What will be Sept. 7 be like downtown?

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Already the ideas are coming on the big Sept. 7 “doubleheader” downtown. Word is that MLB screwed up the scheduling and had to make those two September dates “TBD.”

Ol’ Peter must be PISSED that the Ravens are moving him out of the stadium in September. The last time WBAL pre-empted his baseball team, he pulled away their rights (and of course, granted AM 1090 free speech once again).

I DID NOT write this. This was an email from Mike B.

I’m just passing it along…

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Thought the WNST crowd was the perfect bunch to promote this kind of idea if the Orioles could be talked into going along with it.

When I saw the Ravens schedule with that Sept 7th home game I had a brain storm for the Orioles to do a good marketing idea.

Have a Ravens / Orioles double header. $5 admission to the Orioles game at 6pm on Sunday with a game ticket from the Ravens game.

In reality the Orioles will make their game a 7pm start after a 1pm football game and try to avoid all connection with the Ravens game. And parking will surely work out fine. I mean let’s face it. The Orioles will have 2,000 people showing up to the game in September, and half of them will be on the light rail.

So the logistics aside, there’s a golden opportunity for the Orioles to win back a little love from the sports fans in this town.

With 68,000 die hard Baltimore sports fans already right there on a Sunday afternoon, and the Orioles having sold probably 9,000 tickets to that game (with maybe 2,000 showing up), the Birds could offer a $5 admission for every seat in the house when you show your Ravens ticket at the window.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be in for that? I’m sure at least half of the 68,000 Ravens fans that day would give serious thought to plucking down $5 to see an O’s game that’s full of real Baltimore sports fans again for a change.

They could call it ‘Ravens night’ and stop pretending that football doesn’t even exist. Bring Todd Heap out to toss the first pitch (and schedule someone else as a backup just in case Heap’s already hurt after one game), have John Harbaugh in the broadcast booth, get Willis McGahee to sing Thank God I’m a Country Boy in the 7th inning…that sort of thing.
It’s a great good will maker. It’s not like Ravens fans are an entirely different group of people that the folks who USED to come to Oriole Park regularly. It’s the same folks. Lure them back! Treat them right!

And have a sellout for a change!

Of course they won’t do this for several reasons.

1) It’s a good idea.
2) The Orioles passionately hate the Ravens.
3) Despite being able to sell roughly 38,000 unsold seats at $5 a pop for a total of $190,000, the Orioles would think of it as selling 38,000 seats for an average of $20 less than they normally charge and would consider it losing $160,000 despite the fact that they will make $0 on those unsold seats otherwise.
4) It’s a good idea. They hate good ideas in the marketing department down there.


Mike B

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