Brian Billick: The Super Bowl is a reach away for Lamar and Ravens revolution

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It’s been 23 years since that memorable night in Tampa when head coach Brian Billick led the Baltimore Ravens to their first Super Bowl crown. Now, with Lamar Jackson and the current squad on the cusp of reaching their own ring, our Head Coach discusses the path of the franchise to return to January glory and a home AFC Championship for Baltimore fans.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Brian Billick

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn sta and 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are celebrating. You know we’ve done a lot of things and this guest it’s coming on now is no stranger anybody in our audience here. He was once up our Presidential Suite anytime he went live we went live back in the day. He has been our partner for many years will be athletic classrooms foundation and is still holding up homestead I thought he’d be skiing this time of the year. I don’t know he’s doing a whole bunch of radio. He will be going to the Super Bowl doing radio row stuff. We’re gonna be doing a cup of Super Bowl on crabcake row which are going to be five live broadcasts beginning on February the fifth we’re going to begin that election the market if at least Tuesday will be a Costas and Dundalk. I got the shirt on Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday at State Fair in Catonsville on Friday up at Pappas and khaki, so because we’re gonna need room coach philic because it’s going to be a big purple pep rally just like you’re getting on the Natchez. Can you believe it’s been 11 years since the last time we won, and 23 years on Sunday, since you hoisted the Lombardi trophy to the sky, and we’re playing our first AFC Championship game in Baltimore. It’s crazy. How are you?

Brian Billick  01:12

I’m doing good. We can do this every 10 years or so it sounds like a plan.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:15

I bet we do it every year. I know it’s a lot more fun. We do it that way. But you don’t appreciate it as much right? Like these folks in Detroit are having all of this fun. The people in Kansas City you’re holding on for dear life with a couple of titles. And I said to Lamar Hunt trophy is gonna be the Lamar Jackson trophy before the weeks over here, but you’re doing a lot of football, watching and talking about football and seeing all this. We’ve talked a lot about Lamar over the last five or six years. It’s been a little while since I’ve had you on the show. It’s good to see you’re doing well. Lamar, well. What do you have to say about what we haven’t seen from him? Well,

Brian Billick  01:49

it’s, you know, he is who he is, which is this year, the MVP and doing all those things running around making plays outside the design of the offense that make them so special. But they’re also thrown the ball well, given the fact that they’ve got a better core receivers. That adds a whole nother dynamic. When you look at the numbers, they’re not dramatically different. They lead the league in rushing their mountain in the league and throwing but but they’re doing it at key times. And then the defense is playing really, really well. Without that dominant singular player. You know, they don’t have that dominant pass rush guy. Obviously linebackers played really well. And this kid Hamilton boy, he is he is special. You know, I’ve only seen him so often, the way they’re able to use him like a hybrid like safety. This defense is the real deal. So yeah, I mean, they got it, they got a hurdle with Kansas City coming up. But, boy, I just I don’t see. I don’t see either Kansas City or whoever comes out of Detroit, we seen the Detroit outcome. So you know, we know that even San Francisco I think Baltimore is going to be in a great shape to take it all the way through.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57


You know, they I met you out in Minnesota, you were the offensive genius to come in and you are going to bring players and then salary caps like all you wind up with all these great defensive players, you win a championship if you weren’t delivered Lamar in 2018. And they said, Brian, you’re the genius. You’re the offensive coordinator. You work with Bill Walsh, you’ve written books on all of this, you want to championship, do something with this that can win me another championship. And I guess that’s what Eric and John got together with their revolution. You and I talked about the early part of it. We’re look like bumper cars, like the old electronic football game. And how it’s evolved into all of this. Where would you have been in the beginning of this and I know you love Greg Roman, you’re a lot of your nobody gives you credit on your tree. Chad fish just got a big job, you got it, you got a tree out there with a lot of branches on it as well. But if you would have taken this and said, What am I going to need around him? What are his strengths? What can he do Willie be accurate enough? All those things that folks like you, you know, went to combines and looked at pro tape and looked at all, you know, pro days and all that stuff to say, can we build around this guy and a lot of teams 11 months ago didn’t want to build around him coach, I mean, seriously, what do you do to say how this thing is blossom and how Eric’s managed personnel and how Todd Monken has done something that maybe a lot of you offensive genius just might not have done or thought about differently

Brian Billick  04:23

than you know, that’s the key it had to be a total buy in. I mean, obviously saw the talent, but when when you took him with the last pick, in the 2018 draft, remember they had Joe Flacco so even though it was a first round pick, they took a flyer going we think there’s something special here, honestly, and obviously Ozzie and Eric served a huge amount of credit by pulling that stringer string and and John going okay, let’s do it. But I don’t know that any of them really thought okay, what’s this going to look like? I don’t think I can’t imagine them sitting down and say, Okay, this ABC, this is how it’s gonna happen. It’s This unique let’s take him to hell the price. But we think and let’s see what we’ve got and kind of figure it out from there. So they had Joe. And and then obviously, as the season went on wasn’t going real good. And then Joe got hurt and so they put them on. Okay, that was then the key for them to go, Okay, what have we got? And what do we do? And they bought all in they bought him with the idea of he carries the ball 150 160 times. So be it That’s him. And that that’s the major jump. That’s the jump that a lot of people I don’t know that I could have made it to go on really we’re gonna expose this guy to 106 he was

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:40

hurt the last two January so it didn’t really help the narrative. You know, we we went right right on up until we weren’t right anymore. Right?

Brian Billick  05:46

Yeah. And and then and then the Biden was okay, and so we got to wrap around him those assets, defensively, you’re going to do what you’re going to do. But we got to wrap around him offensively, which is different set of assets in terms of if your more traditional way. And in even in the backup quarterback. And we got to bring up a stable a guys that if if something happens to Lamar as it has last two years, we got to plug somebody in, which is a good, you know, it’s a smart thing to do, because the pool of talent that you go to get those guys not a lot of people are looking at because they don’t have that kind of guy. They’ll take a good young athlete and run why not do some things. But the Ravens took advantage of taking some guys and getting a pretty good price for him because they could value them a little bit more than somebody else because they knew they could plug them into a ready system that fit what they’re doing compared to other teams that might take him that that go well you can be a backup but he’ll have to adjust. We’ll see if he can do what we do. So yeah, there are a lot of moving parts to it. And right now honestly, like the last two years with the injury, you had to go well, okay, we you know, the naysayers, you know, had a point here go on, can you sustain this, but right now, it’s looking pretty good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:04

I know it’s steep a shot I would describe either one of us is humble, but you’ve always been humble in regard to Ozzy, and in regard to what he did to help you build the champion. And in regard to Marvin recruiting Woodson, and y’all recruiting Shannon Sharpe and getting a buy in and having the kind of leaders that you had and the way Ozzie constructed that team, after drafting Ogden and Ray Lewis long before you got there, right, like so and your switch with to Dilfer and all the things you did to win. But I tell you what, through all of this, Eric, and the RO Quan Smith trade who else makes that trade in the middle of the season gives him money who else drafts a safety and a senator in the first round, like and justifies it after giving another safety 50 million don’t like they’ve done some really bizarrely unorthodox crazy things and they kept stabbing at the wide receiver. They kept trying and trying and trying even branded Stokely said finally say flowers you know, um, but

Brian Billick  08:08

yeah, one Yeah. I think I think Eric and and a lot interesting left because I think for face each other in the Superbowl, John Lynch was a 40 owners have been brought to look at what John Lynch has done their strategic acquisitions whether it’s Chase young with certainly Christian McCaffrey you know, ending up with Mr. L. Rob irrelevant Brock Purdy that’s that’s you know, a Tom Brady one in a lifetime type of hit. But the strategic adding on that they have done much like what is happening in Baltimore, you’re exactly right. I think Eric and NRZ but Eric’s obviously in charge now, with Ozzy helping out and their strategic about how they’d added but they’ve always been good at identifying talent a little bit outside the box like I said, this Hampton queen is obviously Excellent. That combination at linebacker is special but this Hamilton kid you add him in there. Yeah, this is this is and even when using the guy like the big fullback that’s a defensive lineman regard. Patrick guard. Yeah, I mean, there’s a unique this guy’s an offensive guard and to utilize him the way so they’ve been they’ve been very creative and thought outside the box and made some unbelievably strategic additions to the team.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:31

Head coach Brian Billick is here he’s still out on the Twitter in action now what do you promote and radio row week because this is sort of our radio row visit but I mean, to have you on after after, which

Brian Billick  09:42

is an amazing deal. This was brought to me about six eight months ago. It’s called signal relief. Okay. It’s an electrical patch. It’s not it’s not a 10s unit. It’s not icy patch this those ointment no lotion just

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:55

like the backstage pass I used to get at the rock concert.

Brian Billick  09:59

It’s mill Military grade they did it they did it to enhance and Tennessee’s and it’s amazing product you put it first off it’s reusable up to a year second you put it where you need it. Okay we say put it between the brain and the pain if I’m 18 holes of golf it goes on my

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:15

lower back I just never thought I’d ever hear you say 18 holes of golf Yeah No How about that

Brian Billick  10:19

just out of pool so it’s gonna go on my shoulder and my upper body upper back and it blocks helps block that pain signal that allows you to then you know like they say motion is lotion to now continue on because that’s where the real rehab comes from is working the muscle joint this is this is an amazing unit and it’s cost if it’s about 140 bucks. Like I said you reusable for a year you put it where you need it. It’s the real deal it blocks that pain it doesn’t cure it don’t get me wrong, but it just it blocks the pain that allows you then to keep doing the other things and yeah that’s what it’s a signal relief. It’s pretty

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:56

much any one of those for my ELF renal for right now you give me what else do

Brian Billick  10:59

you do? Yeah, seriously allows you then to work past that. And there’s any number of other testimonial people that have serious pain that helps them I call it this, to me this helps with the prohibitive pain, that little bit of pain that in the morning and it’s like man, I can’t do that or I’m not gonna go do that. Now you go do it. And now you work through it and you work the muscle and the joint. It’s It’s pretty amazing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:22

I can’t have you on with that told like Joe Flacco because Joe is coming on Joe is actually my next guest after you’re on. So I’m sorry. So I just want to throw this your way. Because I’ve told this story your ears most of the burnings because I’ve talked about you a little bit last couple of weeks and old stories and whatnot, that you would go out in your suit and you would give speeches on our behalf or I’ve seen you give them in charity, just different ways. paid speeches, corporate speeches, you always expand your ring, your super 35 ring, you say they say that when you win a Super Bowl, they can never take it away from you. But that won’t stop them from trying. And every time I hear you say that I think of whatever disrespect would be leveled your way versus hardball in our community or anyone else that thinks you didn’t win or you did when you did when Joe Flacco one. He’s not getting a statue here. He’s not getting the day in Columbus or it can’t be any more than you are the Columbus is where you are kittens up the road. But Joe had this act in him and Kurt Warner had the greatest one, right. And Kurt Warren’s first act was crazy. Then there was a second, the Joe thing i Everybody loves Joe, and it feels to me like he’s a disrespected Super Bowl champion. And that’s kind of screwed up. He’s pretty good man.

Brian Billick  12:33

I really thought you know, in looking at the landscape, going in that Cleveland was going to be that team that could seriously make a run at this thing and maybe be the biggest threat to Baltimore, more so than since in Kansas City, and more so than buffalo. Because one really good defense to Joe was planning on house money. Relax, remember the pseudo Superbowl run, he made love and touchdowns, no interceptions. So he had the pedigree, had some talent around him. I really thought Cleveland was going to make the run I was shocked by the how poorly they played. I thought they were going to make a run at this thing. And if they were going to be the team to come in down to T Bank Stadium. That was going to be a game changer. If for no other reason. They’ve done that, you know, they unlike Kansas City and buffalo, who will now Kansas City come in either one of those. There’s not a new experience, but another familiar spirits. It’s clean and tariff here. So it was it wouldn’t be any big deal coming into m&t Bank, so I was really I think was great. Joe was brilliant in what he did. He was confident he was as low he’s cool, poised. Playing on house money is like, Hey, I’m ahead of the curve here. So whatever I do, it was it was great fun to watch.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:51

The other side of this thing is that if the Ravens win this football game, and we’ve never played an AFC Championship game here as a franchise, it’s 1971. My dad went to that game with a very young John Madden and Johnny you and the raiders in town and memorial stadium but you win this game and you go to the Super Bowl and getting ready through all of this for this team and having all the hurdles boil boil at halftime when it was 10 to 10. And every day, there was shrinkage everywhere. Now there’s this well, if you get past mahomes, we beat the snot out of the lions beat the snot out of the 40 Niners it feels like this is the Super Bowl it feels like for the fan base here and having it be here and never having any coach. I don’t know what it’s gonna be like for people streaming out of that stadium, either on the highest high in the history of the city because it’s never happened or the lowest of lows if you don’t win, but if you win, it certainly feels like the Super Bowl is gonna be a cakewalk against the I know it’s not, but it certainly feels like they’re better than those teams in the NFC. Well,

Brian Billick  14:56

and it reminds me of the 98 Minnesota team where it was a forgotten, you know, when we had unbelievable talent with Robert Smith and Randy Moss and Chris Carter and Jake Reed and Randall Cunningham thrown. I mean, we were gonna go to win the Superbowl, it was a fait accompli. And then that Atlanta game and all hell breaks loose. So you’re right now now, fans, and you’re right there because Baltimore is the best team. And they’re playing well now. So that confidence that this is going to happen is justified. I don’t know too many people that will bet it the other way. Kansas City or if it turns out Bing Bing the 40. Niners. But Patrick mahomes in that group can can do some magic. So yeah, it’s going to be a battle. I wouldn’t bet on it. I’d bet the Ravens win what are they three and a half, five and a half? Yeah. Which is which is respectful it as you know, anything more than that, you would think it would be more, but that’s basically at home, you’re you know, you’re getting the three for B so you’re basically getting the half a point above book. Which seems a little small for me, given how well Baltimore is playing now, but Patrick mahomes and that defense, Steve stagno does a good job. And and though they’ll come in with a good plan, I think Baltimore will be able to that defense will give them a home Buffalo’s defense, that has been a bit of an Achilles heel, it got better the latter part of the season. And the fact that that they could crank the running back up a little bit, I had that kid in the horrible. The kid out of Rutgers. What’s his name? I’m getting old. I forget all the running back can sit anyway. He’s pretty damn good. But checkup checkup? Sure. And that’s going to be that’s going to be because you know, mahomes is going to do what he’s going to do. They’re capable of running now. They’re going to run on the ravens, we’ll see. We know that’s a tough, tough task. But this is a tough physical kid. That’s going to be the key to me, can they run on the Ravens? If they can, then that’s going to make this thing really tough. Because then because then mahomes will do his things, you know, down the field and get get to Kelsey and all that cranked up. That’s going to be the challenge. The Ravens should stuff the running game like they have everybody. But this is a physical hard running game, which you don’t think of occasions can’t sit, you think of it’s just throwing it all over the place, whatever. It’s that physical running game and buffalo ultimately, that’s what got buffalo their ability to run the ball up in those tough circumstances. So that’s going to be and then was San Francisco, I think. And you’re right, we’ve seen this show. And this is a really stupid thing to say. But I can do that now. Because I’m old. You got to forgive grandpa. If you take away the turnovers that San Francisco had that party had which were uncharacteristic San Francisco was moving the ball and kind of was was playing good defense against the Ravens so that’s going to be the challenge. I think if San Francisco if they don’t turn the ball over, this could be a hell of a game going in I better than what you think based on looking at last game going oh, they kicked the hell out and last game, it’s going to be the same thing. I don’t know because that defense is pretty good. And they they they were moving the ball pretty decent until they turned the ball over. So yeah, it’s gonna be a challenge for the Ravens. But what I bet a bet on San Francisco or Kansas City know the


Nestor J. Aparicio  18:39

familiar voice of our head coach Brian Billick, we always want to give a shout out to our friends and living classrooms Foundation. They will be one of the 100 charities we’re going to be featuring during crabcake row a cup of soup or Bowl week to benefit our friends at the Maryland food bank. And if you have a charity nessa Baltimore So sign in some up for the week. We’re going to be all through the city. Families on Monday cost us on Tuesday. Coco’s on Wednesday, state fair on Thursday and up at Pappas on Friday. Hopefully it’s a raven Super Bowl week and we have a cup of soup or bowl for you. Coach been a long time this whole John Harbaugh thing you’re almost we almost forget about you and the first Super Bowl and all that but you were close with Andy Reid back in the day. And this young special teams coach he was coaching defense was gonna come in he was gonna sit in your seat. He’s still here. Andy Reid still coach and all these years later, you have been out of it for all these years looking at good you look you’re playing golf, which I at some point we got to explain to people for all the years you pooped on golf, but

Brian Billick  19:41

I’m gonna live a lot longer than those two I promise you. As long as they because that job can kill you. The job pays a lot more used to pay you now oh mazing what it’s getting up to again and they said the same thing when I was getting paid but I was getting paid and the older guys before that going I can’t believe what they’re paying this look how about that. college coaches and what they’re getting paid. Now college coordinators are making upwards of two, two and a half million dollars a year. That’s, that’s amazing. It’s great. I think it’s great. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:09

for you, with Andy Reid and him still doing this and doing this at another at a different level, you know, we’re talking Hall of Fame. Oh, you know, all that stuff that that’s all over with now. He’s just like, he’s got the kid that can do it. Every year, they’re going to try to do it. They’re not going to do it every year. Right. But this is a year, they can still do it. And the one thing that I saw with mahomes, and you forget, like what that kid’s about, and what you’ve seen him do, and doesn’t have as much talent this year, got to do it on the road. He was talking issue in Buffalo, like, hey, haven’t done it on the road. That’s the one thing we still need to do. Let’s go do it. I mean, he’s looking at this as a box to check off to come in here and watch everyone walk out of the stadium with a broken heart. That’s something he hasn’t done a whole lot of.

Brian Billick  20:53

Yeah. And he’s, he’s so you know, there, it really comes down to those four or five plays. He’s gonna make or not those four or five plays, that that scrambling around or making that throw that you just can’t, it amazes me. How open Kelsey can still get it to me if I’m the head coach, it would be real simple if I’m John Harbaugh wasn’t McDonald Yeah. This real simple I don’t care if we lose 100 to nothing. I don’t want Kelsey to get the ball. Okay, that’s the one guy It amazes me how wide open he is. Even now to when really not that and yeah, they can be like I said the run the ball pretty good. But it mazes me how people don’t scheme better to say, you know, seal Bella Cecchi. The one thing that you there’s one guy you got to stop. Okay? Same thing with Lamar. It’s got to be, don’t let him run. Now the differences this year, Lamar can beat your throne. You can it pays the cost. You can pay a cost. I understand that. But one thing for me if I’m playing Baltimore and Steve Spagnola I don’t care if he throws for 700 yards. I don’t want Lamar Jackson to beat us running. And that’s got to be job one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:19

Coach felt like he’s here. He’s talking sense so and so the golf thing. I got to at least get that in. And maybe we’ll get together again next week. Do another radio row hit if the Ravens make the big party. But did your golf game. Tell me it length, like how this happened for you, and why it happened for you. Because you i famously don’t golf. I will tell you right now given my back and how I feel. I probably will never golf. I’ve never been that interested. You were 55 when I knew you, you are not interested. How did you get interested in this?

Brian Billick  22:55

When we left the shore and came to Columbus because my grandkids are here and then and then the house up in Minnesota. Because the taxes in Maryland red man literally had to leave the state of Maryland. It’s one of only three states that has both inheritance and estate taxes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:15

You told me you couldn’t afford to die in Maryland because it would have cost your family too much.

Brian Billick  23:19

I was fine. My kids couldn’t afford to die. Right? State the state. I mean would take we’re talking seven figures. So got out. And when we bought the place up in Minnesota, my wife for Christmas gave me were members that sailed a country club beautiful country club here in Columbus to golf lists. And I had never thought I thought you know, I was boatman lower than the boat in in Maryland and on the Chesapeake and whatever. But now, obviously here and I thought, Okay, well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:50

this country club guy I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t say that.

Brian Billick  23:55

Out Loud. Really? Yeah, the pretentiousness of the country clubs is a little irritating at times. But it’s cool. But so I took the pros great guy here named Chris Yoder. And so he took me on and I just became addicted to it. And then we go up to cabinets three,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:13

did you like it At what point did you like?

Brian Billick  24:17

And the challenge? Go on, okay, because because it’s frustrating as hell. And it takes a while. I was just reading another book that says you’re really looking at three to five years before you can not not you know, either gonna be as good as you are. But three to five years before you can truly master at least a routine that will give you a chance to be consistent. Yeah. And I’m right out of it three years and I’m just now just now really kind of getting comfortable with knowing what I have to do and the swing I have to have and that’s really the key is doing it all the time. You You know I watch more golf than I do football right now to be honest with you. You always a tennis guy. Well, you know but yeah that I can’t do that we’re watching the open now I can’t do the Tennessee more just where’s my joints and just it would beat me up too much. Just kind of like the racquetball and I can’t pick a ball thing I can’t Kevin burns into pickleball I can’t, I can’t get into the pickleball thing yet. My wife just had shoulder surgery and orthopedics at Pickleball is the greatest invention the world’s ever seen. He says because I’m making a fortune. Because everybody you know, all these old guys come in think Well, I can do that and they fall down the elbows

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:36

not not not doing yoga and I’m going low impact. And I’m coach I’m in the best shape you’ve ever seen me do and I’m buff. I’m in great shape right now. But it’s noncontact and it’s in my back being effed up as bad as it was, you know what I mean? And it hasn’t been used against me to take my press pass away from me as well my back was a problem two years ago and it needed to be tested I can’t the thought of swinging a golf club makes my back ache in some some way because that’s

Brian Billick  26:06

what you got you got to develop the proper swing you’re not going to hit it like the pro guys I’m not with the young guys and I’m gonna but but you develop the proper swing there’s a group like the golf courses up in Minnesota there they are gorgeous, the wilderness the quarry and legends now bring a lot of balls because you’re either in the woods or in the lake. Okay, there’s no there’s no

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:30

I saw a great I saw the frustration of all the like, you didn’t get better at this quickly even though you’re athletic and

Brian Billick  26:37

had to learn to not get because I would get frustrated with it and pissed off you know throw my club and all I

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:43

can imagine you getting pissed off nobody’s ever seen you pissed off? No, you bring out the wedge.

Brian Billick  26:48

That’s that’s part of a that’s good. Cuz surely they could have used that virtually?

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:55

Well, you and I always wear a song and dance routine you know we’ve never had that

Brian Billick  26:59

serious you can’t but you get you have to you have to that’s really the challenge for me right now is and it’s a good challenge I like is finding the right mental balance to not get upset with your game. You know, I had I had a good golf coach tell me he said was great when he said Brian, you’re not good enough to be mad at your game. You’re never going to be good enough to get mad at your game so relax and just play and he was he’s absolutely right. You know I’m a 13 handicap and that’s a lie like everybody’s handicap I mean it’s around the edges and and whatever. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:35

it’s how long it take you to break 100

Brian Billick  27:38

Oh, no, no, no, I’m in the mid 80s now

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:40

but when you started Oh yeah, here that’s the thing like if you could break 100 You start to feel better about yourself that

Brian Billick  27:49

yeah, no but here’s the challenge is is because the way you get to that 100 And your reason your brother’s you can be playing Okay, and then you have like two or three blow up holes, part three in your eight strokes, right watch and that’s when you go nuts and that’s that’s where you get to consistency right? What’s the key of okay, let me let me not compound the error and let’s make this part three be satisfied if I just bogey it, okay, just be smart. Don’t try to be stupid. And then that’s when you end up with seven eight shots. So that’s all part of the mental part as well plus, it’s it’s going loving trying out Mike Smith, my brother in law who’s a really good golfer is got me on this track. We’re going to some night I’ve been on some nice golf courses and going all over the country and seeing some real it’s gone for hours on just a beautiful area we go down to Sea Island and get on Federica or seaside and going out to California and gonna play Pelican hills. And it’s, it’s, you know, Steve was always hot and I understood it because I wasn’t a golfer. But I do now that that’s a pretty good chasing around the golf ball on these different beautiful courses and is is it’s a nice alternative.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:03

It’s not my jam. I had been offered to go to Augusta three times in my life wants to work back. And I was when you were coaching the team and I was syndicated. And the other two times in my life your brother in law has invited me to go to Augusta and when my wife was ill we had a flight into Charlotte, my wife was recovering with her cancer. We just never made it when he was the coach of the Atlanta Falcons. He he told me it was sort of like a perk that if you’re the Falcons coach, you you could sort of talk your way into Augusta because it was in the same state and he had some privilege there at that time. I feel really stupid for not having done it now.

Brian Billick  29:42

Oh absolutely. It’s like going to a Super Bowl or an Indy 500 or one of the opens you know, we’ve been to all of them except the Australian Open which is being played right now. And we’re talking about next year going down because I would like to go you know I’ve been to the French Open and Wimbledon and us so we would love Austria Are

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:00

you the most dude I love Australia?

Brian Billick  30:01

Yeah, I would love to go down and play some golf and take in the Oval do that and we’ll do that next it’s just kind of takes a damn long to get

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:07

this up with that man you could afford first you always were first class head coach primarily because you’re, oh, we’re gonna give him some travel recommendations. You come back to Baltimore ever or like

Brian Billick  30:19

it’s been a while I was back for the adduction of sucks, but not really. I may be back in for a couple of days on some business but I really don’t get back into that area

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:31

people ask me about you all the time. I’m like, I don’t watch everyone I’m like I think Malone he’s probably skiing is what I call anytime like November happy we got eight inches of snow here the other like I just think if you want to slope with your like wife and your grandkids and you just being a happy old fart. Like literally if I if I describe this perfectly or am I wrong? Life’s

Brian Billick  30:50

good. And I’ve never felt better and it feels pretty good. I turned 70 This next month I thought that

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:57

your people would flip out if they knew the me trophy behind us real and the Super Bowl trophy is fake, but that’s okay. Well

Brian Billick  31:05

I’ve said that for years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:08

Head coach Brian Billick if they win this week, I’ll bring it back here next week. We are doing crab cake row a cup of soup or bowl of soup for free. On behalf of the Maryland Food Bank. Yes, we’re clever. Yes, we’re doing good things. Yes, we’re going to be providing stories and storytelling for 100 different local charities. So I’m brought to you by friends at the Maryland lottery so Raven scratch offs to give away also some oats that they smell like gingerbread, our friends at window nation as well as Jiffy Lube, multi care, all of our sponsors are coming together to help us on this.

Brian Billick  31:39

I’m gonna help you go to signal Put in promo code coach you get 20% off try this app for your back. This is a real deal. Talking I use it it’s the real deal.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:51

Send me one.

Brian Billick  31:54

If I had one, I would write your hand. Well, no, no, no, no, you can afford the 100 Plus you get 20% off

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:01

cheapskate everybody that knows me knows I don’t have you on often enough to give you shit. So once a year if I don’t give it to you, you’ll give it back. You’ll give it double next week. How about this? Are you coming back on next week? Are the Ravens gonna win?

Brian Billick  32:15

Yeah, well, I would say absolutely. If I were betting and and I’m not but yeah, I don’t know. You’d bet against that. Absolutely.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:21

He believes the third purple rain is coming here in Baltimore. He is our coach, Coach pillock and promoting we’ll get you back on back pain getting old golf game they got the perfect spokesperson and coach Billick, I am Nestor. We are WNS da in 1570, Towson Baltimore. We’re having some fun here doing stuff. I’ve lived long enough 32 years on the radio 25 years at wn st Risa and we finally have an AFC Championship game here this week. So I’m lightening up we’re having a good time looks at Knoxville stay with us. We’re Baltimore

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