Some internal news updates from Nestor…

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We announced on Wednesday night with Brian Billick that big changes are coming here at, and the first addition is the inaugural blog of now-starting Ravens QB Joe Flacco here at WNST.

Flacco will call in each Tuesday morning for a report with Drew and will blog on Fridays.

So, at least from 6 a.m. til 2 p.m. it’ll be Joe Fridays every Friday on WNST. After 2 p.m., of course, it’s simply “Chicken Box Friday.”

Rob Long has tenure.

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Joe has proven himself to be just a phenomenal guy beyond the No. 5 jersey and the soft-spoken short, blunt answers. He reminds me so much of Mike Mussina, it’s almost spooky. I just hope that he plays well and we beat some Bengals butt.


“Billick Live” residue and the inevitable “how did Billick become your partner” questions are coming via email. It’s been a whirlwind time in my life.

I’ll write more about Brian Billick and our relationship and what we’re trying to accomplish for the city, for Living Classrooms and for the community once we start doing some stuff.  Just allow me a little time to get the website right and I’ll do a Q&A and discuss it in my blogs.

Honestly, on a personal note, I’m working about 20 hours a day and driving every person in my life out of their mind.

I’m sure you can’t imagine, but I’m a pretty difficult person because I’m picky beyond belief and I’m a pain in the butt. (Just ask my staff…LOL)

At heart, I’m an entrepreneur who stays up all night trying to make WNST great. I don’t write about it a lot. I don’t talk about it a lot. But I love the business of this website and Baltimore sports and the radio station and I’ve found all of these great people who love to the do this stuff as much as I do.

Watch sports. Reporting on sports. Coaching sports. Dissecting sports. Believing in the power of sports. Teaching their kids to love sports.

My staff here at WNST are all absolute rock stars.

All of ‘em.

We’re 100% committed to giving Baltimore sports fans something better than they’ve ever seen.

I did make time to watch the NFL tonight with my wife and have been texting with lots of people – even some purple people. I’ve seen my new partner’s Coors Light ads twice in the first eight minutes of the game. The press conference one is kinda funny, but they really blew it on the “screaming like a banshee” and “You’re not qualified” lines.

Besides all of the obvious – Billick, Flacco, the game itself on Sunday, the NFL starting, the RNC in Minneapolis, a pending hurricane en route – I’m just tossing up a blog to thank all of the people who reached out to me today to say something nice.

I’m really happy for a change but there’s a lot of work to be done.

We want to build the best website Baltimore has ever seen. That’s our mission. But like anything worthwhile, it’ll take some time and patience (of which I have very little). But there will be daily changes, lots of content and information and the most robust social network the city has ever seen.

We want to bring the fun back into Baltimore sports. Where it’s fun to be a fan. It’s fun to be a jock. It’s fun to be a washed up jock. It’s fun to be a parent or relative or friend of a kid who plays local sports. We want to build something and be a part of something that’s better than anything else.

Lots of changes coming.

Lots of work to be done.

And a fun surprise in store for the weekend.

We’re doing a massive tailgate party on Saturday for the Towson University football game that looks like it’s going to get washed out by Hurricane Hanna. Bummer! I really, really enjoyed going to the Tigers games last year and watching football at that level. I even saw Joe Flacco play for the Blue Hens under the lights. Pretty cool, I think.

Either way, it looks to be a wet one all day Saturday, potentially even washing out the Orioles phony “Purple Rally Night.” What will they do with all of those T-shirts if the game doesn’t happen?

And Sunday is just a great day – one of the best days of the year, I think. And I think the Ravens are going to win. I really do. And I’m going to tell Marvin Lewis on Saturday if I get the chance.

But I’m sitting here tonight watching the Redskins and Giants and thinking, man, I freaking love the NFL!


This is just great!

The NFL makes me happy and makes my life better.

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