Sabathia simply better than Orioles’ top stars in Game 1 defeat


BALTIMORE — There’s no magical explanation for why the New York Yankees bested the Orioles in a 7-2 final to take Game 1 of the American League Division Series on Sunday night.

It wasn’t the wrong tactical decision by manager Buck Showalter or bad luck that cost the Orioles against their AL East rival.

The Yankees’ future Hall of Fame starting pitcher CC Sabathia was simply better than anything the Orioles had to offer in return. The burly left-hander delivered when it mattered most while Baltimore’s All-Star trio of Jim Johnson, Adam Jones, and Matt Wieters couldn’t get the job done in the game’s final two innings.

Johnson surrendered a leadoff home run to Yankees catcher Russell Martin on a 2-0 fastball up in the strike zone and gave up five runs (four earned) to turn a nail-biter into a laugher by the time the Orioles collected the final out in the top of the ninth inning.

“I made a mistake, obviously to Martin, and a couple of other mistakes over the middle of the plate and we paid for it,” Johnson said. “It’s unfortunate after the effort we got out of everybody else that I didn’t hold my end of the bargain.”

But Johnson wasn’t alone as the Orioles had their chances to surge ahead against Sabathia, but the veteran southpaw made big pitches when he needed them late in the game. Baltimore tried to break a 2-2 tie by getting a runner in scoring position in the fifth, sixth, and eighth innings, but Sabathia was at his best when the Orioles threatened to retake the lead.

Collecting his eighth career win in the postseason, Sabathia held the Orioles to two earned runs over 8 2/3 innings, striking out seven and stranding the potential go-ahead run in scoring position after a leadoff double by J.J. Hardy in the eighth inning.

Jones struck out swinging on a 2-2 cutter for the first out before Wieters fouled out to first baseman Mark Teixeira as the All-Star hitters could not give the Orioles the lead. First baseman Mark Reynolds grounded to short to end the threat before the Yankees’ bats surged ahead in the final inning.

“We had our chances,” Showalter said. “We had some some chances there, some good people up that had solid years for us, and it’s more a tribute to [Sabathia] than any detraction from our guys.”

Despite some exercising 20-20 hindsight after the series-opening loss, there was no reason to preserve Johnson for extra innings because the possibility of a save situation didn’t exist playing extra frames at Camden Yards. Even with his ninth-inning struggles in Arlington, you don’t shy away from your best reliever who allowed just one run over his last 26 innings and gave up only three home runs all year over 68 2/3 innings of work in the regular season.

You can count on one hand the number of times Johnson didn’t come through for the Orioles this season and still have fingers remaining. The latest occurrence just happened to come at the wrong time for his club.

Others — including Hall of Fame shortstop and TBS analyst Cal Ripken — called for Jones to bunt in the eighth inning with Hardy standing on second with nobody out. While it wouldn’t have been a bad play had Showalter called for his center fielder to lay one down, you can understand the decision to allow his best hitter to swing away with a runner already in scoring position and Wieters and Reynolds not exactly sporting stellar career numbers against Sabathia. There’s also the argument Jones had various ways to move the runner to third even if he couldn’t collect a hit.

Jones hadn’t laid down a sacrifice bunt all season and entered the night with a .341 average in 41 career at-bats against the Yankees left-hander. Even if he does advance Hardy to third, critics are then questioning the Baltimore manager for taking the bat out of the hands of the team’s most valuable hitter if Wieters and Reynolds don’t come through. A Jones bunt may have also led Yankees manager Joe Girardi to walk Wieters intentionally, leading to the strikeout-prone Reynolds and the rookie Manny Machado being the ones needing to cash in. It’s not exactly a successful trip through the order with both your No. 3 and 4 hitters having the bat taken out of their hands.

Going to Johnson in a tie game in the ninth and allowing Jones to swing away in the eighth weren’t the wrong moves. You don’t suddenly change who you are and what brought you here just because you’re playing in the postseason.

The Orioles’ top guys simply didn’t come through while Sabathia did.

When the chips were down late in the game, the Yankees pitcher was simply better than the best on which the Orioles have counted all season long.

The home loss makes Monday’s Game 2 that much more critical for the Orioles to win, with rookie left-hander Wei-Yin Chen going to the mound against the 40-year-old Andy Pettitte. There’s plenty of baseball to play in the five-game series, but the Orioles’ failure to come through on Sunday night made their road to the American League Championship Series that much more difficult.

Now faced with the task of winning three of their next four possible games against the Yankees — and the final three being played in the Bronx — to take the series, the Orioles backs are once again against the wall. And in case you’d forgotten, they’re used to it.

In fact, they embrace it.

“That is why we play five games,” Johnson said. “Every time we take the field we are going to compete. We are going to play hard. Obviously, it’s an unfortunate way to lose this first game, especially at home. So like I said, we’ve battled all year. Why would we make it easy now?”



  1. IF Jones can blame the fans for not supporting the team, I surely can blame him for the loss. Mr. Jones, you are now making the big money and with that you have to produce in the biggest games of your life. Forget what you did during the year this is a new season.You cannot go O for the night and expect to advance in the playoffs You were voted the Oriole MVP, start playing like one…GO ORIOLES !!!

  2. Last night’s game also proved why Joe Giraldi is the BETTER manager too. He had FAITH that CC would go all the way. Showalter, on the otehr hand, treats Hamels like a baby and takes him out in the 6th. Why? Hamels was in control and he had held the Yanks to 2 runs. But no, Showalter with as usual overkill, unncessary reliance upon the bullpen took Hamels out.

    Why did Showalter have to use 4 pitchers in a 2-2 tie?

    And secondly what the heck was Jim Johnson doing in the game? The game was tied and there was no save situation. Why could not Bucky just leave Matsuz to work the 9th with the game still tied? If the Orioles won in their 9th, so what if Matsuz gets the save. The Orioles won. Is this the point of the game to win.

    In short, the Orioles did not lose last night’s game. Jim Johnson did not lose the game. Bucky Showalter lost the game.

    (L.J. – Seriously? Hammel had thrown 112 pitches and hadn’t pitched in almost a month. Yes, I suppose Showalter had that “unnecessary reliance” on the bullpen that led the team to 93 wins this season. And you’re saying Jim Johnson shouldn’t have pitched at all then? Why wouldn’t you use your best reliever?

    Disagree with all of your arguments completely.)

  3. Hate to second guess the manager of the year, but explain to me Luke, why Showalter didn’t bunt JJ Hardy over to 3rd base with no outs in the bottom of the eight. It obviosly wouldn’t have mattered since Weiters and Reynolds did nothing that would have brought him home but how do you not bunt him over in that situation?

    (L.J. – Joe, I explained in my piece why I agreed with Showalter allowing Jones to hit in that spot.)

  4. Luke, I don’t care if Hamels had thrown a million pitches till his arm fell off. If he is control and being effective in keeping the Yankees in check I keep him in. Only when he runs out of gas will I change pitchers. As long as CC was doing his job and Hamels was also doing his, there was no reason for Showalter to pull Hamels. Orioles lost the game because of Bucky not because the Yankees are better. Wait, the Yankees are better – better managed by Giraldi.

    (L.J. – Not sure if you’re aware, but Cole Hamels pitches for the Phillies. Jason Hammel is the pitcher who started for the Orioles last night. You’re pretty good at this trolling thing, however.)

  5. In a 5 game series its very important to start quickly, as you can find yourself out of it in record time like the Giants and A’s for instance…games like last night show why its important to pay for an ACE. The expectation to come up big in big games, and CC has more often than not done so. Also the Yankees beating up on Johnson sends a message as well, so much for 50 + saves… tonight is a must win for sure. Going to NY down 2-0 and expecting to sweep 3 is as big a long shot as I can imagine. The O’s need to get that attitude back they’ve had all year when playing the Yankees… and Reynolds getting hot again wouldn’t hurt either…

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