Who will save the Orioles?


So, here we go again.

New manager, new general manager, new lies that the ownership is selling us — but who’s buying it?

I looked into the stadium last night — there MIGHT have been 10,000 people there! Where are the 8,000 unused tickets this morning? Who has possession of those?

The Orioles are 14 games under .500 and 21 games out of the first place. I’m sure, during the offseason, these new “mouthpieces” for Peter Angelos will talk about progress and growth and MASN money and young pitching.

Blah, blah, blah. The sick results speak the truth — NOTHING has changed in the organization other than who is out in front to tell the lies. (And maybe the bought off media who repeat the lies enough that fools in this town believe them!)

And for the second time in a week, the Orioles bullpen — the one they spent more than $40 million on during the last “rebuilding” phase — imploded in biblical fashion.

Brian Roberts’ quote in The Sun this morning says it all:

“It’s not fun. It’s embarrassing, it’s tiring, it’s not good,” Roberts said. “We’ve been through this too many times. And it’s not a lack of effort, it’s not a lack of trying, it’s not a lack of preparation. It’s just not working out.”

Is he talking about the team or this dreadful ownership that is killing the downtown business community and this city’s sports spirit night after night after night?

And WHO is going to the do the “right” thing now that FREE THE BIRDS is essentially DEAD? (Death by apathy!)

The Red Sox come to town next weekend — which means GREAT things for the downtown businesses, but when 35,000 people take over your stadium time and time again and NO ONE in ownership is even slightly “embarrassed,” well you know all you need to know.

Something very drastic will have to take place to change the Orioles and their future here in Baltimore.

It’s just very, very sad!

It makes me wanna cry, especially when I go back and watch that Bill Hagy piece on wnsTV!