Throwback Toronto jerseys rule the night

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So, I made it to the Orioles game tonight.

Good pitching, great defense (especially the play Mora made early) and some timely hitting added up to a 7-4 win at Camden Yards. If Steve Trachsel can do that every five days and if Mora, Henandez and Millar can hit the ball like that with some consistency, they’ll beat the Las Vegas “over” of 65 wins.

I’ll have the videos up from tonight soon enough. It’s absolutely laughable (if not absurd) that they announced the crowd at 14,429 when there were clearly about 7,000 fans inside the ballpark. I have a video of the National Anthem that will tell you all you need to know. There appeared to be about 4,000 in the bowl for the anthem.

The George Strait concert at First Mariner Arena outdrew the Orioles by a lot, especially after seeing the crowd inside the Wharf Rat before the game.

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I got home and flipped on the television to my MLB package on Comcast and watched the Red Sox-Blue Jays game from Toronto, where it was the home opener and the Skydome was jumping and the World Champs were getting beaten again.

As much as I HATED (and I MEAN HATED) the Blue Jays from 1985 through 1997, I have to admit that seeing them bust out the old powder blue roadies and the old “blue bird” caps really put a pep in my step. THAT’S what I loved about baseball!

Those are CLASSIC uniforms at this point, and I’m old enough to remember when the Blue Jays didn’t even EXIST! I remember them coming into the league with the Mariners, who have gone through about 10 uniform changes through the years.

But the ones that Dave Steib wore and the ones that Winfield, Molitor, Alomar and company won championships in were classics.

Go check out the highlights. You’ll see…

Videos from my adventure tonight will be on wnsTV soon.

This is going to be a great sports weekend.

The Orioles are home. The Blast is playing its final home game of the regular season tomorrow night and the annual “Media Game” is being held at halftime. The Blast still consider me a media member so I’ll be rinkside at First Mariner Arena on Saturday night.

And it’s Final Four day tomorrow (Roy vs. the state of Kansas) so it’s going to be a fun sports weekend.

Enjoy the orange prosperity. They’re 2-1!


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