Welcome to the new world of WNST.net!!!

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As you can see, we’ve finally launched our new website. It’s taken thousands of hours of hard work, dedication and determination by a whole litany of people at every level inside WNST, but it’s here and ready to get better every day.

As many of you have seen over the past 18 months, our company has changed dramatically for the better and we’re quickly becoming “the place” many of you turn for reliable local sports news, information and most importantly an independent voice where you can read, speak, hear and write with true freedom of expression and opinion. Ya know, all of that “freedom of speech” stuff we hear in America these days.

As we will say many times over the next few months: “We’re not just a little radio station anymore.”

With the help and support of Brian Billick and our new ownership group, we hope to grow into YOUR website or virtual town hall, a place you can come and exchange ideas, information and commerce with other people who love Baltimore sports as much as you do. (Or in this case, as much as we do.)

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This site will continue to grow and improve every single day. We’re committed to being your favorite website for sports in Baltimore.

We will be launching new blogs, ideas and platforms and contests almost hourly and every one of these will be consistent with our mission statement: we’re here to support Baltimore and its sports fans. That means the people who play sports, coach sports, officiate sports, watch sports and live, eat and breathe Baltimore sports. That means moms and kids, boys and girls, young and old.

So, poke around (we know some stuff is still missing and or errant) and drop us a note and let us know how we’re doing. And if you think you might want to write a blog, we’ll be giving you that opportunity very soon as well.

Our audio vault and WNSTV will be fully functional and interactive soon enough and we’ll be announcing new initiatives with our community plans by the end of the year as well.

But at last the platform is here! We have a car to drive, so to speak…

Many thanks to everyone on the staff at WNST (and those in the background like Mike Gross and Emily Agueda) for getting us to the point where we can begin to dare to be great.

But we can’t do it without you!

Much more to come…this is just the beginning!

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