Watch the Aubrey Huff video NOW…

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AGAIN…only 18 and over, please…there’s a lot of flesh and a lot of cursing and a lot of, well, Aubrey Huff being Aubrey Huff.

Was he "acting"…you be the judge!

But the Aubrey Huff video is now available here.

Deadspin posted it earlier today (again, it’s not THAT hard to find it!)

And when you’re finished with it, YOU tell ME if WJFK Radio and Anita Marks are a credible source to get your Orioles "information"?

What I heard today was a sure sign that life in traditional American media as I know is all but dead. Everything and everybody are "for sale."

The "interview" with Huff was a disgrace. The fact that neither he nor the Orioles are answering questions about it is a disgrace. And THIS ISN’T EVEN THE REAL STORY!!!!

There are at least 20 other minutes of video that I’ve seen that deadspin is NOT posting or hasn’t yet posted. All of the masturbation stuff, the drinking, the Hank Aaron stuff…

All of the quotes are in my blog from two days: Part 1 and Part 2.

Just click on anything blue here and read on.

NONE of this was addressed. None of the significant questions were asked (or answered), excluding the fact that Huff said he would DEFINITELY go back and do the show again later in the off season if he were asked. He made it VERY clear that he has no regrets!

And that fact that Huff hasn’t received ANYTHING official from the team, probably tells me that Mr. Angelos is preparing a legal case to get out from under the $16 million they still owe him.

There’s NO WAY this guy should be back in Baltimore. And there’s NO WAY Mrs. Angelos is going to allow Mr. Huff back in an Orioles uniform if someone sends her these links on the internet!

But, with the Orioles and they way they conduct business and the disgraceful fashion in which they treat this community, who the heck knows?

Get me some popcorn…this oughta be good.

Because THIS ISN’T GOING AWAY!!!!!!!

What are they all thinking?

Did Anita Marks, Roch Kubatko and Jeremy Conn think they were going to get off this easy? Have Huff on, serve up the apologies for him before he even started and THEN invite him out on the town in Baltimore for a few drinks?

Like he’s actually COMING back to Baltimore?

After he called Baltimore a "horseshit" town (AND CLEARLY MEANT EVERY WORD OF IT!!!)? And then prattled on about masturbating in Orioles team hotel rooms to porno and then MCing a porno girl through a game of body art? Being called drunk repeatedly by Bubba The Love Sponge and slurring through large sections of the video?

And does Aubrey Huff think this is just going to "go away?"

And does he really think he did himself any good today?

And did the "journalists" do THEMSELVES any good by softballing Huff, especially on an issue that when this thing lets loose is going to be a MAJOR national lightning rod?

He either comes back to the Orioles and THEY get crucified (not that Angelos seems to care a whole lot about that!) AND he gets crucified…or…he leaves under disgrace, indignity and potentially a "legal" issue with a major employee doing stupid stuff on the internet that is a "breach of character."

We’ve seen a lot of stuff — REALLY dumb stuff — that athletes have done the through the years, but THIS really ranks up there, because it was so easily avoidable. It’s the TEXTBOOK on what to NEVER do in public on a media entity when you are a baseball player! Don’t make an ass out of yourself or us. Yeah, we know you guys love beer and strippers and women (who the hell DOESN’T!?!), but don’t be carting that out onto the cameras for women and kids and corporate partners and media partners and the internet to see. Go, have fun, be a "manly man" but just don’t be STUPID about it publicly and embarrass us.

You watch THIS VIDEO and tell me that the national media isn’t going to pick this one up?

Just when you think it can’t get ANY worse for the Orioles…

Oh, isn’t that Mitchell thing all set to name names, too?

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