Sex, lies and videotape…

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It only took a few hours after yesterday’s release on the internet (via deadspin) of the Aubrey Huff porno star chronicles before WNST started taking the heat for "making a story" out of the whole charade.

Yeah, the local media here and the Orioles would like for you to believe that we just "make up the news" but that’s NEVER the case at WNST.

Yeah, that’s our job, telling the truth!

We are — at our heart — a news organization. We report the facts. We discuss the facts. We gauge public opinion. And we represent and respect the community.

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More than I can say for the Orioles and Aubrey Huff.

The Orioles have issued no official statement, nor made anyone in their organization available for comment. To further prove their unprofessional treatment of the media and the community, they refuse to answer phone calls from WNST. They don’t answer emails. They pretend the 36,285 people who came to this website on Monday DON’T EXIST!!!

Their arrogance is mind-blowing, especially considering how empty their stadium is, and how much we all have to pay them via MASN every month on our cable bills. Not to mention funding that stadium two decades ago and padding Mr. Angelos’ pockets to the tune of $600 million while he’s decimated the franchise and the soul of this city on summer nights.

And, again, the WNST audience are the exact people who BUILT the Orioles over the last two generations in Baltimore. We are the real fans, the real Baltimoreans! (And apparently, we care a lot more about the 4-5 Ravens and Kyle Boller than we do about the Orioles doing much of anything!)

No shocker that the "Anita Marks Show" — conveniently screened on Angelos-owned MASN for the dozen or so lonely souls who think she’s interesting or pretty (and that’s when John Riggins isn’t doing Redskins talk) — was the official home of the "Aubrey Huff apology club" yesterday.

The interview lasted 15 minutes, Marks began the charade by saying we’ll "have some fun with this" and it was cream puff after cream puff question after question. I was waiting for Huff to address Marks in the same fashion he addressed Melissa Midwest last week. But the fact that she invited Huff out for drinks when he comes back to Baltimore means all is well with their friendship.

If Huff had been on WNST, do you think the line of questioning would have been so easy? Are their any real journalists left in this city, outside of what we do here at WNST?

Are we the only ones who think it’s inappropriate for an Orioles player to call Baltimore a "horseshit" city?

When will the Orioles and/or Huff take some semblance of REAL accountability for what happened last week?

Huff "shat" upon Baltimore, his employer, Mr. Angelos and all of the traditions of Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer and Cal Ripken and NO ONE HAS MADE HIM ANSWER FOR IT!

Can you imagine any of the legends above going on a national radio show, cussing a blue streak and doing play by play of an internet porno queen doing "snatch art"?

I didn’t think so…

The Sun has not had ONE columnist write a piece about it or opine about the situation! The local TV stations have such a small sports presence that there’s no time in the 11 o’clock news to even mention it. Rest assured, MASN won’t be covering the stuff with that crack news staff of theirs (oh, that’s right, they DON’T HAVE ONE!)

Other than us reporting the story, using the transcript, being called liars only to link the actual videos to our site via the internet, this would have been conveniently swept under the carpet.

There’s a MASSIVE cover up going on, and it’s appalling to all of us at WNST!

Amidst the turmoil in Owings Mills, I suppose the Orioles have become just that irrelevant that one of their highest paid and highest profile players can go on national radio and internet TV with a porn star, guzzling vodka and talking trash about what a bad place Baltimore is without repercussions.

Well, we won’t be letting it die, we assure you.

We want answers. We deserve answers. As the people who built the Orioles, we demand accountability.

Where is Peter Angelos in all of this mess?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

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