Pucks and hot dogs and Hall of Fame and free throws


So, I’m having a strange week. First, the surreal life in Cincinnati can be easily seen by watching my wnsTV accounts of the past two years in Cincinnati. The new video is on the box on the right and the ones from last year are here and here and here. I’ve been doing the Cincy trip (fly through Louisville, drive 100 miles, take in the game) for 13 years. It’s always easy, cheap and interesting. And if you ever get a chance to go to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe on Louisville, by all means get some eggs and bacon.

But these videos will tell you the difference between a winning season and a losing season. Nothing unlike what we’ve seen here two of the last three seasons when we were losing. But in Cincinnati, it’s on steroids comparatively speaking. It really kinda reminded me of the 1981 and 82 Colts when there was nobody on 33rd Street at the games and my Pop never understood why in the world I’d want to go to the games. But I did.

So, after getting back around midnight, I’ve been hard at work on getting our Art Modell promotion kicked off and I sincerely hope you’ll join us in saluting Art this Sunday during the game on national TV and while the Hall of Fame ballots are still out and he’s got a chance to make the cut to the Final 15. Go to Facebook, join the page called “Put Art Modell in the Hall of Fame” and promote some traffic to the page. We’ll be making more announcements as the week goes on but we want to STAND UP 4 ART on Sunday night.

We’ve got a lot going on here at WNST.

First, we’ll be doing the Towson-UMBC game tomorrow and I’m bringing Coach Billick along for the fun. Drew tells me he’s in cahoots with coach Phil Stern we’re going to be in a free throw shooting contest with the UMBC Women’s team for points and prizes. So, it’s me and Billick against girls who do this essentially all day. (BTW: I have no idea if Billick has ever picked up a basketball. He’s a helluva tennis and racquetball player, so I’m assuming he stands a chance to make these free throws.)

We have $4 off coupons all over this website and I hope you use them and come out and support the two locals schools that support WNST. It’s a rare “crosstown” game and if you’ve never been to the RAC in Catonsville for a game you’ll really should check it out. Here’s a fun pair of videos of a fun day there a few months ago…maybe the best sporting event in Baltimore this year!

And finally, on Thursday night I’ve been invited to participate in a “hot dog eating contest” at the Washington Capitals game (they play the New York Islanders). The invite said I’ll be competing against Sonya Thomas, the Black Widow of competitive eating at center ice. Here’s her official website. We’ll be doing several more puck buses and I hope to have them on sale this week. You never have to twist my arm to get me to a hockey game!

Please help us spread the word about Art Modell.