Are the O’s really better than in 2006?


I can pontificate all day about the Orioles and their decade of ineptitude. Really, I can!

But here’s the truth: the MLB standings.

Right now, the Orioles are 58-71…a meaty 13 games under .500!

Honestly, getting to their "benchmark" of .500 has long been a pipe dream. So, now the question is whether they’ll actually "improve" upon their 70 wins in 2006.

They must win 13 of their final 33 games to do this — and at this point, I’m not really sure which way this will go!

They have 13 games remaining against the Red Sox and Yankees. My guess is they’ll go 4-9 in those games.

They have six left with Tampa Bay. They should go 4-2.

They have six left with Toronto. They’ll probably go 2-4.

They have three with the Angels, four with the Rangers and one with Kansas City.

You know how it goes around here in September. Traditionally, no one watches or cares about them and they lose a LOT of games once football starts.

So, can they finish the season strong? Or will they wilt again?

Only time will tell.

But it’s pretty pathetic that the team will go into the offseason stressing "significant strides" made in 2007, when the reality is that they again have played yet another season without one night of hope at Oriole Park.

Baltimore deserves better than this.

But Baltimore needs to do something about it.