WNST has a friend in need…can you help?

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Anyone who has ever listened to WNST knows his voice.

I called him “Papa Bob” when I was on the air and he called me at least once a week for 13 years. Everyone else calls him by his “on air” name, Bob from Parkville.

I received some disturbing news yesterday from a listener who ran into Bob on Sunday.

Bob from Parkville lost his wife, Dolores, last month. He’s 74 years old. And due to a family circumstance, Bob is about to get evicted on May 15th and has nowhere to live. And Bob needs some help finding an affordable place to call home.

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So, today at WNST, we’re going to try to find Bob a home.

We’re going to have a “Bob-A-Thon” today to find our man a place to live.

Bob doesn’t have email or a computer. As we all know, he’s “old school” like that.

Bob’s calls are always memorable, and in many ways, he works as the conscience of WNST. Because almost to a word, the advice and virtues he extols are those of my parents (and probably your parents, too).

He always talks of the military, Ted Williams, honor, respect and “doing the right thing.”

Listeners either love him or hate him, which should tell you that he’s been saying something “smart” over the past 15 years, otherwise you wouldn’t know about him. But you do!

I’ve only met Bob from Parkville once – after a show at The Barn about six years ago. (And yes, as I remember it, he almost looks like he sounds, for whatever that’s worth!).

Let me make this VERY clear: Bob is not looking for charity or a handout or anything for free.

He’s simply looking for affordable housing.

He lost his wife last month and he’s a little lost and needs some help.

I spoke with him yesterday and told him that we’d do whatever we could to find him a place to call home.

He’s a good man, an honorable man and a man who’s always preached respect and given and afforded respect to all of those people in the WNST Family.

We’re going to return that mutual respect today by trying to help him.

If anyone has a small living quarter, apartment or townhouse – he made it clear he doesn’t need much more than one room – he needs lodging.

His budget is about $500 per month, because he’s on a fixed income.

Email me directly at nasty@wnst.net with your contact information and I’ll be getting Bob a list of information later in the day.

He’d like to stay somewhere in the Parkville area, but is willing to consider anything that stays within his fixed income budget.

I appreciate you reading this and passing it on to anyone who might have a satisfactory solution and happy ending for Bob from Parkville.

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