The Last Chapter of Aubrey Huff…

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At least that’s what www.deadspin called this candid Kodak of Huff and Melissa Midwest upon exit from the bar/studios of Bubba The Love Sponge.

And contrary to popular opinion, I like Bubba just fine. I liked Howard Stern more. And, once upon a time, I drove home every morning to the dulcet tones of Nino Greaseamanelli, Fudgeman & Throbbin and “my dadddddddy!”

I’m one of the ones who oft-times laughs” at such behavior.

Except if you’re a baseball player making $8 million a year playing in Baltimore, and calling Baltimore “horses–t.” And cussing a blue streak. And dissing the game of baseball. And then bringing a porno actress onto the set.

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That’s kinda where I, personally, draw the line.

Ripping on Baltimore?

Only Anita Marks would be foolish enough to go on the radio and publicly forgive that. That’s just unacceptable. And stupid. And the Orioles don’t need any more stupid players or stupid decisions.

They need to get well. And get well soon. FREE THE BIRDS!

Saw the photo surfing and I just had to share it …

Those deadspin guys don’t miss a thing …

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