A dream Ravens lucky second chance to go to Jacksonville for a win with Lamar

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When lucky Maryland Lottery second chance winner William Jennings found out that he was headed to Jacksonville for a Ravens victory on the team plane, he had no idea that Roquan Smith would be passing out victory cheesecake.


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William Jennings, Nestor J. Aparicio, Juanita, Doug Lloyd

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T am 5070 tasks in Baltimore and Baltimore positive celebrating the AFC Championship. Super Bowl, a cup of Super Bowl crabcake row we’re doing all these things in conjunction with our friends at the Maryland lottery. I learned this I had a handful of leftover Raven scratch off tickets. I wasn’t sure if they’re so good, they’re good. I cleared this with John Mark. So beginning of February 5, we’re gonna give those away I have some leftover Oh steps and then I’m gonna get some fresh cheese because I know people at the Maryland lottery it’s also brought to you by our friends at window nation, as well as Jiffy Lube multi care. We are doing five days 100 charities. We are doing a cup of soup or bowl at five different locations beginning on Monday and families Tuesday. We’re Costas Wednesday. We’re at Coco’s Thursday. We’re at State Fair in Catonsville. And then Friday at Pappas. We will be giving away free ravens scratch off tickets. We have a couple of folks here today, Doug Lloyd, I want you to set the stage for this Doug Lloyd. He is the unfortunate soul or very, very lucky man who gets these people that win these huge lottery prizes won’t be after the marital lottery. First off, convincing them they win. And then secondly, he gets to sort of chaperone things. As the grown up in the room. Dad at the Maryland land wanted to let roseraie do this duck. You look like the responsible duck. Welcome back. And I know we have some lottery winners. And I want to welcome all human one eat on but I know you know them. And this thing gets to be a little thick and fun. And they’re waving to us. Hi, guys. How are you? Every time I do this, I feel like Don and Marty it’s awesome. Yeah, dog, you you take a lot of people on trips. And I can tell you have a fondness for William and Juanita, and the trip to Jacksonville, because we talk about people really winning and getting to do really, really cool stuff that they could never do. You got a couple of folks here. And Doug, you get to do this a lot more often than I do. Yeah,

Doug Lloyd  02:01

this is a wonderful promotion, a great partnership with the mayor, the Maryland lottery in the Baltimore Ravens. And really one of the highlights of the fall for a lot of lottery fans. They’re out there wanting to win those big prizes on the scratch off tickets. Still lots of big prizes left on them. And they also want to win the second chance. And you know, just picture this I you know, I call you on the phone and I say hey, would you like to fly with the Ravens down to Jacksonville in December. And that’s what I got to do here with Mr. Jennings here and his fiancee Juanita, and Dale Robinson and her daughter Tiffany, who couldn’t join us here. They also got to go along with the ride. What this is, it’s a deluxe trip. You fly on the team plane, you stay at the team hotel, you get some sideline access and some primo seats at the game. Plus, you get to fly back and celebrate a win with the Baltimore Ravens and clinching a playoff berth.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:55

Well, first off, you guys won. Well, you will need a welcome your call tomorrow. You’re like real Baltimore people. Right, right. Right. Yeah. So where did you buy your ticket? Or did some guy like me give it to you to crabcake toward promotion someplace? And you know you by thinking, well, maybe when 20 bucks maybe went? 100 bucks, maybe win a jackpot. But did you pick up on a plane to Jacksonville?

William Jennings  03:20

No way. No way. We bought it at a gas station though. You know, but we’ll know what ticket it was. But it was a good one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:32

Amazing. So you were not an original winner? Is that correct? This is all second chance. Correct? Right?

Doug Lloyd  03:39

He had to not win on the ticket to later on be a winner and be able to fly.

Juanita  03:44

Alright, so now we scan tickets. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:48

don’t want to skate right? My wife scans to my wife is a scanner, people. Listen, I do this professionally, I give the games away. And a lot of folks don’t know the rules again, like just get the app and you scan it and let you know whether you want to not you. And if you want to learn the rules of the game or play along have a good time. But the thing that Doug does, and when you guys pick up the phone and talk or are you an email, are you a texture or are you a caller? Because if you called me out of the blue from the lottery and said, Hey, you want a trip? I’d be like, come on, you’re putting me on. So how should you call Are you email? Well, I

Doug Lloyd  04:25

usually email first I always want to make sure that there’s some sort of official documentation that’s going out but you know, emails becoming a little bit more unreliable these days. A lot of people just overstuffed inboxes they you know, they get fake emails all the time. So, you know, I follow up with a phone call. I have a handicap though Am I I’ve got kind of a game show host voice and so when I call people on the phone, they think it’s fake too. So sometimes I even have to send a letter

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:52

or sound official to me dog you know what I mean? Like so while you’re telling me the story, you’re the phone rings or email out Did you find out that you would want.


Well called me one day I was going to work. I thought it was a joke to anyone.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:07

What did you say to him? Why don’t you call official dog in a trip and you say why and what do you say?


I say who

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:21

so I have to do to actually convince you to tell one need because you don’t want call one eight and say I think we want to trip and it’s a hoax. So what what point do you actually believe that? Alright, maybe this guy is a real?


No, he really well, I got his number. I got the lottery number in my phone. So it came up Merlin lottery. So you know, Doug, a good guy got good, great voice and good guy know how to talk to people. So he won’t he’ll make you know, is real.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:56

So you find in October is this when this happened? You found that you’d won? Yes, October. Alright, so had you ever been to Florida? No. Have you ever seen the Ravens on the road before?



Nestor J. Aparicio  06:11

Have you ever been arranged home game before? No, no.


Yeah, first time. Now we went on but the first time on a trip being that close to the Ravens. Now

Doug Lloyd  06:24

one thing I can say that they have done before is they have won a second chance before and flown courtesy of Maryland lottery.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:32

You’re a second chance.

Juanita  06:37

Bonus. Dogs

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:38

done this before a dog. Is this true?

Doug Lloyd  06:41

I didn’t get to fly with them this time. But they went to Chicago for one of our holiday. Secondhand days. Yeah.

Juanita  06:50

And I want a Christmas bonus.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:53

That should you want to Chicago first. Yes, the dash


has contests. Did you run around the warehouse and grab the prizes? Really?

Doug Lloyd  07:03

Yeah. That was a couple of years ago. But but you know, it left a lasting impression for William because he was showing everybody his video of dashing through the


through the warehouse running up and down. It was amazing. It was great.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:18

I want to hear about your trip. So you go to the airport Ramy. This tells me the whole story like we’re having Thanksgiving dinner together. And I can’t believe you do this. So I’ve been on the team plane one time in my life back at 22 years ago after 911. I flew back from Denver, because my airline had canceled. And this is what I tell people about the team charter. There was like a Seinfeld episode. There’s a lot of food. There’s just a lot of food on Team charters. And it’s very, very it’s delicious. And the plane ride. I mean, Jackson was a two hour plane ride so you only get about two hours to go down there. But give me did you famous players it did say hello to coach. Give me when you arrive.


Well, we arrived at the airport a couple of minutes early, right? We was we so we went to the store. We was late Doug. So fortunately Doug came and got us when it was time to go. We went to the checkout mall at the airport the Raven checkout and they check this in

Juanita  08:25

and then we was on a plane and then we didn’t see the Ravens unfortunately because we were supposed on a plane but coming back, we got to see Lamar while was every we got to see all novel men and right Tom Smith was in the back Lynas. Excellent well we like cheesecake. It was so much delicious food it was wonderful.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:44

To not tell you to play it the only thing I remember about the play Lady right to play right but when you get cheesecake, I never entered cheesecake go to play now.

Juanita  08:54

Do you like cheesecake cookie ice cream it


was they feed you real great because on the way there, we had a nice dinner, dessert whenever we you know they had on the menu. It was great. It was good. Again, when we got them. We set up at the hotel Doug and all of us, and they gave us our room and everything. And then we They brung players up there as our special guests so we can meet them and talk to them and get their autograph. And then we went down and took a couple of pitches with the ravens, you know, single Raven guys. And then we just hung out for a little while after that on Thursday. And

Doug Lloyd  09:37

so you just got to you guys got to meet Keith Mitchell and Justin Tucker. Yeah. And that was sort of a way but I know that you guys were camping out the hotel and you know, there were a lot of fans there and they were all getting a chance to meet different Ravens. Who’d you get to meet there in the lobby of the hotel or so?

Juanita  09:56

Oh, we got a lot on we got sucker autograph we got Ray Collins live we got


the rest of you to go home to the team.

Juanita  10:06

Is this on a grand scale now Hey, it’s all supplied this list while the

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:11

other part of this is we’re like two weeks away from maybe winning the Super Bowl. So like when this is all over you could say you did this during the Superbowl year and fingers crossed on all that for sure.


They won love did beat Jacksonville. So we going all the way to the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah, no, we go on, and hopefully we go on.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:35

Well, I’ve been to Jacksonville before and I need to ask you this. And you know, they got a pool built into the upper deck. Did you? Did you visit the pool when you were there in Jacksonville? Did you see that? No.


So unfortunately, because it was cold camps. Doug showed the tours, you know, but we didn’t get a chance to go and see, you know, close to close up on it. Yeah,

Doug Lloyd  10:58

I thought I thought I thought the pool was closed. But then they went to some of the fans about halfway through the game. And although their team was not winning, they were having a good time in that pool.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:10

Well, we’re having a good time here in the in the pool of victory here. We have Jenny Cyr, he is a winner. And a two time winner from what I understand here is fiance one at Rhodes, they went off to Jacksonville, they were the fly away winners. I gotta ask you, we got champion of game this week. You’ve had a lot of fun, not just with this, these folks. But you do the past for cash, right? And I’ve said like if we had lost God forbid, it was 10 to 10 and a half time we lost the past for cash people wouldn’t have this this week. These winners this week, got to go to the AFC Championship game to like, have experiential stuff that you even know you’re going to be given away and then the team starts winning and you’re giving prizes away to people because it’s one thing they wouldn’t pass for cash anytime you win 10 grand and all that it’s a little nerve racking up through the football. But to do it during the AFC Championship game that’s pretty special.

Doug Lloyd  12:00

Yeah, and as a total totally unexpected bonus pass for cash has been one of our more popular features. Everybody stops me at the game and they want to know how I can you know get down on the field throw the football and sometimes it’s a critique on our pastor cash players. I gotta tell you it is much tougher than you think to go down and have 70,000 fans cheering for you or cheering against you while you’re throwing those footballs on the field. So we had some very lucky folks this last time very very cold game and really interesting matchup and of course because the Ravens won some other people are both celebrating and very very nervous about their opportunity to go down to the field for this championship game it’s gonna be a lot of fun you’ve been down

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:43

there on the field when it’s happened you know nerve racking up Why am I gotta ask you before we wrap this thing up here I mean are we winning the Superbowl or what are we gonna win the Super Bowl? Yeah, yes.


And I like to say something right? Don’t guys down the Merlin lottery are great. And his team is great guys.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

We you know for OSPF everybody at the Lauder we always encourage folks to play responsibly and have a good time. And when you when have a good time like William and Juanita not everybody gets to go to Jacksonville and eat cheesecake. So I can you know say this to you you call these folks all the time and when and we bring them on a couple times. We had our home run Rich’s winter, Barbra Jean came on to see the smiles on folks faces afterwards. You know, it’s it makes Doug’s job all worthwhile. But it’s always people that doubt you great, yeah. Great,


great guy.

Doug Lloyd  13:42

This is what a slow burn giveaways we get to see a really the we get to see the players excited about winning. We also get to see them actually enjoy the prize, which is really cool. And we get to see those memories getting made. You know, these folks got to go down on the sidelines and meet Tucker and obj and Lamar Lau like they were saying requirements coming down the aisle and he was serving ice cream to us. Well, well, they were steak. Fantastic experience and really one of a kind. He can’t get it anywhere else. So everybody always looks forward to this promotion coming back. I say look out for it next year. Of course.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:23

Loquat Smith seems like the kind of guy that would share his cheesecake with folks. So hey, congratulations, keep smiling. Keep having fun. We appreciate you thanks for making time and coming on and sharing because they always listen they always tell me people are really winning and then I get to meet them so that it sort of it it lets me know people were having fun with these promotions when I talk about


Yeah, yeah.

Juanita  14:46

And the second chance because it do work to do you aren’t you don’t come out on top like us. We won two times, three times all together.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:55

Use the app you got to use the app, scan


and play responses. Well it could be you

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05

that I don’t have a job anymore doctor put me out of business. To be back next week we’re hoping that the ravens are in Super Bowl 58. We’re doing a cup of Super Bowl that is our promotion on behalf of the Maryland Food Bank and feeding folks who need to be fed this, this this cold cold February month. We’re gonna be out all week long. We’ll tell you more about it. We are W nsda of 50 70,000 Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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