Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Purple Reign 1: Chapter 5 “Canton Comes To Baltimore”

Purple Reign, Chapter 5: "Canton Comes to Baltimore" Nestor recounts what an outpost franchise the Ravens were when Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe showed up in Owings Mills

Chris Redman and Brandon Stokley discuss the magic of Super Bowl XXXV with Nestor 20 years later

Chris Redman and Brandon Stokley discuss the magic of Super Bowl XXXV with Nestor 20 years later

Chris Redman and Brandon Stokley discuss magic of Super Bowl XXXV and being young with Nestor 20 years later

What ever happened to that football that Stokley caught over Jason Sehorn in Tampa? Well, watch and find out...

Remembering the Titans all over again

Longtime Nashville sports columnist John Glennon of Broadway Sports Media joins Nestor to remember the tales and glories and two-decade rivalry of the Ravens and Titans

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Complete guide to WNST New Orleans parties here…

Everything you need to know for WNST fun if you're coming to the Super Bowl

Buy our WNST “Super Purple V.I.P. Party Pass” & soak up excitement of New Orleans

Wanna party in The Big Easy with WNST & Baltimore Ravens fans? WNST has the ticket!

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Part 3 of 2010 State of Baltimore Sports Media series

What the hell do these people want from Joe Flacco?

I love it when Joe Flacco talks dirty. Somehow it hasn’t raised a lot of eyebrows or created a ton of conversation just yet but Joe Flacco’s “Welcome Home” meet up with the media on Wednesday afternoon sure created...

Part 2: What does WNST stand for & what journalistic value do we have in Baltimore in 2011 and beyond?

It’s impossible to address anything that has happened at WNST in our 13 years of existence without talking about the deterioration of the Orioles, the orange fan base and the interest and passion surrounding baseball in our community. And...
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Latest News

Who wants to pay a premium for the services of Lamar Jackson in desperate pursuit of a Super Bowl?

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the highest bidder and what will go into the process of bidding – and paying – for Lamar Jackson and why the Ravens' stance looks better every day as other NFL teams find quarterbacks to fill chairs in free agency.

March Madness and knowing your limits during Gambling Awareness Month

John Martin of Maryland Lottery joins Nestor to discuss March Madness and more mobile sports wagering news. And as always, the tips for how to play your brackets and place your bets responsibly during this hectic time of basketball and fun.

Let a professional tell you why Lamar Jackson needs an agent

Local NFL agent Chad Wiestling helps Nestor understand the nuances of what an agent could be doing for Lamar Jackson and what the fans and media don't understand about this negotiation.

Twelve Ravens Thoughts entering second week of free agency

Luke Jones offers his latest purple musings after Baltimore's slow start to the new league year.

Soon there will be Orioles baseball – and it will be different this year!

Opening Day is right around the corner and Luke Jones and Nestor ramp up for Orioles season and discuss World Baseball Classic and grapefruit hopes. Oh, and those new rules and that crazy pitch clock!

Fagan presents a historical perspective of women’s hoops

Author and ESPN "Around The Horn" veteran Kate Fagan takes Nestor on a women's basketball journey of history and the inspiration for her new book, "Hoop Muses."

What are we hearing about Lamar Jackson and free agency?

Luke Jones and Nestor tamper into the early NFL free agency period with Lamar Jackson and provide updates and observations about this busy time of the football offseason.

The case study of Lamar Jackson and his search for guaranteed money

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report tells Nestor that Lamar Jackson path has been fascinating case study for NFL quarterbacks, owners and NFL Players Association.
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