Want a better WNST purple fan experience?


We are two weeks into the new media revolution at WNST. For Week 1 vs. Kansas City and last weekend in San Diego, I was busy during the game actually Tweeting everything I’m thinking from the seats. It’s been a cathartic, engaging experience, summing up my thoughts as the games unfold.

It’s almost like being the color commentator during the game, which at one point was something I thought I really wanted to do.

Well, now, through the magic of social media and Twitter, I can.

Per NFL rules, we are not allowed to give play by play on Twitter, but honestly, why would we? We’re ASSUMING you’re watching the game when we’re tweeting and giving feedback.

We’re simply “joining you at the bar” and getting involved in the conversation of the game while the game is in progress. It’s really cool and revolutionary — especially for us “old guys.”

So, if you’re on the couch — safe from the wet weather — and want a new experience in watching the Ravens, come watch them with us on Twitter and follow us while we chat about the game during the game.

Everything we’re thinking at WNST is just a click away. We’re @WNST on Twitter.

And, of course, we’ll see you at 7 p.m. here tonight at WNST.net as we do our third “Purple Haze” postgame chat.

(I might even skip Cincinnati-Pittsburgh to go meet Marcia Brady if the rain goes away).