Lamar earns his chance to win The Big One at home

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Like all Baltimore sports fans, we’ve waited a lifetime to host an AFC Championship Game. Sunday evening stands as one of the greatest nights in the history of local sports. Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the magic and history of hosting the biggest game – or event – possible in the stadium we built three decades ago for nights just like this one.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T am 1570 Towson Baltimore we are Baltimore We are taking crabcake row out on the road we’re not doing radio row we’re not doing the Super Bowl we’re doing the cup of soup or bowl for the Maryland Food Bank all the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I found that that the Ravens scratch off still good to get these wagon a handful these but many Oh snaps. The smell like gingerbread. We gave those away up at Hollywood casino a couple of weeks ago. We’re gonna be beginning on the fifth of February. That’s Monday. Live Live live radio. It’s gonna be like the Tonight Show. Like old school. You ain’t on a radio live no more nasty. Nine to five we’ll be alive all day every day to raise awareness for the Maryland food bank. So here’s the deal. You bring stuff to the food bank, and we give you a cup of soup or a bowl of soup, Maryland or dream of crab. And that’s my promise beginning on Monday. I fade Lee’s Tuesday cost it’s Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday at State Fair Friday at Pappas. If you come to all five, you’ll get the benefit of eating crab cakes in fantastic locations and locales everywhere all around town when this guy sells cars over at the group’s Baltimore fort security Boulevard. We don’t have him around as much as we’d like. Let’s do the turn of the year. But I could not at any point not think about people like you and people that have been there from the beginning. Lennar raskins One of these guys my friends, go out to the game still there a tried and true not selling your tickets for 50 bucks on the internet to Texans fans. Dennis it was quite a scene down there and I can’t wait to hear you know when I hear from Luke he’s behind glass and the game but you’re like out in the bowl. Give me put me where we are in all of this because it certainly the price point changed the audience and we’ve talked about the audience at length and how their football and business operations are experiencing different things as the national TV deal kick kicks out $374 million for them because they wake up with that every year, but the vibe came back and a lot of people got the experience something to make a memory. Yeah, it

Dennis Koulatsos  02:12

was a different crowd for sure. Nestor a lot of people were cheering as an example when he off points go to on the field and we had a church them and teach them the rules of engagement when facing an opposing team, but other than that, it was a very festive atmosphere. Lots of high fives lots of hugging, particularly in the second half and the first half. Everybody was nervous, but the crowd was into it. The noise was spectacular. It was evident at the stadium was evident on television. With the Texans jumping offsides numerous times, but it was a it was an electric atmosphere. And if that’s an indication, I expect this Sunday at 3pm for this stadium to be at its lowest point ever for for game. It was just amazing. And the atmosphere was incredible.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:58

So you know shoot interview you’re an all wrestling fan. Let’s have a shoot interview you will meet Dennis Colossus, okay, because there’s there’s nobody listening. We know that. Right? Right. There was a raven executive who was very flippant with me about you back in the day and your radio show here. The fact that I’d have the audacity to have a car dealer. And you know, I guess inevitably they would use all of this against me to sell the My reputation is professional and I’m being boxed out to go into Vegas. So all these years later for a guy like you tell everybody your background in football, and playing ball and selling cars and like all that, but your age and where you come from, and what it means to you, you know, all these years to have this because, and I’m I’m not gonna dress this up too much, right? Like I’ve been here for everything, right? I’m 55 my first memories are catfish Hunter and Jim Palmer 7374 playoffs. I only remember Johnny you not being here in San Diego and Marty Donruss was the quarterback the first year. I was at the kronor game I was that goes to the post. And then I was here for all the awfulness of the May flowers and you still hate her say I gave it up. I told the story about the Indianapolis Food Bank that inspired really inspired what I’m doing here with a couple of Super Bowl. So for you. And what this means this is We’re never getting a Super Bowl here. We’re never having an MBA, we might have a World Series One day, but this is the biggest event in the history of this is reason you built the stadium. This is supposed to incinerate downtown in some way that’s incredible and bring people together and community. I think the price point allowed people to go and participate the other day that were inside the perimeter who usually aren’t inside the perimeter, but I’ve seen what parades do. I’ve seen what all this is. I don’t know how to even experience what’s going to happen outside of the stadium on Sunday in a normal environment and other places where when you can’t Get in 200,000 People come down to party. You know what I mean? Like this is gonna be the biggest night in the history of the city if they win this football game and if they lose, it’s I mean, I’ve told this story this week I walked out of Cleveland stadium, when John Elway beat them. I was at that game early. Of course, he got me one single ticket on the 50 yard line down in the right field corner, and I watched Elway go from here to here and just destroy them. Inside that cold Stadium was it was snowing a little bit it was like a little flurry. It was cold as hell was 15 degrees 20 degrees. And I walked out of that state. I mean, it was it was funeral real. You know what I mean? Like and I it’s going to be one or the other, right? No matter how this goes down. And I like for you. What does this mean to you?

Dennis Koulatsos  05:50

Well as a nine year old, coming over to the state of 1973 Estrid living in a two bedroom, one bathroom. $90 a month roach infested apartment complex, off of Moravian Cydonia. This is pretty heady stuff for me. I had a part time job in high school so I can buy season tickets to the Baltimore Colts. So yes, in the late 70s, early 90s. I was late 70s, early 80s. I was a season ticket holder for the Baltimore Colts. When I left the 1983 I was heartbroken. We were without football for what 13 years, I would assume goes

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:25

to the pros. You didn’t go to that game that inspired you to want to buy tickets, and you bought tickets for archery Easter and Oh,

Dennis Koulatsos  06:32

absolutely. I was there for training camp. I was attending Towson University on a football scholarship played there for a couple years. I go over there and watch those guys practice and it was evident to me and my untrained eye that Mike pagal the seventh round draft pick was better than the archery so they’re decorated quarterback from Ohio State. So in 1996, I did purchase season tickets for the ravens and been along for the ride ever since I’ve been there through the highs of the lows, the disappointment of 2006 the the fyfield gold game against the head coach and whatnot. And you’re right the highs are very high and the lows are very low when it comes to following this franchise and really breathing and living with them and watching their growth, their travels and the highest with the 2000 season. The lows of the 2006 season. The Billy Cundiff miss the following 2012 Super Bowl runs as wildcards. So this is, this is new for us to Nestor, we’re favorite we’re at home. We’re expected to beat the chiefs, right? That were three, three and a half point favorite. So this was this is hallowed ground first playoff game and hump AFC conference championship game in 28 years. So yes, I appreciate it. I appreciate the money that I’ve spent, and the time I’ve invested in supporting this team. And what it means to me.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:50

Well, this is the culmination of all of that, right? Absolutely. This is the culmination and I’ve said it sort of flippantly. This is why I wanted to sit with my wife. This is why being with my son and being with my family in New Orleans meant a lot to me, this is why I did a march to bring fans together to give them a story of glory something to remember something to take home with them. You know, and I’m doing this, I have my blood person shirt all material wellness and foreign daughter and we’re recapping these 25 stories, the glory, the reason that the parade in New Orleans especially is because every day in my life, somebody comes up to me and tells me they were in it. Or they were part of it or they saw a video of it or somebody they know was like other than the crab picking video. You know it but it brings people together and nothing brings people together like sports in our culture. And I’ve written two books as a premise both of the preludes the both of those were about what it meant to other people. And now that I’m on the periphery, and having my walk in life, be what it is to watch other people have fun with it. I’m glad somebody else was in my seat paying for it and enjoying it. Even though I’m appalled that I was thrown out. I’m happy somebody was there because it certainly is felt like the last couple years. People haven’t wanted to go to the games haven’t at any price. I mean, tickets have been cheap, forever. This is not a secret. You know, they lost

Dennis Koulatsos  09:16

a lot of fans back in 2017. That’s no secret either. They lost Harford County, they lost Western Maryland. I mean, they’ve lost a lot of fans. And we all know why they lost those fans and in terms of them, belly aching about having a car dealer on the radio. Well, they don’t bellyache that that Ford the F 150 truck they show on the Jumbotron every time the Ravens got a first down so they might like like cars is

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:38

a former executive. I’m just simply saying it likes the money former executive but they like their money. Well, I just think the flippancy of which how I’ve been treated personally being someone. I’m not a helicopter media guy. This means something to me. It means something to my city. It meant everything to get the team back it meant everything to get The team back to have nights like this. And I was the guy on the radio back in 2013 saying how awful it was that that night got destroyed by Peter angelos, playing a meaningless baseball game and sending Keith Urban down to the harbor and sending me and my wife out to Denver to watch Peyton Manning still fair touchdown passes that night right like that and it was a horrible thing to do to the franchise was a horrible thing that Joe Flacco didn’t have that moment at home and that John horrible that they all didn’t have that moment at home, right. And they’re gonna have that moment this week when the national anthem plays and the buzzer happens. And it’s three o’clock and all eyes are on and 100 million people are watching the game and and they’re the two best quarterbacks. This is a heavyweight fight. And you know, when I got excited about it, Dennis, it wasn’t at halftime when it was 10 to 10. And all the TV reporters were pooping on Lamar and then he comes back out and they run left run right pass here. They picked up the Blitz. They made adjustments Lamar, F bomb everybody in the locker room. Next thing you know, it’s 3410. Right? But Sunday night, when I was watching the bills and watching the big atmosphere there and the Little League lights I don’t get they got to get better lights in that stadium for the

Dennis Koulatsos  11:10

out of the shadows. The shadows were terrible. You commented on that. It looks like a Pop

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:13

Warner he looks like you’re playing and at Dundalk Community College. So which has better lights by the way. Thank you, Johnny. Oh, but I watched this game and I’m watching this heavyweight fight. Touchdown feel gold punt. Deal. Goal, touchdown. Turnover might be a turnover, not a turnover, fumble the ball through the endzone, you know could have been a two score lead wasn’t like all of that drama and that heavyweight fight. Boy that’s what we got here do from a football perspective. We felt maybe a little San Francisco and the Rams in Detroit. Now this this is the heavyweight fight. This is the fight. We’ve been looking forward to it right. This is this is this is Bruno and Stan Hansen to put it in your parlance. No

Dennis Koulatsos  11:58

question about it. This is a look this at the matchup but I want it I didn’t want to see the Buffalo Bills. And Josh Allen. I wanted to see Patrick mahomes and we’re gonna we’re gonna get that right this is we want to what a Ric Flair say to beat the man, you got to be the man you got to beat the man. Oh, that’s exactly right. So bring in Taylor Swift and all that she brings. And I think it’s great. And I gotta tell you, I have a really good vibe about this team. And I think the difference is gonna be the defense. The defense had been suffocating them in lights out would have been a tough man at a fever pitch. This Sunday Nestor at that kind of give him a huge advantage. Good Davian clowny I made a comment he said you know what? It also takes away the noise takes away the opposing quarterbacks ability to hard count the defense so that’s one less thing they have to worry about. So I do think that they’re coming into a very hostile environment and Lamar Jackson you gotta you gotta think he’s got a Texas sized chip on his shoulder still right until he wins a Super Bowl and even then he’s gonna get criticized this show man he has to win two Super Bowls to cement his legacy legacy not just one but they have to take your business to Sunday and I think they will well

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

Dennis will be at the game look up at the game looks at no it’s Mills all week long and high ticket back to what it means to the city because I talked to Bill Cole about this we call roofing just like this is why we build stadia This is why we get teams is what like, these kind of moments for the city, you know, where the stadium would flood out into the streets and do something that it’s bigger than New Years. It’s bigger than Fourth of July. It’s like, we almost got a World Cup here. Right? We never get another Olympics. We get a World Series. It’d be kind of amazing and cool, but I don’t think it appeals to all cross sections of people and the way that football does certainly not I mean, I’m not speaking any language. Anybody does understand when you see the ratings of 93 of the top 100 TV shows or football games at this point, right? But But this specifically for our city and 53 years of waiting for all of this right like and the culmination of what Eric d’acosta has built and what this version of the Ravens would be under the Lamar era, right? I mean, for hardball, it’s two errors for the caster and Ozzy it’s three, you know, going back to Brian and going back to Trent Dilfer, and I know Ray is gonna come out and dance this week there if there’s any trick you got this week in regard to the fans in regard to Michael Phelps being here, and I was a little flippin in it toward the Stronach family and the people that have run the Preakness into the ground and saying this. This is the difference between the Derby and the Preakness. This is like celebrities are going to be here every day at Cal Ripken. This is the night that you want to make Baltimore shine, right? I mean, this is this is our city’s night. As much as it’s Lamar Jackson’s night or the football teams night. It’s night to celebrate Baltimore because you You know, I mean, it’s like a rocky, you know, we did it, you know, we’re gonna have the big game here, then you gotta go with it, but just having it. There’s a point around here this week that I don’t know, I got a little extra pep in my step. And I’m certainly not proud of the way they’ve conducted themselves in a lot of ways. And certainly, it is a little, I mean, come on, man, you love the team don’t don’t play the Pollyanna role here. Did they were giving tickets away for 50 or 60 bucks because it was 20 degrees. And nobody wanted to go to the game or, like poor, if that happened to your four days ago, like, like, there’s something wrong, you know what I mean? Like, they’re winning, and I get it. But like, and I don’t know that everybody that was down there last week that spent their 100 bucks, like they had a good time and all and if that equates to them being in those seats next year doing the same thing for a generation, you know what I mean? That like blast games were like that, right? Like, once you went to a blast game, you wanted to go to all of them, and they were affordable. You know, it was like a movie day. You could do it. Proposal, different different commitment in a lot of different ways. But we did tailgating and we did this and that. And I talked about all of this, as I’m celebrating all the things we’ve done here for 25 years. I don’t know what the next thing is, I know they’re getting $500 million to build the big brass bar in front of the place. But if it gets populated, it gets used and we win and then because we when good things happen. That’s the way this is supposed to work. Because I know what way it can’t work. They can’t saw. They can’t be what the Carolina Panthers are right now are what the Browns have been with the Lions have been tickets for the Lions game Dennis on Sunday were $500 to get in tickets here on Saturday were 50 bucks. That’s weird.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:41

I think you’ll see a difference this week. And I think the ticket price will be through the roof. It’ll be the hottest ticket in town. Weather forecast looks like 44 degrees now is a lot of people coming in. Shaquille O’Neal is going to be in town a lot of celebrities and it’s gonna be off the hook. And I also think that this team had the chance to establish a younger newer fan base that hopefully will have the same passion that we did back in 2020 12.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:08

Well, good time should be had by all Taylor scripts come into town. from a tactical standpoint, what worries you their

Dennis Koulatsos  17:17

defense? You know, they have some players Chris Jones is an absolute monster. A defensive tackle. Their defense is a little bit under the radar, although the getting some more favorable press lately, but I do think it’s going to be a heavyweight fight. Of course. How can Patrick mahomes not worry, right. The guy’s amazing. He’s mercurial. But I do think the Ravens will love. I think it’s gonna be a very close game, but I do think the ravens are going to wear him out. In the second half. This is a legacy game for Lamar Jackson. And also for John Harbaugh. John Harper wins a Super Bowl. He’s going to be a definite Hall of Fame. Coach if you’ve not already so this is a legacy. A game for guys like hardball ro Quan, and certainly for Lamar Jackson.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:00

Well and also place for MATA BK in Hamilton Angelou and this next year are really guys that are really good football players. That is Culatta series of recruits Baltimore Ford. We love him it’s I can’t imagine like not having you on this week or not let a raskins off running around I’m trying to get him around here too because so many of you have you know invested like I did my life in this right I mean, chasing them around from columbines to owners meetings from drafts to summers to Ocean City Fan Fest, speaking at every roost and nest in function and barn shows and how much of my life I invested in it. This is something I’ve never seen and I’m not going to the game this week. I’m not I’m just not gonna I’m not buying a ticket I you know, I have my own level of protest that at the level that I should be as a professional not offered anything differently than Jerry Coleman is or you know, other people, which is the access to do my job. So, you know, I stand firmly on that side of and watching it on TV I must say to you then it’s different I don’t see the game as well. Different

Dennis Koulatsos  19:10

game yeah, I like watching both I like watching the in person than watching it on TV because you do miss certain aspects and gain certain perspective so that when you there in person and also via television.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:21

Well, one thing I would watch as Steel’s gonna get a letter from me soon, too. But what I would write is the seats I have were just unbelievable, you know, I mean, I got seats in the very, very beginning. In the front row in the middle of the upper deck where Marvin Lewis and Jim Schwartz told me to sit next to the coaches film literally I sat the man next to me, he would sometimes put our coffee and water and things, you know, our jackets and scarves would meander into the little camera hole for all of my PSL them and PSL is up in the seventh row six row, fy 13. And seeing the game there. It’s different and the elements and the cost and Listen to that and moving this up like, I’m good. I’ll just say this, watching it on TV and getting the hot button reaction not just on Twitter and on social media, but watching the broadcast and being vet the broadcast being my vehicle to watch the game. Primarily. It was amazing at halftime when the score was 10 to 10. To feel this, how cold the building got. Luke talked about getting going to the media buffet, which I’m very familiar with how quiet that can be when you see Pat Moriarty George kookiness Joe Ortiz. Eric de Costa, like I’ve done with those guys for 25 years. I’ve known this guy since we were 20. In our 20s, all of us well, Moriarty is a little older but yeah, all like all that. And I would see their mood at halftime and see the all the executives all the scouts all the secretary everybody is up in that press box eating in the same amongst all of us. And I cannot imagine the oxygen there that day. Because just watching the television part of this of them going from the field to the to the to the booth to everybody’s like what is going on here. Where were you at halftime and obviously Lamar did something that video or audio will surface it at some point in Purple Rain three or when they right there 30 For 30 But something happened that halftime there that I don’t say save their season but certainly breathe life into the building and into them not finding themselves in the circumstance that that San Francisco found itself in or Buffalo missing a kicker that cost them a chance to win. I

Dennis Koulatsos  21:33

think we were all uneasy, apprehensive, right, you were hoping that the Ravens will come out firing in the second half. That held the honor on the plus side that held the the Texans to only three points gave up these special teams punt return on the negative side that weren’t having much success moving the ball against a Texas defense it was in a lot of apprehensions a lot of tension. And when the Ravens came out in the second half, drove down the field scored a touchdown. You breathe a little bit easier. And then all hell broke loose and took care of business in the second half. But yeah, certainly at halftime, you were like okay, about bounce here, another special teams break down there. And, you know, we could we headed to the porter where we might drown. So it was nice to see the Ravens come out firing in that second half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:16

Well, thanks I’ve always loved about having you on is that you manage people you’ve managed hundreds of people whose Ballmer Ford for the coons family for years and years and years. And all sorts of people, young people, old people, black people, white people who you know, rich people, poor people, well paid people, people trying to make more people coming and going people going other dealerships like all of that, that football has, right, and trying to bring people together. And you and I’ve talked so much about this. And it’s what you love to talk to coach pillock about and other people’s about leadership. I lead people here I had a different kind of organization back in the day, and trying to grow my company in that way in the am radio space. Like selling Edsel’s, although I hear their back the management side of this for Eric to bring this talent together on the football side, right, and we can talk about the empty seats and like that’s the business side and I thought was an interesting thing, though tonight, talking about both sides of that and how it works in places like Kansas City, Detroit having to sell tickets without having good football, right like, you know what I mean, like that really hard to do Cleveland places where your team sucks, where it doesn’t work in Jacksonville, it doesn’t work in Carolina, we’ve never sucked here long enough to know whether it wouldn’t sell tickets, and they’re winning. And they’re begging me to buy tickets here so and Washington’s dismantled and in Philadelphia, it’s still 300 bucks to go see him play anybody. So like I in market, the market how these things work. But from the football side, John has been gifted at bringing in coaches, Eric has been gifted in scouting and players and player development and being ahead of the game. And John bringing in coaches that can zig and zag and personnel and all of that this is a really weird time for them. If they were to lose this game this week, or even lose the Super Bowl, God forbid, like it’s two teams they blown out, which is you know, not often you get to the Super Bowl and you’re like, well we crush both of these teams. How in the world are we going to lose the Detroit Lions if they get there? But I would say this this is not for long and right i mean like mungkin McDonald all the coaches players matter BK tagging guys, Patrick queen, like it this is as good as it gets avoiding Josh Allen getting the bye week maybe they get Marlon Humphrey back, maybe they get Mark Andrews back, but like they are so positioned right here right now that to think that they’re just going to get back to another championship game. And they’re going to be at home and it’s going to be easy, and they’re going to be healthy. And they’re going to have the next day flowers from a draft or the next Kyle Hamilton because all these guys have to pay to like they are really well put together right now and we’re gonna remember this for what it was, which is a bunch of really good football. They have the best talent. They have way more talent in Kansas City this week. And certainly they proven that they have more talented than San Francis just going in Detroit on it on a on a flat field. Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  25:02

not to look forward to the supernatural, but I do think this is their toughest matchup in the playoffs. If they can beat the Chiefs advancing. I think they’ll handle the Niners or the or the lions. I can’t imagine that the lions are going to beat the 40 Niners but the ball does take strain bounces at times but and also what I was encouraged by was Lamar has play in cold weather. I’ve always suspected he doesn’t like cold weather. I don’t know that anybody does. But I haven’t performed well in the frigid conditions he played well in the second half. It’s going to be warmer Sunday and should they pass capacitor chiefs on you’re playing Las Vegas, in the controlled environment, indoor environment, I think they’ll be fine. But to me, they gotta be too cheap. And like you, these things are not a given. They’re once in a lifetime opportunity sometimes. And a Ravens must cash in anything short of a Super Bowl. Victory to me is a disaster relief is

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:56

you know, if I’m writing is Purple Rain three, this time off, they had to get people healthy, the decoy Andrews last week, likely makes a couple of big catches, they didn’t throw the ball a lot they adjusted, they were getting their ass kicked in the first half on the Blitz, they had the nightmare of the special teams break down at home on a cold day, when you know they gave the offense seven points by the special teams giving it away they should have been behind at halftime and they weren’t. And then they came out and made every coaching tactical, and then executed in running the football and saying we’re gonna play a different way. That’s very Bella checking, it’s probably very anti radiant, and spagnolo is gonna have you know, 10 clubs in his golf bag this week, because he’s got some personnel to do that in the same way that right now McDonald does but I speak on the management side that if you know Dennis, if you come in one day and you’re head of your mechanical department, your head of your sales and your head of your this and that you know and then we’ve got a snowstorm like managing through all of this is going to be difficult enough because this band is not going to get put back together this is this is that was a once in a lifetime offer but it’s going to be very very hard. And that she saw an example of this right? And the Bengals are an example of this. And the Eagles are an example of it. All they see is what the the Super Bowl the Rams, you lose personnel, right? At some point, the Legion of boom becomes nothing at some point and you know, it all falls apart and it falls apart quicker than you think. And that window is here and now for them. And I think the halftime speech for Lamar I’d like the fact that their that their testicles got shrunk for a little bit and that they got a scare put in them. And that all the all the TV heads were like, Oh my God, here we are. Because if they’re losing 17 to 13 this week, it won’t be like they can’t come back or whatever. But special teams breakdowns. Defense is stout, taking care of the ball, and really, whatever mahomes is right and whatever their trickery will be and whatever they’re going to try to do. This is a heavyweight fight and this is a fight where bad stuffs gonna happen. There’s gonna there’s going to be turnovers absolutely sure gonna score. This is not going to be 27 Three at halftime because the Chiefs have kicked the ball around six times they come in here with a yellow puddle. I don’t believe that I and I don’t believe Patrick mahomes wants to fall behind and I saw a little piece of vinegar in his eyes saying Oh, Patrick, you’ve won a couple of Super Bowls. What do you have left to do go to Disney World No, I’ve never done this on the road. And y’all think we’re good road team we’re gonna show you we’re gonna show you could play anywhere.

Dennis Koulatsos  28:28

Well, he’s a very I mean me me guys fun interview that completely turned me turn me off just understand that have to have good ego strength. But he was he was over the top and I’ll leave you with this Nestor that Dan Marino watched him and his sophomore year go to the Super Bowl. And you would think this guy would go back multiple times. He never went back a single time. So to your point about how special these these windows are in time that opened up when things aligned properly. As great as Dan Marino was he he went to one Super Bowl he lost with a great Joe Montana and never went back. And that’s a cautionary tale for this ravens theme. And when

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:03

I talked to Luke about Phillip rivers and Warren Moon and Dan Marino and Matt Ryan and just I just go down list these quarterbacks that Donna McNabb. I mean, you know the guys that Joker are right now still fighting right Jared Goff, last one. These guys has a chance to get back to one next week. That’ll be the story whether we’re crying or celebrating. Jared Goff is trying to get back to a Super Bowl and they said he couldn’t do it. He said the lions could do it and Dan Campbell was biting knees and kneecaps and like all this stuff was going on. For storylines this week only gonna be two winners and it could be a lot of hurt feelings. We certainly hope it’s not us a cup of soup or bowl it is our crab cake row promotion, merit a lot of your friends and window nation. Our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care as well. Putting it all on begins the fifth of February. That’s Monday at Lexington market fade these Tuesday costs. It’s Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday today fair Friday at Pappas. I’ll be telling you all about it. We’re giving away free a free cup of soup. For a bowl of soup anytime all day long nine to five for the Maryland Food Bank we’re also featuring 100 charities that week so I got about 35 If you know of a charity Dennis you got somebody nests at Baltimore or find me on I am anywhere this week as we get ready Luke’s in Owings Mills. That is to sell cars at security Boulevard coons bottom afford. Love you, bro. Appreciate you fingers crossed. Okay, got it. Fingers crossed. I’ll see you next Monday. Um, you’re gonna come on if we if you lose, right you’re not gonna be like a grouchy coach or whatever Right? Like literally we’re gonna lose

Dennis Koulatsos  30:34

I’m around and I do expect that to have a happy conversation this coming Monday.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:40

And you’re not going to Las Vegas right?

Dennis Koulatsos  30:45

There are some things that will prohibit me for doing that

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:49

everybody because

Dennis Koulatsos  30:52

I wish I could go but I have some things that take precedent over that but first things first and look like I always say it’s not my plan. It’s somebody else’s plan. I’m just happened to still be around to embrace it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:03

I give my wife random Dusty Rhodes lines from time to time to take care of business baby take care of business. Dennis Gulabo series declutter show and that is Colossus add on the Twitter. And the next thing on Nesta, we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive. No one listens, but everybody hears

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