Tales from couch…

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Billick just called off the dogs…

I’m gonna watch the second half sans blogosphere!

If you really wanna read this blog, it might be more sensible to start AT THE BOTTOM!

I wrote as I watched tonight. No wnsTV travelblog tonight. It was a choppy performance at best. Nine first-half penalties, some missed tackles and mental breakdowns. They’ll have to be better in Cincinnati in two weeks if they wanna start 1-0.

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The rain, the delays, two games at once on the telly!

B.J. Surhoff getting into the Orioles Hall of Fame.

Whew…I’m whipped!

Happy reading…I’m REALLY, REALLY glad I stayed home tonight!


10:35 p.m.

Pittman has been a magnet for the ball tonight.

Ya gotta hate when the fumble goes forward and the wrong guys land on it. The Redskins have had a pretty good run of good fortune here on this drive. This has been a painful drive for the defense and Rex Ryan will be torturing them with this footage, especially the penalties!

They should OUTLAW challenges in the preseason!

The only thing worse than watching this on TV would be having to get outta that parking lot after the game!

BTW: These challenges give me a chance to go from Channel 213 to 212 on my Comcast system. The Orioles are losing to the Twins 2-1 in the fifth inning. Can they lose FIVE in a row after naming Dave Trembley manager for good?

Dick Stockton and Daryl Johnston sound like they’d rather be somewhere else. Like on my couch with me right now eating a turkey sandwich and drinking a beer — like I am right now!

Antwan Randle-El is a turkey! He used to be a QUARTERBACK! And he made THAT decision to run back in bounds once Bart Scott missed him? Just horrible NFL football! HORRIBLE!

Nothing pisses coaches off more than stupid thinking when points are on the line!

The Redskins got every break imaginable and couldn’t make the Ravens pay.


Ravens 7, Redskins 6…HALFTIME!


10:24 p.m.

I love watching Jarret Johnson play. I might make him my favorite defensive player! He throws himself around like a missile!

Our defense just SWARMS to the ball!

The Redskins just snookered Terrell Suggs into an offside on 4th and an inch. I love watching the Ravens D on those plays. I always remember the Detroit game and the wall of terror the purple put up! Too bad he jumped. I wanted to see the play!

Two plays later, the Skins are in 3rd and 12.

Impressive TV stat from Rave TV…Ravens first-round picks have played in 33 PRO BOWLS since 1996! WOW!

The Ravens D is shooting itself in the foot! Suggs and McAlister have been solely responsible for extending this drive!

Man, the preseason is dreadful…


10:14 p.m.

Is there any doubt that the Redskins were VERY aware of David Pittman’s role tonight? So, for all of the Samari haters out there — you do NOT want your No. 2 playing on the island! It’s an invitation for trouble!

Both the Landry boys have been in the middle of the mix tonight as well in the back.

Nothing pisses me off more than watching a GAME in low-def and seeing commercials FOR high-def televisions.

Good to see Derrick Mason getting more involved in the offense tonight. He could be a special guy on the possesion front!

I wonder who was wrong on the Demetrius Williams/Steve McNair miscommunication. McNair looked pissed — at himself or 87? Hmmm…


10:06 p.m.

Well, the second quarter certainly had provided a wake up call for the offense.

A couple of nice plays, a penalty, and the Ravens hit pay dirt with a nifty move by Derrick Mason near the goal line. THIRTEEN plays, not easy to do and cap it off with six! Impressive drive!

It’s like the whole first quarter debacle never happened.

Ravens 7, Deadskins 3…

AND…Is there ANYTHING worse than seeing that fake handoff, boot by Steve McNair and seeing your QB out there sliding and flags flying? In the rain? On the edge?

GUYS…it’s a PRESEASON game!!!

I hope Billick doesn’t leave them in too long at this point. That field looks like garbage!


9:50 p.m.

I just hope no one gets hurt in this mess. And I really can’t believe as many people showed up as they did. The stadium isn’t "empty" like I thought it’d be. How WET must most of those people be? That storm was biblical downtown here!

I think the little yellow FLAG advisory on my TV is about to burn into my set like the old "Breakout" menu used to on the Atari systems.

Now, Ed Reed and Bill Tessendorf are together on my screen. NOT a good thing. I like it when Tess stays away from the guys!

Sounds like there might be a little purple representation when Todd Heap caught a pass.

And with one second remaining in the first quarter, Chris Chester has jumped again.

Billick looks constipated…this is painful!

Maybe the worst first quarter we’ve seen since the Jacksonville-Marchibroda debacle in 1998.


9:41 p.m.

2nd and 18

2nd and 16

2nd and 20

Now, Adam Terry and Jared Gaither have both jumped early…geez, it looks like they haven’t practiced a lick…WOW!

I hope this is because of the long wait, the rain…something…they just stink right now!

At least they got a swing pass out to Musa Smith…

Fred Smoot is back with the Redskins. I met him once at the Ed Block Awards. He was funny. The Love Boat wasn’t in Minnesota.

At this rate, Sam Koch is gonna be the team MVP!

Ray Lewis is kinda fired up tonight!

9:32 p.m.

The Ravens are sloppy on offense tonight. Two consecutive penalties on the second drive. McNair calls a timeout. The "energy" appears to be woefully lacking on everyone’s part tonight. It’s like NONE of them want to be there!

Jared Gaither and Quinn Sypniewski just banged on a play and got Steve McNair creamed…Yikes!!!


9:21 p.m.

Kinda weird not being at the game, but it’s just impossible to watch the preseason and not think it’s the biggest sham going. There are people with club level tickets to this game that were like $600 a PIECE…for THIS!!!!!!!!

They oughta be ashamed of themselves. I’ve always thought that they should get a band for preseason games, start the games at 7 p.m. and do a post-game concert. Ya know, Earth, Wind & Fire or Chicago or Huey Lewis or Hootie and The Blowfish or whatever! Just something to inspire me to go to the game, have fun and stay! And not feel so ripped off…

But, again, the mere notion of enduring that stadium and its traffic woes on a night like tonight combined with the low-brow level of football being played makes me a happy couch potato tonight…

The Skins just kicked a field goal. It’s 3-0 bad guys.

And, wow does Dick Stockton stink! Peeee-yeeeew! It’s painful!


In lieu of "video blogging," I’m gonna write from the couch…

It’s 9:14…the Ravens have gone three and out and Santana Moss just burned David Pittman down the sideline…

The rains have stopped and the Orioles and Twins are going into the first inning…gonna be a fun night!

I can’t TELL YA how happy I am that I stayed home…


I am delighted to be on my couch…

Redskins offense: three plays, three flags…they suck!

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