. So you don’t want to be too satisfied with where you are and saying, Okay, well, we don’t need to do anything. You know, I don’t think that’s the right mindset. I think the proper mindset is finding that balance between excitement of where you are right now, where you’re heading long term as an organization in terms of your system, and your minor league players all of that. And, but but also feeling the proper amount of urgency to take advantage of where you are right now got a heck of a chance here to make it to the postseason. And that doesn’t mean that I’m all in to the degree that maybe I’d be all in two years from now, when these guys all are a little more experienced and a little bit better. And you’ve you’ve added some more guys from from the farm system. But at the same time, it’s not always linear, right? It’s not always all we win 82 games, and then we went 86 games, and then when we win 90, and then oh, we’re at 95 plus, and then that’s our chance to win a World Series doesn’t always work out that way. So

Nestor Aparicio  23:00

that’s also to say that August 15, Rodriguez has his act together, Mullins is healthy Couser comes up plays his way on, you know, like, there’s so much that could go right, and Elias pulls a string. And next thing, you know, Jim Palmer comes in and pitches, I’m making that up. But like, you know, this, this could look very differently in August. But I would also say by August, they’re going to look like a 615 team, oh my god, they’re only playing 610 ball, gosh, you know, like, they’re, even if they flatten out even more, they’ve given themselves like, when the Ravens start the season six and one, you buy yourself a little bit of rope to figure it out in June. And dude, if you look at their schedule, they have weird West Coast trips in August and September, like long trips, they have things going on, they’re gonna play in front of nobody in Oakland, in late August in front of 500 people and that whole mess that’s going on out there. You know, it’s a long season, but to try to project what they’re going to be in August. I’m still hopeful. I’m not a guy that thinks that Rodriguez can’t turn it around. But I’m also not an optimist to think like I’m penciling him in August or any of this in in August. But I do think that they’ve got enough Moxie lately to figure this out.

Luke Jones  24:22

Right, right. And I think the resolve that they’ve shown even going back to the second half of last year, I mean, how many times you know, they’d lose a game, you know, they go through a tough stretch and say, okay, there. There was a nice run, but it’s over.

Nestor Aparicio  24:34

They’re not, they’re probably not very good to begin with. We don’t feel that way when they lose three now. Right?

Luke Jones  24:40

Exactly. And no one should and again, you know, our conversation coming out of the weekend, some negative things happen, so we had to talk about it, right. But there’s still so much to be excited about and I’ll leave you with this. Because we were just talking about record and projecting out where they might be. This team could go 500 The rest of the way from you At the conclusion of the loss on Memorial Day, go 500. The rest of the way from that point, there an 88 Win team, which not saying that that’s parade worthy. But that right there might I don’t know, might get you into as the last wildcard alone,

Nestor Aparicio  25:16

you have to go Nelson in the play 500 The rest of the way, right they did, Mullins would have to be the beginning of rutschman. That would be you know, like them to have to be a spate of really bad things to happen. Because I’m convinced they will, they will do something, seeing the lyases resolve in the dugout, and he hasn’t gone down the hallway to John to ask for money ever. That this might be a good time to do that. And I would hope that John, for all of his shortcomings as a man of integrity, at least wants to win at this point and feels like they couldn’t they can when they I mean, I would hope there’s some level of confidence inside of what they’re doing that they’re selling to the fans, that they will react accordingly in an in a really professional, big league way. In a way they haven’t a long time to say, we want to win in October for for the players on the team too. You know what I mean? They’re going to be watching too. They, they they want Adley rutschman wants to know, you’re not going to talk about 2026. If we got 94 wins this year, or 95 wins this year, wherever that number would be our 100 wins My God right there on this sick pace right now. But if they’re that good of a team, six weeks from now, eight weeks from now, when Mullins is back, and we’ll check in on where Rodriguez and means and all the rest of this is i i They’ve earned my confidence. And that hasn’t been easy to do to think that this is real and not. I’m not a naysayer. I’m someone that thinks the boat hit the rocks, you’re gonna figure it out. Let’s see if you don’t figure it out. You You know, I’ll come back at you September and say how did you fall apart? How did this happen? I don’t think I don’t I can’t envision that happening. Can you

Luke Jones  27:02

the one thing that I would envision that could really make this thing go in a not so great direction would just be the bullpen. They lean so hard on those guys. And look, I mean, I Brandon Hyde gets a lot of criticism. I think some of its fair sometimes. Other times it’s just a case of you can’t pitch Batista every night you can’t pitch Cano every night. They had a lot of games. That being said every right. They haven’t, they haven’t. But you also know when you’re leaning this hard and we’re just turning the calendar to June. You’ve got four months to go. So that’s where I said we either need to get a little more out of starters, you either need to fortify and look it might be adding another bullpen arm. And look, Brandon Hyde was part of that Cubs team that added Aroldis Chapman and we saw how big he was for them in winning a World Series. But you’re either gonna need more length, a little more consistent starting pitching more bullpen depth, or how about this blow teams out every now and then how about that, you know, the bats come alive and when a few, a few more laughs first, every now and then. I mean, really, you need a combination of all those things. But that’s where I look at the bullpen. And just we saw it even last year, you know, even with Jorge Lopez being traded at the deadline, and, you know, they they wilted a little bit and I’d be remiss, I haven’t even mentioned this and my apologies to you and anyone listening. We not just John means that we found out Dillon Tate, you know, a little bit of a stress fracture reaction in his elbow. His rehab hadn’t been gone going well anyway. So I was wondering if there was something going on with him, doesn’t mean he shut down long term. But they’re waiting for him still, and he would be someone who could certainly help their bullpen over the second half of the season. So but again, all of those Well, look, we’re scrimmaging. This is what Mike Elias and his team does. This is what Eric d’acosta in the front office and John hardball Do you scrimmage all the different scenarios of not just what can go right? But also what can really what can go wrong and how you’re going to adjust to that and yeah, the Orioles met a couple of those scenarios over the weekend. But hey, 14 games over 500 At the end of the day on Memorial Day, you’re sitting pretty and you’re in good shape. And even if things do get a little rocky for a while as you’re missing Mullins are trying to figure out who’s going to step up in his absence, hopefully not too long. You’ve got a little bit of cushion here. Not to not to take not to take it for granted, but they’re in a really good spot. So yeah, it’s way better dealing with this being a 34 and 20 outfit than being a team that is oh, I don’t know four games under 500 Right now, which is still way better than where the Orioles had been here in recent years.

Nestor Aparicio  29:45

I want it duly noted right here as as spring turns the summer and we you know, make the leftover macaroni salad from our Memorial Day parade that I am more bullish and positive In a Baltimore positive way about the Wars, Luke, I want this noted that you don’t think it’s good enough that they when they now have to blow out more teams, I just want to make that that we need to pull out more teams, all of a sudden,

Luke Jones  30:14

you are twisting my words, I said that if you want to maintain the health of this, the health and effectiveness of this bullpen are all year long. You’d like some deeper starts. And if you can blow out a few more, or teams, then you don’t have to use quinoa and Batista every single night and then the US that will keep them healthy for the long term that will keep them effective for the

Nestor Aparicio  30:40

bouncer good.

Luke Jones  30:42


You don’t need I am not talking about style when they

Nestor Aparicio  30:44

were laying in the seventh inning when we bet maybe we could do that.

Luke Jones  30:49

Move the wall. There you go. Right. Just Just put it on wheels, right. By the way,

Nestor Aparicio  30:53

we got a whole segment about moving the wall and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in us at some point I look at we’ll be moving the wall in and out eating hotdogs and having fun at Camden Yards while the Orioles and the Ravens continue to lock me out. But that’s okay. He’s having a good time. They’re winning and they’re OTA he will be in Owings Mills and Camden Yards when allowed and I will be here and I am 1570 Manning, the mothership doing the mela crabcake tour partaking that the parade back out on the road we were in fallston at the local last week. Look at che lamb out I thought we’re gonna talk about business travel and islands to go to and old Oriole trips and it turns out that all he wanted to talk about was me running by his front door in my underwear back in 1996. So J lamb was a part of that our friends at window nation also sponsoring it and just a delicious crabcake amazing cheese steak egg roll and it’s delicious chicken Sandow with the coleslaw right on it. The local up and false and had a good time up there had some winners as well with our friends at the Maryland lottery. I looked at the ballpark Luke is in Owings Mills. I am here we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive and more blowouts.

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