Puck buses and hot dog eating…


The puck buses will go on sale tomorrow! Here are the dates for our excursions to D.C. for three Caps games: Tuesday, Jan. 6th vs. Philadelphia, Wed. Feb. 18th vs. Montreal & Tuesday March 3 vs. Carolina. We’re trying to figure out a way to make a “WNST season ticket” outta it.

However, tonight, I’ll be going down to the Islanders-Caps game for a hot dog eating competition against Sonya Thomas, the “Black Widow” of competitive eating. Of course, WNSTV will be on the scene.

Hope you also check out last night’s fun at the UMBC-Towson game. It sucks that the game wasn’t more competitive — Towson just shot the lights out and were tenacious on defense. I was hoping for a buzzer beater. The Dawgs will rise again. And Pat’s Cats looked tremendous. A really fun night for all of us and saw many WNST readers and listeners there as well. Brian Billick had better form than me but the scoreboard still reads: Nestor 2, Brian 0. (And yes, he’ll be hearing about that for the rest of eternity!)

It’s been a really awesome week and I’ve received many very touching emails from people regarding the Modell issue.

And yes, I’ve been strangely silent on the Nick Markakis deal. What the hell did you expect? The Orioles to act with any sensible contract offer to him? The funniest thing is how they’ve ripped his giant image off the wall of The Warehouse to screw with him some more. There was a GIGANTIC shot of him in the “Baltimore” uniforms with the bat over his head at you drove west on Conway Street that’s no strangely “gone” after they spent a few grand getting it done. It was 50 feet tall. I know that Markakis “bought” instead of “rented” here and the Orioles must see that as a weakness. They screwed him last year and he still played like a superstar. I wonder if they’ll be revoking all of those pocket schedules with his picture on the front next? It’s all about leverage, right Peter? Oh, that and “getting even”…

Hope to see you at the Caps game tonight or in the parking lot on Sunday. We need some folks to help us distribute some signs before the game. If you want some, drop us a note…I’ll post what they look like when I get them back from the printer. They look sweet!