The official ‘play-in’ list for King of Baltimore sports is here…

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As expected, the debates have been fast and furious this week regarding the “Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports” contest.

While the initial 28 names have been relatively easy to identify (and if you doubt Brady Anderson’s credentials it’s only because you haven’t seen his stats), here’s where the hard part comes — picking the last four “play-in” candidates to fill out our brackets for our “bracket week” starting June 9.

The actual daily 1-on-1 matchups will begin on June 16.

All next week the names below (and maybe more) will be available here at for your voting pleasure. The voting will be open all week and you can potentially vote once per day for four players per day. (During the actual daily competition, you’ll only be allowed one vote per day as well! There will be no “stuffing of the ballot boxes” in this contest!)

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We are releasing the list today so that you can peruse the list and tell us who we’ve missed. And that’s “if” we missed anyone…

If there’s enough steam for someone not on the list, he will be added.

WNST has no agenda other than creating a debate and a legitimate competition that determines a TRUE winner for the title of “King of Baltimore Sports.”

Please keep in mind our strict criteria:

These men played a Baltimore team sport during the modern era (since the 1950’s) and played a major role ON THE FIELD for the city of Baltimore winning games.

We only want the best of the best!

So, read them carefully and let us know via the comments below if there are worthy candidates we have not considered for the “play-in” round and feel free to make a case for your favorites.

This list is expandable until Monday morning and any reasonable addition will be considered.


WNST’s King of Baltimore “play-in” list…

Roberto Alomar

Alan Ameche

Mark Belanger

Paul Blair

Mike Boddicker

Peter Boulware

Al Bumbry

Denison Cabral

Roger Carr

Mike Curtis

Rick Dempsey

Trent Dilfer

John Dutton

Jim Gentile

Todd Heap

Ted Hendricks

Gus Johnson

Bert Jones

George Kunz

Scott Manning

Tom Matte

Michael McCrary

Earl Monroe

Jim O’Brien

Gregg Olson

Jimmy Orr

Rafael Palmeiro

Brian Roberts

Shannon Sharpe

Ken Singleton

Bubba Smith

Stan Stamenkovic

Miguel Tejada

Gus Triandos

Rick Volk

Tim Wittman

Rod Woodson

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